Lighting on the balcony

The balconies of both modern and the houses of the past century, as a rule, do not differ spaciousness. And for many are used as a pantry or room for technical needs. But even a small balcony can be used functionally and equip it with a comfortable office, a cozy workshop, a small living room or a flower conservatory. To do this, you need to take care of the insulation of the balcony and proper lighting. Just about what to choose lamps and lamps to expand the space, we'll talk in the article.


Before starting any work related to repair, you need to make a connection diagram for lighting devices and determine their type. For a complex lighting system, it will be necessary to additionally stretch the wires from the switchboard to the balcony.Connecting to the existing network in an apartment in an accessible junction box is quite problematic and can be dangerous. To do this, you need to be confident in the quality of the wires and the number of wires of each cable.

If you do not repair and change the wiring in the apartment in your plans is not included, it is better to consider more simple options.

The most elementary and economical way is to provide electricity to the balcony from the nearest outlet. In addition, modern technology allows the use of lamps without electricity. LED strips and some lamp models are powered by batteries and rechargeable batteries. You only need to periodically charge or change batteries.

But the most economical option is solar-powered lights. This is a real discovery not only for owners of country plots, but also happy owners of sunny balconies. The unique device does not require constant care and charge on your part.

There are no restrictions on the choice of appliances for a warm balcony. As a lighting device, you can choose a floor lamp, sconces, spotlights, and even a small chandelier.As well as the place of installation can be absolutely anything: the ceiling, walls, window sill or floor.

The choice of lighting depends on the dimensions of the balcony, the functionality and the interior.

The basic rules that should be followed when choosing lamps for the balcony:

  • The more light the better. To change the level of illumination at will and mood, it is better to use light power controls.
  • Ceiling spotlights require more installation costs. For ordinary lamps it is necessary to prepare the mount on the ceiling, and for the hidden ones - to install a false-ceiling. The lamp of direct light will visually expand space.
  • A vertical stream of light from wall lamps visually lifts the ceiling and expands the space. Sconce is great for various interior options. And for lighting a small balcony just a couple of lamps.
  • Mobile and not bulky floor lamp with lampshade - this is the best option for solving problems of a large family. A floor lamp can be installed near the chair for reading books or near the desktop, or next to a basket of children's toys.A floor lamp with several lamps will help create a decorative effect of semi-darkness and privacy.
  • Do not choose lamps with colored or dark shades and lampshades.
  • Lighting with LED strip will help to create unique lighting effects and will give the interior a balcony romance.
  • On an open, unglazed balcony, you can use street lights or LED tape as a light. Perimeter railings and window openings are the most successful opportunity to arrange bright lights.
  • Suspended openwork small chandelier will be the best solution for a miniature cozy balcony. Conversely, if you have a large loggia, the use of several ceiling lights can be a unique accent in the interior.
  • When combining a balcony with a living room, it is necessary to observe the unity of style in the interior.

The combination of several types of lighting will make the interior of the balcony comfortable for work and relaxing for relaxation.


The main point that requires special consideration is heating in the cold season. If the balcony heating is not provided in the winter period, then it is necessary to choose reliable lamps that are resistant to changes in humidity and temperature. The degree of protection for fixtures for cold balconies should be IP44.If the balcony is glazed and heated, then it is equal to the usual living space.

Modern technologies have long offered to move away from the use of a single light bulb to illuminate the entire room. Manufacturers offer a large selection of new lighting products.

Which lamps to choose:

  1. Commonly used previously common incandescent lamps, power from 15 W to 200 W. The price of such products is low, but their service life is quite small, about a thousand hours.
  2. Fluorescent Lamp has a long tube shape and provides a stronger stream of light. Install such lamps can be both on the ceiling and on the wall.
  3. Halogen lamps consume less electricity at the same power level.
  4. LEDs have the longest service life, are more economic, but differ in high price. At the same time the LED tape has a high degree of protection against dust and moisture and can be used even on an open balcony. Some products have several colors and modes of operation. LED strips with diffused warm light will help you relax and will not tire.

The constant development and updating of lighting products allows you to create a unique design of the balcony without any extra effort.

Types of fastening

Lighting for the balcony can be installed as follows:

  • The flat hemispherical wall lamp does not take up much space and provides the optimum level of illumination. Sconce can play the role of primary or secondary light.
  • Ceiling mounting type fits absolutely any balcony. The chandelier should have a miniature shape and not drop too low. Universal version - spotlights.
  • LED lighting - the easiest option to illuminate the balcony. The reverse side of the tape is sticky, so the LED backlight can be attached to any surface and even spherical shape. As a decorative design tape with LEDs is almost indispensable. In addition, it can be used to organize the lighting of shelves, niches and cabinets on the balcony. Such a simple technique will help you easily find the right thing and keep order.
  • Lighting on the balcony can be mobile. This, for example, table lamps or floor lamps. If necessary, all devices can be swapped and replaced with new ones.

Zoning Ideas

To create a workplace, you must first decide on the choice of furniture and the location of the desk and chair on the balcony. And only then proceed to the selection of lamps.

If the monitor screen has a glossy finish, then it is very important to choose lamps in such a way as to eliminate possible glare on the screen. For this perfect ceiling spotlights with diffused light. And as an individual illumination of the working area you need to use a desk turning lamp.

If the balcony does not have an outlet, choose a model that works on battery or via USB.

If you decide to organize a small botanical garden on the balcony, then you need to choose the type of lighting from the characteristics of the plants. Not all flowers tolerate direct sunlight, so it is likely that you will need to darken some glass or use different models of blinds. Illumination of flowers looks incredibly beautiful.

But for plants, the use of ordinary incandescent bulbs is unacceptable. Therefore, use only special fitolamps with different shades of visible color.

Such devices will not only help the plants to develop, but also bring the necessary mood into the interior of the balcony. And as the main source of light, give preference to fluorescent lamps. They will create the necessary illumination for violets and other light-loving colors.

To create a small cozy corner for an evening tea or a private meeting with family, you can put a sofa with a table on the balcony. Lighting options can be many. For example, a floor lamp in the corner or a wall lamp, a desk lamp, or electric and ordinary candles.

If you chose spotlights as your main light, do not line them up in the middle of the ceiling. Such an arrangement will divide the balcony into flat narrow parts and “squeeze” the space. It is better to place the ceiling lights closer to the outside glazing.

For a mini-gym on the balcony, choose bright lights. In the twilight, the body will try to relax and engage in such conditions will be very difficult. And with bright and saturated light, training will be more effective.

If you decide to accommodate several functional areas on the balcony, spotlights will help to delimit the space and place accents.

Interior design options for balconies and balconies

  • An interesting and unusual use of the balcony is a small library. Such an interior should be supplemented with a comfortable large armchair and a floor lamp, and you will have wonderful evenings in the company of your favorite writers.
  • Miniature lamps and candlesticks on the windowsill create an amazing romantic atmosphere.
  • LED strip to illuminate the floor is attached simply elementary, but it looks very original.
  • LED strip or garland on the wall of the balcony looks very original.
  • Those who like to think alone and enjoy the silence, enjoy the bright balcony in a classic style. A light small chandelier will give an optimum level of light even in cloudy weather.

About the installation of the lamp on the loggia with your own hands, you will learn from the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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