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With the advent of the baby in the house, the life of the parents changes. It is completely tied to a small miracle, its needs and development. The kid requires greater attention, so parents need to acquire important toys that will help in development and will be the first favorite helpers. A competent choice of toys that help in the development of a baby is one of the important decisions made by parents in the period when the child begins to learn the world.

One of the first toys necessary for the life and development of a child are nightlights and mobiles. There are a lot of brands that make products for the smallest ones. But in this article we look at the brand Tiny Love. This is an Israeli brand, striving for innovation and non-standard.

In the very first months, the babies react to the sounds and objects around them, they begin to explore the world with all their senses, listen to the sounds, try to touch what they see in front of them. That is why the first mobiles and nightlights are so important.The Tiny Love company makes both separate night-lights and universal transforming models.

"Magic lamp"

This universal mobile nightlight has the following advantages:

  • Simple assembly and convenient instruction. Parents will not be difficult to collect all the details of the mobile and install it on the bed.
  • Security. High-quality and reliable fasteners will help to firmly fix the mobile on the bed, without fear of his fall.
  • Functionality. This mobile is at the same time a nightlight, projector, musical toy and a classic mobile at the same time.
  • Workmanship. Bright details and high-quality velcro toys with the ability to change them are provided. It will be pleasant to baby to touch them and to be dragged behind them.
  • Melody. This device has built 3 categories of ringtones. There are lullabies, sounds of nature and classics. Total about 30 melodies.

This model is convenient because the first time, while the kid needs to see bright moving objects in front of him, she will work in a complete assembly. When using the mobile, you can turn off the music, but turn on the projector with the stars,Thus, the toys will rotate in low light and lull the baby.

When a child ceases to be interested in mobile, it can be transformed into a comfortable children's night light. This model removes the arc and the dome is installed directly on the unit. The projector of this model throws on the ceiling projections of stars, as well as pictures of animals used in the decoration of the mobile. These are monkeys, owls and horses. A big plus is playing all the melodies in a row for 30 minutes. Parents do not have to endlessly change melodies and disturb the sleeping baby.

The main advantage of this educational toys is its versatility. In the first months, it will delight the baby as a musical mobile, and then it will become a favorite night light depicting favorite animals.

The benefits of using mobile night light:

  • The development of hearing.
  • The development of motor skills.
  • Gives the concept of day and night, putting the baby to bed.

"Day and night"

This night light is suitable for children from six months, it is presented in the form of a colorful children's TV, inside of which there is a world full of animals and plants. The night light works in two modes.In the "day" mode, the sun appears in the sky and the magic pond lights up with light, from which colorful fish jump out. When the night mode is turned on, the stars are lit in the sky. In both modes, the animals located inside move and attract the baby.

"Kit Cody"

This portable night light projector is designed in the form of a whale blue or pink. Kitenok surrounds the child with lulling sights and sounds. The night light is mounted on the bed or placed on the bedside table. In his arsenal there is 2 sound modes are melodies and “white” noisethat soothe and relax. "White" noise is the sound of the surf, the sound of waves, bursts of water and the cries of fur seals and seagulls.

The design of the night light allows you to rotate and tilt it, directing the projection on different surfaces. The projector shows images of sea horses, turtles, sun, fish, sailboat and crab. The combination of images and lulling melodies relaxes and pacifies, which not only gives the child a sweet dream, but also entertains him in his waking hours.

Features of use:

  • Pictures and projections develop observation.
  • Sounds and melodies develop the ear.
  • The kid learns to fall asleep without parents.
  • The child gets the first ideas about the change of day and night.

"Boom Box"

In the first months, this toy will entertain the baby as a classic music mobile with lighting and a projector, developing the eyesight and motor skills of the baby. Then, when the baby grows up a little, the toy will turn into a favorite nightlight with soft lighting and a gentle melody that will lull the baby and escort to the world of dreams.

But the most interesting thing is that when the baby starts to walk and play, you will present him the first in his life “Bum-box” with keys and 15 tunes. Such a tape recorder can already be taken for a walk in the courtyard and listen to music with friends.

By purchasing one of the listed night lights, you will help the development of your child and implant their first musical tastes.

In the next video you can see a detailed review of the Tiny Love nightlight.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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