Ceiling types

 Ceiling types

Lighting devices are very important and irreplaceable elements of any interior. They not only scatter light, but also complement the environment. Replacing a chandelier in a room can drastically change the entire ensemble. To make the situation in the room as harmonious and attractive as possible, it is necessary to correctly choose the ceiling that matches the style.


The dome is a part of the luminaire attached to the fixture. Due to such a simple design, in some types of lighting devices the replacement of the decorative component is provided.


There are many different types of lampshades.Each of them is designed for certain light bulbs and is used for both indoor and outdoor lighting. Plafonds are permissible to use in a city apartment, and in a country house. Fortunately, today in the shops you can find a lot of different options.

Number of light bulbs

By the number of installed light bulbs. To illuminate one room, you can use one main ceiling with powerful lighting or several small appliances. For a small room with an area of ​​14-18 square meters. m. it is desirable to use several small lampshades. They may not be very bright, but in the ensemble of their light will be quite enough.

Only one light bulb is often installed in compact ceiling lamps. If the lamp is larger, then it can be located 5-6 caps. In the process of using such a ceiling, it is necessary to adhere to the manufacturer's recommendations on the selection and installation of certain light bulbs.

Degree of closeness

Also, the ceiling can be closed, open and half-closed. Closed versions perfectly diffuse soft light throughout the space of the room. The open types focus radiation only on a certain area. Light can be directed to the floor, ceiling or be at a certain angle.

The design of the ceiling often depends on the room in which they will be located. For example, the closed version will act soothingly, so it is better to install it in the bedroom.

An open ceiling with a downward direction will harmoniously look in the dining room or above the dining area. If such a device is directed up, then it can be hung in the living room.

Semi-closed ceiling will look good in the hall.

For carob chandeliers

Ceiling lamps are also present in suspended horn chandeliers. They cover the light bulbs. Such elements are fixed not to the surface of the ceiling, but to the fixture of the lighting device horn. There can be several plafonds. For example, a large, eight-arm lamp attached to the ceiling looks very impressive.

Often, complete with multi-track devices are spare ceiling. Due to the strong heating, each individual ceiling has its own limitations on the power of the installed light bulbs. It is necessary to pay attention to this nuance when you change the extinguished lamp to a new one. In addition to the good old incandescent bulbs, you can use other sources in the luminaire: halogen, LED or fluorescent (fluorescent light bulbs).


Recently, modern luminaires with turning lights have been actively in demand. Such lighting devices are not only ceiling, but also wall or desktop. In these structures most often there are open plafonds, whose position can be changed at their discretion.

Today the most common rotary lamp made of metal. They look harmonious in the interiors of modern style. Often these bases come with two, three or more shades.

For remote luminaires

In addition, ceiling lamps are necessary for many types of remote fixtures. Such devices are designed for installation on kitchen sets, cabinets, headboards, etc. Such models are equipped with small shades of different shapes. Most often they are made of the same material as the armature, but there are also more original versions with contrasting details.

With motion sensor

Many owners install functional models with a motion sensor in the yard. Similar products are equipped with special microwave motion sensors. They send and receive high-frequency electromagnetic waves.

Lighting devices with such additions light up at the moment when any organism that radiates heat enters the field of their action. They go out after a while after the object is removed from the yard. Such things are very economical and ensure the safety of the home. Ceiling lamps on these lighting fixtures are made of materials that are resistant to severe weather conditions and temperature extremes.


An interesting design has a double ceiling. As a rule, its outer side is transparent or translucent, and the inner part is made of a more dense material, painted in a certain color. Simply put, these elements are a structure - the ceiling in the ceiling.

Forms and sizes

Ceiling lamps come in various shapes and sizes. The most common classic round or semicircular options. It can be a volumetric sphere of an ideal shape, a sphere, a hemisphere, a neat hemisphere or a flat round plate. Similar elements look equally harmonious in both home and business settings. The main thing is to choose the right model of the right style.

  • Round models Suitable for indoor and lighting. They can be attached to the ceiling or wall.
  • Has an elegant design ceiling cone. Most often, these options are hung over the dining area, over the pool table or desk, and also above the bar. Such options look sophisticated and neat. Today, you can pick up a tapered ceiling of any color and style. The most popular are models with a metal surface and variants of green or yellow.

Often, ceiling cones are equipped with floor lamps. In the light of such devices it is very convenient to read books or leaf through magazines.

  • Have a modern style square ceiling lamps. They can be voluminous or flat. Such options can often be found in solid office buildings, but this does not mean that they have no place in the home.

Choosing such modern models of ceiling lamps, it should be borne in mind that they are hardly suitable for classic interiors. Such details better complement the more progressive and futuristic ensembles.

  • Recently, fashionables have become very popular. cylindrical ceiling. Such options can be long, medium or short. Ceiling cylinders have a truly fabulous appearance. With the help of lamps with such details, you can create a romantic and cozy atmosphere in the room. Cylindrical luminaires are more commonly found in modern interiors or ensembles in mesmerizing Japanese or Chinese style.
  • If you are a connoisseur of non-standard solutions, then you will definitely like it. non-trivial ceiling in the form of a flower, a petal, a bell, a pot, cones, etc. It is interesting to look at models in which the role of plafonds is performed by hanging small balls of various materials.

Ceiling lamps should have an optimal size so that the lighting device does not seem ridiculous and fits well with the interior and the layout of the room. For example, in a small room, a ceiling chandelier with an overly large canopy or several large shades on different arms will look inharmoniously.

For such situations it is better to pick up items of medium or small size, otherwise the ceiling will seem too low.

In larger rooms you can install chandeliers with large or intricate ceiling. In such conditions, they will not weigh down the space.


In a harmonious and beautiful interior every detail is important. It is equally important to adhere to the same style formed in the room. It will not be possible to add an elaborate lamp shade, decorated with a scattering of falling beads, a modern hi-tech style or a trendy loft.

  • Exquisite homemade ceiling in a vintage key will look spectacular in a modern interior.
  • If you want to add a suitable interior lighting loft stylethen you had better turn to fashionable lighting fixtures with metal shades. If you plan to decorate the interior with an original lamp with homemade elements, then tin plates or aluminum mugs will be suitable for decorating the device.
  • Ceiling lamps have an elegant design. in retro style. For such interiors are perfect bright and contrasting devices. They can combine several different shades at once. The more elegant the lamp looks, the better. If you are a supporter of more relaxed options, then you should take a closer look at the classic open ceiling lamps with wrought iron details and antique-style surfaces.
  • Original design have multi-level ceiling Chinese style. Such variants have beautiful openwork weaves of contrasting shades on their surface and bright dark details made of wood. Wall variants are often decorated with miniature elements characteristic of Chinese architecture.
  • Fashionable style ceiling lamps have an interesting appearance. modern. As a rule, they are performed in muted tones and have regular geometric shapes. Similar elements will look organically in many modern ensembles.


Due to the ever-growing competition in the lighting market, the variety of choice of high-quality products is also steadily growing:

  • If you have a small amount of money, then you should consider buying inexpensive ones. plastic ceiling lamps. Such items have abstract forms. In their production uses heat-resistant plastic that does not emit extraneous odors. Also, such raw materials are not deformed by high temperatures.
  • By the eternal classics are glass ceiling. Such specimens are most common and have been produced for many years. To date, glass ceiling presents an incredibly rich assortment. You can choose the appropriate option to the interior of any direction.
  • Original and rich design are different products. from multi-colored glass. Such a unique detail is able to form indoors a soft and warm lighting that envelops the space with special charm and romance.
  • Metallic options are among the most durable. Their surface is not transparent and this is the only drawback of such options. Similar details will look organically in many interiors, especially if they are modern.
  • Today, lightweight are in great demand. aluminum ceiling. They have a concise and fashionable design. If you want to choose a bright decorative cover, which would emphasize one or another stylistic direction of the room, then you better pay attention to the chic forged models.
  • Many ensembles look organic paper shades. Such items can be made by yourself or purchased at any specialty store. They can have the most different and intricate forms.As a rule, such variants emit as soft and gentle light as possible, which does not differ in high brightness.
  • Amazing shadow plexus obtained, if we turn to the shades from wood. Such a light device will allow you to select a certain part of the room with more intense lighting.
  • Very soft diffuse light cloth products. No other model will bring into the room as much home comfort and warmth as the fabric.

Today in the lighting stores you can meet many more different types of lampshades. It can be not only glass or metal, but also wattled, ceramic, clay and models from polycarbonate.


The color of the ceiling should match the interior and the style of the room. Fortunately, modern manufacturers produce a lot of different options, having both classic and catchy colors:

  • The most common are transparent ceiling. They may have a glossy or matte finish. Such options can be called universal, since they are installed in a variety of settings. Even for a classical ensemble, it is possible to choose suitable transparent variants.
  • Also in many interiors will look attractive ceiling classic colors (black, gray, brown, white). They can either overlap or contrast with wall or ceiling trim.
  • Decorate the room beautiful color option. Today, shops sell multi-colored models for any ensembles. For example, it can be a positive green, juicy orange or sunny yellow.


Beautiful and high-quality ceiling lamps, vases and dishes are manufactured by the Nikolsky factory of lighting glass, a part of the group of companies. "Makskom". In the assortment of this major manufacturer there are ceiling lamps used for lighting residential premises, offices and public buildings, hotels, hotels, shops, shopping centers, gardens, parks, etc. Glass products from the Nikolsky plant are processed in various ways: they are matted by chemical means, they pass sandblasting, painted and decorated with decals, as well as complemented by spectacular painting.

Glass products made by hand art studio glass Vikartglass. Each created creation is literally unique and exclusive. Studio Vikartglass manufactures products of any size and complexity of colored or frosted glass, as well as crystal.

The original glass ceiling offers another famous company - Westwing. Products under this brand are produced not only in the classic, but also in the original design. It is possible to pick up a suitable copy both for minimalistic, and for ultramodern ensembles.

How to choose?

Ceiling can be installed in any room. It can be both spacious and small-sized housing. The main thing is to take seriously the selection of the form, colors and appearance of this part:

  • In the cramped corridor of Khrushchev, a small specimen would be ideal for high-quality dispersion of lighting and saving the available space.
  • It is not recommended to buy lamps for the hallway with too large shades, as they will visually “eat up” the free space and make it narrower.
  • For small rooms you can buy small lamps mounted on the wall. Such items will not take up much space.visually make ceilings lower.
  • For the children's room should pick up the ceiling more bright and positive colors. It can be decorated with various decorative elements, drawings and colorful prints.
  • For the kitchen, it is recommended to purchase several lampshades. Central lighting complete with local is a very good solution.
  • If you want to buy a ceiling for a spacious living room with a low ceiling, then you should stock up with several equivalent options or arrange a central unit with secondary ones located at a certain distance from each other.
  • If there is a stretch ceiling in the room, then it is better to choose lamps with LED or fluorescent bulbs. Such specimens differ in a small degree of heating, which is detrimental to the ceiling film.
  • You can install appliances with any kinds of light bulbs in a concrete or plasterboard ceiling. This is because such materials are not afraid of exposure to high temperatures.
  • Choosing the ceiling by the number of light bulbs in the lamp, it is necessary to take into account their power in the aggregate.So, several light sources of small power will produce not so intense illumination, as, for example, one lamp with equivalent power.
  • Do not forget about interior design. The ceiling lamp should harmoniously fit into the style of the room.

Beautiful interiors

  • Glass rounded ceiling lamps on black fittings will effectively stand out against the background of cream walls and floor, decorated with dark brown laminate. Put in this room white, cozy chairs and a sofa with velvet upholstery. Lay on the floor fluffy white carpet.
  • In a bright room with tall windows and dark brown parquet, a hanging lamp with round paper or plastic shades will look harmoniously. Put a caramel sofa on high legs, a white folding chair in such an air-conditioned room and lay a soft pink carpet on the floor.
  • In the laconic kitchen with gray walls and brown floor is to arrange a beautiful dark chocolate set with natural drawings of natural wood. Above the dining area in such a room will look harmoniously hanging white ceiling lamps.
  • Original lamps with black metal shades can be hung above the bed in a fashionable loft-style bedroom. Decorate the wall opposite the bed with decorative brick and place a wooden cabinet there under the TV. Hang a black and white big picture in such a room. Near the bed, put a brown linen closet.
  • Heavy metal shades on the cables, painted black, can be installed in a room with white walls and light laminate. Put in a similar room gray sofa and dark brown round tables. Lay a multicolored carpet of a red-beige color on the floor, and hang large paintings with framing frames on the walls.

Interesting ideas for the location of lamps with shades in various interiors - in the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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