Ceiling lighting

 Ceiling lighting

Lighting is an important part of any interior. Today there are a great many chandeliers, lamps, floor lamps and sconces with which you can refresh and complete many of the furnishings. One of the most common and frequently encountered are ceiling lights. Let's talk about them in more detail.


There are several varieties of ceiling lighting.

  • Today, overhead linear ceiling lighting is very popular. Luminaires having similar designs represent simple continuous lines. They can be used both as primary and secondary lighting.With the help of such details you can make a very interesting composition, since linear lighting devices can intersect with each other at any angle. Particularly interesting are the light compositions moving from the ceiling to the wall.
  • For a multi-level ceiling, you must correctly choose a beautiful lighting. For example, for a stylish two-level ceiling, you can purchase a chandelier that matches the style, spotlights, special directional lighting bulbs, as well as economical LED or neon tapes. Two-level ceiling covering with large lamps will look organically only in spacious rooms.
  • Ceiling lights can be used for interior lighting. Similar lighting devices are more powerful. Most often they can be found in museums, exhibitions, sports halls, shopping centers, etc. The most popular are LED copies. They are distinguished by their efficiency and bright light.
  • Today, recessed spotlights are one of the most common. As a rule, they have compact dimensions.They can be installed in both hard and suspended ceiling. The main advantages of such lighting is its affordable cost and low-key design. Similar copies are used to decorate any room, be it a cozy living room or a small bathroom ceiling.
  • Many interiors harmoniously look suspended ceiling chandeliers. They can have the most different forms and dimensions. The choice of these lighting fixtures largely depends on the layout of the room and the height of the ceiling. For example, for a room with low ceilings should not choose too bulky chandelier. Visually, it will reduce the already modest space. A luxurious large chandelier can be hung in a spacious room. With this detail you can complete the interior.
  • The most flexible are flexible lamps. These include bright neon tubes of different lengths, duralight cords and LED strips. Such elements can be installed under the stretch ceiling, between different levels of the ceiling and plasterboard structures, as well as along the ceiling plinths. Installation of these lights can be done by hand.It will not take a lot of time and effort. It is worth noting the durability of flexible systems. They do not consume much electricity and do not require maintenance.
  • Not so long ago, track lighting structures were used to design home interiors. Initially, they supplemented shopping centers and office premises, but today they are often found in home environments. Such constructions consist of a system of luminaires attached to a busbar - a rail with a length of no more than 3 m. The rails are fastened in a certain combination with the help of various connecting parts of different shapes.
  • The most popular are L-shaped, straight, cross-shaped and rectangular structures. They are attached directly to the ceiling and go down with the help of special cables. On one basis can be located several different lighting fixtures.
  • Modern design have track lights on the rods. Such options are used to decorate any room: from the kitchen to the bedroom. They are available in various shapes and sizes. Most often, these options are made of metal and are ceiling holders of varioussizes with shades attached to them. Similar lighting looks organically in modern interiors. Classic ensembles such lamps should not be supplemented.


The following types of lamps are suitable for indoor lighting:

  • ordinary incandescent bulbs;
  • economical LED light bulbs;
  • flexible lighting systems;
  • neon lamps. Such devices are most often used for background lighting;
  • fluorescent lamps;
  • Spotlights;
  • halogen lamps. If there is a hidden lighting in the ceiling, it can be combined with both spot and halogen lamps.

Unusual lighting options

With the help of high-quality and beautiful lighting of the ceiling, you can transform the interior of the room and give it a special chic.

  • Neon ceiling lights look very interesting and original. Light tubes can be installed in both open and closed niche. If you choose an open neon light, the lighting in the room will be distributed evenly and smoothly. If the ceiling is equipped with neon lighting in a closed niche, then you will be able to form a non-trivial flowing glow that will effectively emphasize the contours of the existing structure.With this lighting, you can create a truly exclusive and fashionable image of the room.
  • The lighting of the drywall on the ceiling looks unusual and attractive. This material is distinguished by ductility. It is easily processed and amenable to any decoration. On the ceiling, you can make a variety of drywall figures: from large volumetric squares or rectangles to angular details and abstract patterns. As a rule, such interesting designs are decorated with flexible lighting systems of different colors.
  • Perhaps the most interesting way to transform the interior is a glass ceiling with lighting. Such constructions consist of a reliable and dense frame and glasses with special film connected to each other. Lamps or LED strips are installed in the internal niches of such an original ceiling. Glasses in such constructions can be both transparent and multi-colored. It all depends on the taste preferences of the owners.

How to arrange?

Ceiling lamps can be placed in the central part of the room, around the perimeter, in different corners, etc. However, before choosing places to install lighting fixtures, it is necessary to know about the requirements for their location.

  • The smallest distance from the edge of the wall to the spotlights on the ceiling should be 20 cm.
  • If you choose a hanging chandelier, then it should be hung in the center of the ceiling. In a studio apartment, a similar lamp can be installed in the center of one of the functional areas.
  • If there is a stretch ceiling in the room, then there must be at least 15 cm distance between the lamps and the seams of the PVC film.
  • If you are planning to refer to the symmetrical arrangement of the ceiling lights, you should ensure that all appliances are at the same distance from each other and from the walls.

Currently, there are several basic options for designing indoor lighting.

Lighting and interior solutions

The design of the lighting fixtures should match the interior of the room.

  • Laconic and uncomplicated forms are characteristic of the popular and modern loft trend. Lamps made in this vein do not have additional decorations and decorative elements. For such an interior fit aged lamps. For loft-style ensembles, you should choose a plastic, glass or metal ceiling light.
  • The most simple and clear lines should have high-tech ceiling lamps and minimalism. They can be made of inexpensive industrial materials and have a discreet appearance. Also in these modern settings, the luminous ceiling can be used as the main lighting.
  • Today, at the peak of popularity is such an airy style as Provence. In such interiors harmoniously look ceilings, complemented by beams. You can complete such furnishings with beautiful and elegant lamps with medium shades of light.
  • The lighting of the room in the Art Nouveau style should have the correct forms and cunning, bold and original configurations. These interiors will look harmoniously devices in which there is an elegant forged metal or custom lampshades.
  • In classical ensembles, large chandeliers with wrought and glass compositions look organically. They may have elegant and luxurious forms. However, such lighting devices are not suitable for low ceilings.
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How to choose?

The choice of high-quality and suitable ceiling lighting depends largely on the height and type of ceiling.So, in a room with a low ceiling hanging chandeliers with too long bases will not look. A room with a large area can be supplemented with massive and large chandeliers, in which there are more than 3 lamps. In addition, the design of the devices must fit the interior of the room. Choose high-quality and reliable lighting from reputable manufacturers. It is recommended to refer to models made of environmentally friendly and durable materials. Such species will serve you for a very long time and will not lose an attractive appearance even after many years.

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Before you buy, be sure to check all fixtures and components of the lamp. They should be in perfect condition: keep firmly and not squeak.

Modern ceiling design ideas

In a studio apartment with white walls and a floor decorated with milk laminate, it will look spectacular plasterboard ceiling with a round insert of glossy black film in the center. Plain recessed lamps should be positioned around the dark inset, and in the center hang a hinged metal chandelier with round shades.Such an ensemble will be organically combined with the kitchen and living area.

In the attic often sloped ceilings are present. They can be complemented with both recessed and pendant chandeliers of small sizes. For example, against the background of a white ceiling and an accent brick wall, a vintage style ceiling lamp will look harmoniously. Complement such a room with a rattan chair, as well as a light table and chairs.

In a room with a white ceiling, soft beige walls and a floor decorated with brown laminate, dotted ceiling lights mounted on the right and left side will look spectacular. Put in such a room a white corner sofa, a white cupboard under the TV and a light coffee table. Decorate the window with beige curtains.

In the bright kitchen with a wooden brown suite above the dining area, you can hang up three lamps with large gray round lamps. Light fittings of this kind will echo the gray chairs near the brown dining table and the built-in metal-framed ceiling lights.

Projector lights on rods with aged surfaces will look organically in a bathroom with white walls and a floor tiled in dark blue tiles.Hang on one of the walls in the room black metal mirrors, as well as a large curbstone cabinet with black sinks and a casing with an imitation of natural stone. The ensemble will be original and aristocratic. Embedded square-shaped ceiling lights will look harmonious on a multi-level white ceiling. Decorate the walls in the room with soft peach plaster, and lay a bright laminate on the floor. Put a beige-colored corner sofa near the wall and hang rectangular paintings of pastel shades above it. Finish the interior with a fluffy white carpet and golden curtains on the windows.

In a small white kitchen with a white suite and a floor laid with soft chocolate laminate, metal lamps on the bar will look good. They should be located above the functional cooking zones. The remaining space can be lit with simple round-shaped recessed luminaires.

How to choose the lighting in the kitchen, see the video:

In a luxurious light bedroom with expensive furniture, decorated with carvings and golden details,a large ceiling chandelier with a base of gold and silver hues, as well as 10 shades of creme brulee and crystal pendants will look spectacular.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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