Festive lighting

Flashlights, colorful lights and bright installations on the eve of holidays make each of us return to childhood again and believe in a small miracle. Lights and beautifully placed light accents are able to create from ordinary space a fabulous place with an incredible atmosphere for celebrating a New Year or a family celebration. Holiday lighting is not just a bright garland, but a real science, for which you need to follow a set of rules. We will understand all the intricacies of the organization of the backlight and find out the secret of proper lighting.

Special features

Festive lighting has become a part of art and today is inherently connected not only with the New Year, but also with a wedding, family celebration or anniversary. Illumination can transform any country house. In addition, decorative lighting helps to emphasize the individuality of the site and create a unique night image.

Decorative lighting includes lighting of various zones:

  • house and roof;
  • stairs;
  • tracks;
  • outdoor gazebo or terrace;
  • placing accents on the site.

And to create the right mood, you must follow the rules.

Key points to keep in mind:

  1. Compliance backlight theme of the celebration. New Year's lighting is not suitable for Halloween, and the use of volumetric and bright lighting elements is unacceptable for a wedding celebration.
  2. For outdoor and home lighting are selected different devices.
  3. In the open area, the lighted elements should alternate with the unlit.
  4. For each individual item is selected its own lamp. The main thing is that all devices complement each other's glow.
  5. Small lanterns will help to place point accents and make the overall composition more romantic.
  6. Night lights should not disturb the harmony of the site during daylight hours.

The choice of lighting for various subjects

For a wedding, it is better to use soft and not too large lighting devices. In order to create a romantic family atmosphere, enough bulky garlands around the perimeter of the site and helium balloons with light bulbs.Perfectly fit into the composition of the lanterns in the shape of hearts. Such decorative lamps can be placed on the porch or in the trees. The helium balloons illuminated by LEDs will also perfectly suit for the celebration of a birthday.

The game of lights on the background of a white blanket transforms even the most unassuming plot. For the New Year holidays you can place thematic luminous figures on the plot. Santa Claus, Snow Maiden, snowman, houses and deer with sleds are the main attributes of the winter holiday. Festive volumetric illuminations are not cheap, but they will please more than one year of their owners.

If the plot has a main New Year symbol - a big fluffy spruce, its decoration should be the central element of the holiday. Garlands and toys should hold their eyes. A festive flashing lights on the branches of trees, gently wrapped with light snow, look incredibly beautiful. But, most importantly, what you should pay attention to when choosing beautiful garlands is their safety.

Landscape, garden floor lamps and subdued lamp lanterns will effectively and beautifully create light compositions on the site and highlight the tracks. Do not place instruments at every step.They should not only facilitate movement around the site, but also emphasize the best elements of landscape design.

At the same time, if we are talking about floor lamps, the light should be directed from top to bottom in order to protect guests during movement in the dark. This combination of devices will allow you to admire not only the beauty of the site, but also the infinity of the starry sky.

What devices to use on the street?

Homemade lighting products cannot be used outdoors. Garlands and decorations should not be afraid of frost, moisture and strong wind. Any ingress of water can cause a fire hazard. Outdoor appliances should have a high degree of protection against IP54 moisture.

Facade lights should be made of colored glass, plastic or ceramics. And for lighting, use no more than three shades. Lighting should be placed at a height. Hang the lights on the walls and the edge of the roof, decorate the front door.

Be sure to consider lighting for flower beds and small decorative structures, such as a fountain or an artificial reservoir.

Illuminated water is indescribably beautiful sight, so if there is a stream, fountain or artificial reservoir in your area, be sure to install small lanterns. Embossed objects will help emphasize lighting. The main thing is to place them not under the main object, but at a short distance from it.

Indoor lighting

In the house on the window looks best monochromatic garland. Hidden lights behind a light curtain, under a tablecloth or in a glass vase on the table will look very original. To create a festive mood in the room will help not only a bright garland, but also correctly placed lighting devices.

Additional lamps in the form of a candlestick will perfectly decorate the fireplace. And for figured partitions or shelves, you can use LED strip.

Candles in glass candlesticks will look original on the steps of the house. Of course, they can only be used in safe conditions and if there are no small children or pets in the house. For a gazebo or outdoor terrace, choose a soft diffused light of a warm background. So you can create a cozy atmosphere, conducive to a casual conversation with family and friends.

The choice of lighting

To illuminate the stairs, railings, trees and the facade of the building, you must use products with a high degree of protection. The main models that can be used are:

  • Roralite - is a sealed long PVC-cord with LEDs and incandescent bulbs.
  • LED and LED strips widely used indoors. For the street are also used, but already some models with a high degree of protection from moisture. Ribbons with RGB LEDs provide more color solutions. Several lighting options - monochrome or color, running light or dynamic mode, grid, curtain or line. LED backlight is more durable and bright.
  • Flexible neon lamps - this is bending PVC cord, for which 4W is enough. It is mounted on the walls with a sealant or superglue.
  • Electric candles - They are very similar to ordinary ones, but they do not melt, they are not capable of burning or creating a fire hazard situation. They will “burn” with warm cozy light.

Any option can turn an ordinary house into a fabulous one. All these types of devices can be used to designate a separate element, for example, for a window opening or be presented in the form of entire networks or curtains.

Interesting ideas

Creating a festive lighting, remember how important it is to combine lighting devices with each other.

Holiday lighting at home should create an incredible show, cheer up and so that everyone passing by would stop to admire.

Beautiful lighting can be created without the help of electric lights. Candles in protective cases and candlesticks will enliven the plot of a country house with warmth and shimmer.

In the New Year's fabulous night in such a warm and elegant house magic will surely happen and happiness and luck will knock on the door.

Pictures of New Year's design lighting fixtures, see the following video

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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