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Artificial lighting is an integral element in any room, regardless of style, size, purpose, and other parameters. Lighting devices not only fulfill an important function, filling the room with light, but also play a significant role as a decorative element. They are used to highlight certain accents, setting lamps near paintings, figurines, photographs and pieces of furniture. Also, without lamps can not do while working or studying at night.

It should be noted that with the help of light you can visually change the size of the room and even its architecture.

To be comfortable in the room, it is necessary to adjust the brightness of the lighting. There is a need to establish additional elements that have to constantly monitor.For convenient use and safety, developed "smart" lighting. Further in the article we will talk about sensor lights and their scope of use.


The modern market offers a wide range of “smart” lights.

All products of this type can be divided into two subgroups:

  • models with battery;
  • lamps powered by the mains.

Also, lighting devices can be placed on the wall or table and other flat horizontal surface. Depending on the type of lamp, the temperature of the light may be warm or cold.

Table lamps are most often used for the design of work areas, on the desk near the computer.

Wall options are most often attached near beds, pedestals and other pieces of furniture. They are also installed in areas with a significant lack of natural or artificial lighting.

Touch lights are actively used for home, office, office. Lamps that turn on themselves are a common element for high-tech style - high-tech.

In this decorative direction, the more automation, the better.

Special features

Sensor lights are equipped with special sensors that respond to movement. It is this element that distinguishes lamps of this type from other products on the market. Due to the sensors, the lamps are turned on and off automatically. This is very convenient, especially if the room has no windows or the room is located on the north side.

Instead of looking for a switch, just go up in the lamp.

It is worth noting that the installation of touch lighting will significantly save money spent on electricity. Thus, the "smart" light is not only convenient, but also profitable. The installation of the lamp takes little time and is not complicated at all.

To achieve the maximum level of comfort from the device, it is necessary to adjust such parameters:

  • The period of operation of the switch.
  • Response distance.
  • The sensitivity of the lamp.

Fashion for sensors

Today touch lamps are widespread, LED models are especially popular. This type of lamp shines brightly and consumes a minimum of electricity. Given the rich range, buyers have the opportunity to choose the most convenient, practical and stylish option. It should be noted that the method of its installation depends on the modification of the lamp.Equipment for the sensory room can be purchased through online stores or at points of sale of lighting devices.

In living quarters, “smart” lights can often be found in the kitchen. When hands are busy cleaning or cooking, touch lights are exactly what you need. If children live in the apartment, a comfortable lamp will help the child to pick up the fear of the dark.

With just one touch, the child can turn on the light if he wakes up in the middle of the night.

Principle of operation

A sensor that responds to touch is attached to the lamp body. This element is connected to the device responsible for the amount of light and works on the principle of a standard capacitor. The lamp housing acts as a capacitor plate.

The capacitance of the capacitor increases as soon as the user touches the device. As a result of such changes, the sensor turns on and transmits a signal to turn on the light bulb or turn it on to turn it off. All these processes take one instant. It should be noted that energy-saving light bulbs that supplant earlier options are not regulated in terms of controlling the brightness of the lighting.

When buying a device, it is necessary to consider the type of lamp used for a specific lamp. If the model is designed exclusively for fluorescent lamps, then the use of halogen or other options is strongly discouraged. Depending on the model, the lamp may have several modes of operation and types of switching on.

The lamp can be switched on by touch or when the person is at a certain distance from the lighting device.

Terms of use

In specialized stores, more and more new improved models appear that have a high frequency and fix a person’s approach at a longer distance. To the user had the opportunity to customize the work of the lamp for themselves, the developers equip the lamp with a number of functions.

If we are talking about a device that operates from the mains and is connected to a common system, after placement it is necessary to connect two wires: zero and phase.

Also, after the purchase, it is necessary to become familiar with the instructions and follow certain recommendations.

Battery powered

Due to compactness, practicality and convenient operation, “smart” lighting sources on batteries have gained great popularity. For convenient fastening the device is equipped with a strong adhesive tape or fasteners for self-tapping screws.

On sale there are models that are included as soon as a person is at a distance of 3 meters. Depending on the type of device, the angle of coverage can be different, from 90 to 360 degrees. More detailed information about the characteristics of a specific lamp can be found in the documentation for the device.

As a rule, for operation of compact luminaires 4 AA batteries are needed. As a light source, LED lamps are most often used.

If necessary, you can take a lamp with you on a trip. This device is useful for people with vision problems. An additional light source that you can take with you to work in the office will make the workflow more comfortable and fruitful.

If you need to light a barn or any other auxiliary lighting, where there is no light, the touch lamp with batteries will fit perfectly.

In this case, it is recommended to purchase a model with a waterproof case.

The advantages of devices on batteries:

  • Saving free space.
  • Practical, safe and convenient use.
  • Wide range of. Products differ not only in appearance, but also in functionality.
  • Favorable prices.
  • Saving electricity.
  • Easy installation process of the fixture.
  • Versatility. The scope of their use is wide - from residential premises to offices, conference rooms and offices.
  • Long service life if money was spent on high quality lamps.
  • Environmental friendliness. Products made to international standards are environmentally friendly and completely harmless to health.

Popular trademarks

Chinese brand Xiaomi, which is known for its affordable smartphones, also manufactures a wide range of “smart” technology, including touchscreen luminaires. Table touch lamps from the above brand are widely used due to a reasonable ratio of price and quality, as well as practicality and compactness.

Stylish and comfortable lamps can be placed in any area of ​​the house, be it a small desk or a bedside table.Products under the brand Xiaomi sold worldwide.

Russian buyers can appreciate all the advantages of lamps, ordering goods through an online store or by purchasing it in specialized outlets.

Variety of models

Despite the fact that LED lamps are the embodiment of modern technology, the subject of antiquity is still used in the manufacture of "smart" lamps. The lamp "flame" visually looks like a bowl with a fire burning in it. Of course, this is a skillful imitation, achieved through the play of light, textile material and other elements.

A lamp of this type will be an extraordinary and attractive decoration of the room in the ethnic style.


Reviews of "smart" lamps mostly positive. Buyers who personally appreciated the advantages of LED lamps point out that these are very convenient, practical and at the same time stylish lamps.

Young parents declare that the touch lamp is the best purchase for the children's room.

Through simple use, children quickly learn to control lighting.

The affordable cost of this type of product has played an important role in the distribution and popularization of sensory lighting. It should be noted that the price depends on the manufacturer, the functionality of the model, the type of lamp and other parameters.

The laudatory reviews indicated that sensory lighting would be quite appropriate on the basis of various types of premises: houses and apartments (all locations, including the entrance hall and corridors), office buildings, work rooms, shops, and so on.

You will learn more about touch lighting in the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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