LED bulbs for spotlights

LED lamps for spotlights today are very widespread. They can be applied both in household, and in industrial conditions. They are very economical to use, and also look stylish and modern.


Those times when it was impossible to replace an ordinary incandescent lamp with anything left in the past. To date, no modern apartment can not do without LED devices, and there are specific reasons for this.

Their main advantages:

  • Long service life. In their durability, LED bulbs significantly exceed similar options.
  • Cost effective to use. This is one of the main parameters by which these products are so widespread.With this type of lamp, your energy costs can be reduced by as much as 70%.
  • Absolute security. In the manufacture of LED bulbs for turned lamps do not use harmful substances (mercury, etc.). Devices do not pose any danger to humans or the environment.
  • Uninterrupted work. If you put such a bulb in your luminaire, then you will not have to change it often. It works properly and continuously. This is due to the high quality of the product and its reliability.
  • The ability to create a unique design. With this invention it is easy to create in your apartment a very stylish and unique atmosphere. You can combine light bulbs of different sizes, shapes and colors. Design options for such cases are endless. Any room will sparkle with new colors.

The disadvantages of these bulbs include their very expensive price.

However, if you combine the price with the lifetime of the product (from 4 to 11 years), then the amount will not seem too high.

How to choose?

When buying such a product, it is important to consider several parameters:

  • Tint. Color variants produce the widest range of hues: from red to purple, from white to yellow. If you are used to the light that a traditional incandescent lamp provides, but you want to save on electricity and change it, there is a solution. You can easily pick up the LED lamp, which will give exactly the same light as a tungsten light bulb.
  • Brightness. This parameter is measured in Kelvin and is indicated on the product packaging. Remember: do not get too bright options for the house, so as not to harm the eyesight.
  • Amount. The LED for a spotlight gives a directional beam of light, so in order to illuminate a large room well, you will have to purchase a sufficient number of products. Be sure to set the exact number before you go shopping.

It is also very important to take into account the type of spotlight for which you are planning to purchase a LED. In total, there are about a dozen different types of socles in modern stores (E-14, MR-40, A60, C37 and others) that are suitable for certain lamps.

Be sure to check which variety your luminaire belongs to, and based on this, purchase an LED lamp.

How to replace?

As already mentioned, LEDs have a long service life and very rarely burn out. But if you still need to insert a diode lamp into the lamp, note a few important rules:

  1. Before starting work, be sure to turn off the power to the electrical network.
  2. Before starting to replace the bulb, wait until the lamp has cooled down completely (if necessary).
  3. Be very careful if you have to pull the LED out of the lamp, which has a body made of glass. Over time, the material becomes very fragile.
  4. When you fail to disconnect the cartridge from the base, you should completely remove the device and disconnect it from the electricity and then pull out the light bulb at the bottom. Such a situation may occur in the case of incomplete connection of the cartridge and the conductor, due to which, under the influence of high temperatures, the bulb sometimes sticks to the base.
  5. Before inserting the lamp into the cartridge, be sure to check whether its power matches your lighting fixture. This is very important, because if you install a higher power bulb, you can cause a transformer or a controller to break.Be extremely careful in the process.

So, now consider directly the process of replacing the light bulb.

  • After you turn off the power and check the power of the LED, remove the old light bulb. In the case of spotlights, this is very easy to do, just pull it gently by a special ring.
  • Next, install a new LED light and replace the ring.
  • After that, you can turn on the power grid and check the work of the lamp.

As you can see, the process is not particularly difficult and does not require much time. You can easily cope with this task without help.

For different rooms

Spotlights are a versatile option that looks great in rooms of any size and style.

But still there are some rules that will help to more successfully arrange the lighting in space.

  • Hallway or corridor. For these rooms, lighting plays a very important role, because most often hallways are quite small. Moreover, there are no windows in such rooms, which means that it is necessary to create the most comfortable artificial lighting there.

Choose multiple spotlights with LEDs to visually expand the space a little.

  • Kitchen. Point equipment for such a room is a real magic wand. You do not have to wash the bulk of chandeliers or floor lamps. With the help of small lamps it is easy to allocate working areas or effectively divide the space into zones. For example, on the area of ​​cooking and dining.
  • Living room. Very often for the hall such lamps are used as both the main and auxiliary light source. It will also be very appropriate zoning with light and selection of the workplace.

You will learn more about LED lamps for spotlights in the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

Entrance hall

Living room