Ecola LED Bulbs

Ecola is a Russian company producing lamps and light fixtures. It was formed in 2006 and became one of the leaders in the market of lighting equipment. The main goals pursued by the organization are high quality products, a wide variety of product models and the cost of goods available to every customer.

Ecola is constantly updating its product range. It not only follows the latest technologies, but also brings its innovative models to the Russian market.

Advantages and disadvantages

The company Ecola is engaged in the production of LED and energy-saving lamps and fixtures. LED lamp Ecola works on the basis of LEDs and can be used both indoors and outdoors. These products are very popular in the modern world and are considered more efficient and safer than conventional lamps.

There are the following main advantages of these products:

  • Low power consumption. Compared with conventional lighting fixtures, LED lamps consume 10 times less energy. Since this characteristic means significant energy savings, it is one of the main advantages of the product.
  • The absence of ultraviolet rays. These models do not emit ultraviolet light, so they do not cause damage to eyesight, while ordinary products can damage eye tissue.
  • Durability. LED lamps last for a very long life. They can be used for several years, while incandescent lamps can last only a few months.
  • The composition of the product. This type of product is an environmentally friendly product. The basis of these models does not contain mercury and other toxic substances that pollute the environment.


Despite all the advantages of Ecola LED lamps, there are a number of drawbacks, which, however, are not as significant as compared with the positive characteristics of the model:

  • Price. The main disadvantage of such models is their high cost. They are much more expensive than other types of products, such as incandescent lamps or energy-saving lamps.However, the price of the product justifies its quality and does not make buyers feel sorry about expensive purchases.
  • Sensitivity to high temperature. Ecola LED lamps do not tolerate high temperatures, so they cannot be used in rooms such as baths and saunas.

The lineup

The Ecola product range is very wide and allows you to find a buyer of goods for every taste. The company represents various types of LED and energy-saving lamps and fixtures.

The most popular models are the following products:

  • fixtures on clothespin;
  • LED lamps;
  • dimmable lamps;
  • Ecola Light lamps;
  • golden lamps;
  • led strip.

Each model has its own characteristics and distinctive characteristics.

The lamp on the clothespin

The main feature and undoubted advantage of the lamp on a clothespeg is its design. Unlike conventional table lamps, the luminaire on the Ecola clothespin can be installed in any position and on any surface with a clothespin. He will hold tight and will not budge.

Also, this model is convenient in regulation and is well suited both for studies and just for additional lighting in the room. The color of the goods presented by the company is white.This color is suitable for any interior and design.

LED lamps

Ecola LED lamps are LED lamps that can be installed in ceiling lamps and in thin Ecola lamps. They are shaped like a washer. The composition of the product is metal and glass.

Such lamps can be made of frosted glass, as well as transparent. The product is presented in two colors: white and chrome. They have a lifespan of more than three years. Ecola LED lamps are distinguished by their high quality, durability and practicality. Putting the lamp of this brand, you can forget about the problems with electricity for several years.

Dimmable lamps

Dimmable Ecola lamps are LED lamps using a special dimmer that adjusts the light intensity. Dimmers allow you to adjust the brightness. Especially for LED equipment, Ecola presents the following dimmer options:

  • with radio control;
  • on the wire with a button to control;
  • on the wire with a handle to control;
  • wall touch panel.

Thanks to this device dimmable lamps allow you to use a bright light for work or reading and muffled for a romantic evening or dinner.

Ecola Light Bulbs

The Ecola Light collection includes LED lamps of various shapes and models, but at reduced prices. Despite this, their quality is as good as that of other products.

Here are the models of the following forms: ball, corn, candle. They are in great demand among buyers. In addition, there are models that can operate even at temperatures below forty degrees. They are perfect for street lighting and will serve even in severe frosts.

Golden lamps

Golden lamps is a new collection of products from Ecola, which is a LED lamp with an unusual golden glow. The light emanating from the products, similar to the color of this fire, glowing in the fireplace. It gives a feeling of celebration and comfort in the room. The lighting itself seems to warm and relax.

It is perfect for a room or living room, executed in golden and brown colors.

Models are presented with frosted and clear glass. Here you can find products of various types and forms: reflectors, balls, candles, candles in the wind.

LED strip

The company started producing LED tapes quite recently, but it has already gained a good reputation and demand. LED strips are used for outdoor lighting.Ecola presents various color options for these models: white, blue, green, red, yellow and multi-colored.

Such a tape will serve as an excellent lighting for the contour of a shop or cafe signboard, it is very bright and will attract attention even from afar.

Also, this tape will perfectly serve to create a New Year's mood. Having decorated the whole house outside, you can feel the feeling of a fairy tale and a holiday. It will delight the eyes of not only the owners of the product, but also their neighbors.

Product Features

Ecola products have a number of distinctive features and characteristics. This makes the company's products unique and makes it possible to offer customers something that other companies that produce lighting equipment do not have. The main characteristics of an Ecola product are the following indicators:

  • Large product range. The company offers over 1000 different types of lighting products. They have different composition and structure and have different forms. Thanks to this, it is possible to choose a product model for any interior of an apartment or house.
  • Cost of goods. The price of Ecola products ranges from very expensive and sophisticated models to products that are affordable for any buyer. Despite such a difference in prices, all products have good quality and appearance.
  • Product quality. Ecola is a fairly young organization, but despite this it is already known throughout the country due to the high quality of its products. They are distinguished by their durability and wear resistance.

Application area

Ecola lighting devices can be used both indoors and outdoors. These are very practical products. The only place where these products cannot be used is baths and saunas, since these models cannot work in conditions of high temperature. Most of the company's lighting products are based on Ecola LED lamps, which are distinguished by their high degree of safety and low power consumption.

Street lighting

Due to the resistance to cold LED lamps are perfect for lighting sidewalks and roads. They are resistant to moisture and temperature and do not need to be changed frequently. They can serve for several years, and at the same time they will still brightly illuminate the street.

Inside the house

Interior lighting of houses and apartments is also at a high level.In addition, it should be noted that currently Ecola lamps are the most popular models for suspended ceilings. This is due to the fact that compared to conventional devices, LED lamps Ecola do not cause heating of the ceiling material, so they are very popular. In addition, they do not need to be replaced so often, as these products last long.

Under water

In addition to the usual lighting fixtures intended for the street or at home, Ecola manufactures special equipment that can perform the function of lighting under water. These are special LED spotlights and fixtures. They can be used for fountains and pools. They have such properties as moisture resistance and wear resistance.

Where can one buy?

Ecola has earned great fame throughout the world. Its products are in great demand, thanks to which the company is expanding faster and acquiring an even greater number of partners and regular customers. Today, it is quite easy to purchase Ecola products, this can be done without leaving your home via the Internet.In addition, you can see the company's products in many stores in the country, as well as abroad.


The company receives numerous positive reviews about its products. This suggests that the company's products are really high quality and affordable. Anyone can leave a review, as well as attach a photo of the purchased goods. This will help subsequent buyers to make a choice and be confident in the quality of the purchased product.

If you have any questions, you can easily contact the managers of the Ecola organization via a toll-free number. They will explain all points of interest and solve the problems that have arisen. Ecola takes care of its customers, and in the event of a marriage or any problems with the products, the organization will immediately exchange the goods or return the money.

Thanks to such care, the company has a good reputation and positive feedback from its customers and clients.

You will learn more about Ecola LED lamps in the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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