Gauss LED Lights

 Gauss LED Lights

The appearance of the first industrial designs of Light Emitting Diodes (LED) - LEDs emitting a red and yellow-green glow, fell on the middle of the last century. The mass distribution of their repeatedly improved "white" counterparts, which already had a sufficient degree of brightness, began in the era of "zero". Today, the LED lamp in terms of power, luminosity, emission spectrum and efficiency is the undisputed leader among existing light sources.

Considering that the demand curve for LED devices keeps at consistently high levels, the Russian market for LED products is replete with offers from domestic and foreign manufacturers of lighting engineering.The choice is always good, although the variety of types of LED lamps, differing in shape, color, power, size, to some extent complicates the purchase. Our goal is to orient you in the range of products from this market segment.

Attention deserves the brand Gauss - a high-tech manufacturer of energy-efficient equipment. Let us see what is remarkable Gauss LED lamps.

Advantages and disadvantages

The quality of LED products of the lighting brand Gauss has managed to evaluate the global community of users in over 20 countries from Spain to the PRC. Now the Gauss product line includes more than 250 items.

What is the difference between Gauss LED products and analogs of other brands:

  • The quality of light. The frosted surface of the central zone in combination with a transparent multi-sector diffuser provides the usual glow of a halogen source, while eliminating the blinding effect - one of the minuses of standard lamps where the bulb is transparent.
  • The brightness of the glow. The LED brightness levels of Gauss products are exceeded by 20%, while the power consumption is the same as that of other brands.
  • Build quality. The built-in LED board, an advanced round-shaped radiator and the absence of unnecessary parts simplify the installation process, eliminating the need to waste time to assemble the lamp and prepare a mortise point.
  • Sizes. Placing LEDs in a 10x37 mm package allows to get the most compact lamps.
  • The degree of reliability and safety. In the new generation of lamps, exclusively protected CBB capacitors are used to stabilize operation with switches equipped with indicators, eliminating blinking and flashes.
  • Compatible with any kind of fixtures, due to the use of all types of bases, optimized shape and reduced body for individual models.
  • Aesthetic appearance. A variety of lighting solutions are impressive verified forms favorably underlined with the help of original textures and colors. Exclusive collections of lamps made of aluminum alloys, brass, bronze and plaster with the possibility of self-painting are able to satisfy the needs of the most sophisticated buyer.
  • Quality packaging. The package contains detailed information about the main characteristics of the model, which must be taken into account when selecting a lamp.Not every manufacturer can boast of smart packaging, which is designed to simplify the purchase process, and not complicate it due to the lack of necessary parameters. It is for this reason that many buyers are forced to independently make calculations, comparing the power of incandescent lamps and LEDs.

Gauss LED bulbs produce a soft, flicker-free glow of sufficient brightness, and their specifications comply with European quality and safety standards.

The relative disadvantage of LED products of this manufacturer is the high cost, which largely justifies cost-effectiveness, durability and practicality of lighting solutions.


All Gauss LED lamps are manufactured with Taiwanese chips. Episar is a leading manufacturer of LED chips. Consider the general characteristics of products.


Common forms of lighting elements include:

  • Ball - externally spherical lamp similar to an ordinary incandescent lamp. Perfect for round small shades.
  • Frustum - this form is typical for soffit lamps, representing a kind of pyramid on the base.
  • Candle - scope of candle-shaped lamps - decorative lighting: chandeliers, floor lamps, sconces and other types of interior lamps. Their peculiarity is the presence of a “minion” base, which is used to equip flat or narrow light sources.
  • Candle in the wind - a form characterized by creative execution. Most often, it can be found in dimmable lamps with a stunningly beautiful glow created by the faces of a single crystal, thanks to the mirror reflector of the LED, which helps to increase the brightness of the lamp.

Base Type

As already mentioned, Gauss LED lamps use all types of caps, which determines the purpose of the products. Therefore, you can choose a model based on specific operating conditions.

Classification of socles by purpose:

  • E14 Minion / E27standard - two traditional types of cap, used mainly for domestic needs.
  • G4 / GU5.3 / GU10 - types of caps for lamps that can fully replace the corresponding halogen lamps.

Power supply

  • GX-53 - the base of this type is equipped with built-in / overhead lamps of various kinds, which are used to illuminate ceiling structures and furnishings.
  • G-13 - lamps with such a basement, equip linear / ceiling lamps designed to illuminate large areas.

The operating voltage range is 12-265 watts. Since not all models have a driver, they need a 12 volt power supply to operate. Products with power supply features a great functionality, they work at an input voltage of 220 volts.

Lamps of this manufacturer work smoothly when the mains voltage drops within 150-265 Volts.

Operating temperature range

This parameter is the same for any lamp model. The lower limit of the permissible temperature range is 25 ° C, and the upper limit is 50 ° C.

Color temperature and glow angle

Indicators of color temperature for lamps for lighting residential facilities are 2,700 K, and for office premises - 4,100 K. LED products of this brand have light transmission coefficient - Ra90, which is quite a lot, considering that the reference light source has a color rendering index of Ra100. The angle of the light beam is from 120 ° to 360 °.

Service life and warranty

Duration of operation for different models varies in the range of 25-50 thousand hours.If you are used to seeing higher functional resource rates for LED products, remember whether the lamp has always fulfilled the stated period. Just this manufacturer does not tend to exaggerate the capabilities of their products, misleading buyers. The warranty period can be from different series from 1 to 3 years.

The lineup

Lighting products - lamps and lamps manufactured by the Gauss trademark are represented by several categories of products used in various fields.

Residential Lighting

The range of LED lamps for domestic use includes the line:

  • Smart lamps Gauss LED - models of spherical and candle-shaped form, with a capacity of 7-10 W, base type E14 / E27.
  • Mirror lamps - devices of the Reflector R39 / R63 / R50 series, with a capacity of 4, 6, 9 W, respectively, and a luminescence angle of 120 °. Mirror lamps are the best assistants in creating light accents in interior design.
  • Capsule lamp G4 / G9 series with power from 2 to 5 watts. Some models have a light angle of 360 °.
  • Semiconductor devices of general purpose in the form of a ball with a capacity of 6 to 27 watts.
  • Soffit lamps three series: Elementary MR 16 with types of socles GU5.3 / GU10, power 5.5-10 W, 5-7-watt MR models 16 and 3-5-watt MR 11 models.

Separately worth mentioning about line of decorative lamps, which includes several series:

  • Elementary candle in the form of candles / candles in the wind, with a capacity of 6-8 watts.
  • Elementary globe spherical shape, power 8 watts.
  • Filament Candle and Filament Globe - 5-watt models in the form of candles, candles in the wind and the ball.
  • Globe, Candle and Candle Tailed - models with a power of 6.5 W, candle-shaped, spherical shape and in the form of a candle in the wind.
  • G95 dim - models of dimmable spherical lamps, with a capacity of 14 watts. Dimmable lamp with a function to adjust the brightness of the emitted light flux is a novelty in the world of lighting products, actively used to create interior lighting design.

Administrative facilities coverage

This category includes models of versatile lamps having a rectangular, round, square shape. Here you can pick up lamps to organize the lighting of Armstrong ceiling structures, Cesal cassette / slatted ceilings, Ecophon acoustic ceilings. The product range is represented by moisture-resistant products, diode panels, "anti-crisis" series of lamps of low power.

Modern interior design is difficult to imagine without such an important component as the ceiling lighting, which, in addition to performing decorative functions, often serves as the main lighting.LED built-in lighting can adjust the proportions of the premises, visually lifting low ceilings.

Gauss LED lamps and spotlights make it interesting to beat not only stretch and multi-level ceiling structures, but also virtually any surface embedded in niches and narrow apertures.

The advantage of the lighting tandem lamps and "points" - a thoughtful minimalist design, compact size and absolute safety, because they eliminate the strong heat, even after prolonged use.

Lighting retail space

This includes several series of LED devices: R Line, G Line, T Line, GR / DL, Market Line. They are used to illuminate the windows and decorate the trading rooms, to favorably emphasize the products offered and the design features of the premises. The possibilities of LED lighting are used with might and main by grocery supermarkets, hardware stores and fashionable boutiques, which positively affects the image of retail chains in the eyes of customers.

Lighting for street lighting

Here you can pick up products to organize lighting of the backyard territory, in addition, models of the Triumph, Uranus, Village series are used to illuminate public places.With the help of the original architectural lighting, the facades of buildings are distinguished, making them bright and noticeable, which looks especially impressive at night.

Thanks to the energy efficient LED technology, it is possible to significantly reduce the cost of electricity, not to mention the unique advantages of LED lighting over other lighting devices, if it comes to the need to highlight a building, literally presenting it in a favorable light. For example, only with the help of full-color RGB lamps it is possible to change the parameters of color, temperature, intensity of luminous flux, setting the desired operation mode.

LED lamps are also used for simple illumination of buildings, allowing you to select the outline of a structure using neutral light or to give depth and volume to architectural features, highlighting them with a certain color.

Illumination of educational institutions

The scope of application of special lamps in this category is educational institutions, sports complexes.

Housing facilities lighting

Lighting models that are economical, have low power consumption and increased functional resource up to 50 thousand hours.

Lighting of production facilities and warehouses

High-strength materials are used to manufacture LED devices; therefore, they are characterized by increased reliability and a high level of protection against external factors IP 65. The product range is represented by the Iron, Olymph and Strong series. A separate group includes products that are intended for use in industrial premises. They can be purchased complete with powerful lighting fixtures and different types of fasteners to choose from.

So, the lighting brand Gauss is an opportunity to choose energy-efficient lighting solutions for all areas of activity, the quality and reliability of which users trust.


If we analyze the reviews of consumers of lighting from Gauss, the ratio of satisfied buying lamps and disappointed in them is 90% to 10%, respectively, which says a lot.

The advantages of Gauss LED appliances include:

  • Energy saving, as one of the real ways to save on paying electricity bills.
  • Lack of strong heat.
  • Attractive design, different colors and very beautiful soft glow.
  • Work in full power immediately after installation in the light source.
  • Uninterrupted operation with voltage drops and brightness.
  • Long warranty up to 3 years.
  • Comfortable temperature of the light flux, close to natural light, which does not irritate the eyes.
  • Compliance of the declared functional resource with a real service life.
  • High luminous efficiency and compatibility of the basement with standard chandeliers.
  • Modern packaging with a transparent window that allows you to independently examine its contents, and not to perplex the seller with this issue.

Of the minuses buyers say:

  • Too white glow, which is unpleasant for the eyes.
  • Unusually small resource of individual models - 25 thousand hours.
  • Difficulties of choice due to the huge range.

As for the other shortcomings, in almost every review left by disgruntled users, there are complaints not about the quality, but about the price of LED lamps. According to the majority of buyers, their cost “could be lower”, there are often statements that “the price tag is unjustifiably aroused” and “I don’t understand where this price comes from.”

Interestingly, no matter how negative the attitude to the manufacturer’s pricing policy is, practically every review recognizes the practical benefit of buying a Gauss LED lamp.

An overview of one of these lamps, you can see in the video below.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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