LED Candle Bulbs

 LED Candle Bulbs

The modern market of lighting devices is literally overflowing with various models that have different technical characteristics and appearance. Recently, the original diode lamps in the form of a candle have become very popular.

Such options are not only very economical, but also very attractive.

What it is?

Diode or LED bulbs are wildly popular from the day they appeared on the market. It can be said that these details created a furor in the world of lighting devices. Especially it is necessary to highlight the unique candle lamps, characterized by an interesting and elegant design.

In these models, there is a neat glass dome, which is very similar to the quivering flame of a real candle.

As for the other performance characteristics of similar models, they are no different from other LED devices.

It should be noted that the principle of operation of diode candles is more complex (especially compared to incandescent lamps), if we consider them from the point of view of physics. The basis of such products is the interaction of two important components: materials with positively charged and negative particles.

At the time of connection and their transition to another state, light and heat are emitted.

It is worth mentioning that even in the 20th century, special substances that emit luminescence at the time of heat release were discovered. For many years, LEDs were used only as indicators, as they differed by a not very bright light with a reddish or green tint. Fortunately, modern science is at a sufficient level, so experts have found substances that contribute to the emission of more dense and saturated light.

Diodes made from such high-tech materials give people a great opportunity to get quality lighting devices of sufficient power. The design of a modern LED-lamp consists of the following components:

  • base:
  • metal case;
  • power board;
  • boards with LEDs;
  • glass ceiling (dome).

The LED is in many ways different from the good old Ilyich light bulb. First of all, it is worth noting that the diode variants consist of several small particles, combined with each other on a special basis with current paths.

As a rule, the bases of such devices have the same dimensions as the parts in incandescent lamps.

Today, buyers have the opportunity to purchase a suitable light bulb for any lighting device.

Advantages and disadvantages

Modern LED-lamps in the form of a candle are very popular due to a number of positive qualities that are worth talking in detail:

  • One of the main advantages of such bulbs is that they are suitable for certain types of luminaires in which traditional round-shaped elements cannot be installed. Also, we should not forget that many of the lighting devices, made in the form of a candle and complementing the elegant chandelier-candlestick, are produced exclusively by LED.
  • Many consumers prefer LED-lamps because of their efficiency. Variants with a power of 7 watts are easy to replace with a conventional bright 60 watt lamp. However, this does not affect the energy consumption of economical LED lamps.
  • A significant advantage of such economical light bulbs is their durability. One high-quality LED-lamp can emit light for more than 50 thousand hours. Simply put, such a light source will work smoothly for at least five years. This characteristic is most useful when it comes to lamps that are used for lighting in hard-to-reach areas or at a considerable height.
  • Also it should be noted the environmental friendliness of LED bulbs. These models are made of safe materials without adding chemicals. Far from all light sources can boast of such properties. For example, simple fluorescent lamps are filled with mercury. LED bulbs are absolutely safe not only for human health, but also for the environment as a whole.
  • LED lamps are not only durable, but also wear-resistant. As a rule, they do not burn out and do not break.Such lighting devices do not explode and provide the most intense illumination of the available space.

The brightness of the light from such sources far exceeds the power of other options.

But all is not as rosy as it may seem. LED lamps have their drawbacks, like any other items:

  • Such devices are quite expensive as they have a more complex and high-quality design. However, the consolation in this matter may be the fact that over time such a light source will definitely pay off with interest, since it will consume very little energy and you will not have to constantly change it to a new one.
  • Over time, the LEDs can fade. They do not lose the ability to light, but much lose in brightness. It is impossible to solve this problem, so the dying light will only have to be changed.

LED bulbs emit flicker, which is almost imperceptible to the usual human gaze. Initially, LED devices differed cold light, which often irradiated the eyes. First of all, it had a negative effect on eyestrain and reduced vision. Flickering lights have about the same effect.

But nowadays, LED models are made in a special color range and, as a rule, are adapted for human vision.


Modern LED lamps in the form of a beautiful candle are made with a variety of forms. Thanks to a non-poor assortment of these devices, you can give free rein to your imagination and bring a wide variety of fixtures into the interior.

Are irreplaceable led candle lightsdesigned for elegant chandeliers in the form of a candlestick. It can be both ceiling and suspended structure. Such items with light-candles have always been distinguished by aristocratic and noble design. In addition, these things are absolutely safe, because not a single owner will agree to place a medieval chandelier with an open flame at home, especially if you consider that modern light bulbs that effectively imitate flickering fire are a great alternative to such dangerous devices.

One of the most popular and attractive are bulbs of elongated and curved shape, repeating a small tongue of flame. Such decorative options in the form of "candles in the wind" ways to give a complete lookmatching ceiling chandeliers. As a rule, it is impossible to equip such devices with ordinary light bulbs. There are no lamp shades in them, therefore traditional round lamps in such lamps will look very carelessly.

Fashionable and elegant lighting devices with a "fiery" effect today are in great demand. Many consumers are attracted by the fact that these lamps can have a variety of colors, because they are often used for additional lighting. LED-bulbs can be found even in your favorite Christmas lights.

How to choose?

Choosing a suitable device with a flame effect, you need to pay attention to its lighting ability. The number of watts of the diode is much lower than that of a similar lamp, which is why when selecting such sources it is recommended to rely on what the luminous flux looks like.

  • Ceiling lights should be high-quality and sufficient to illuminate the space, so you should prefer the brighter light bulbs, otherwise the room will look like a gloomy closet or cellar. Despite the fact that chandeliers, candlesticks belong to the stylized antiquity, yet you should not go too far into the dark ages.
  • Also, when buying a LED lamp, you can rely on Lumas.This is a unit of measure that is used to assess the brightness and saturation of lighting devices. Thus, an incandescent bulb with a power of 60 W is equivalent to 700 LM.
  • The important role played by the color and temperature of artificial lighting in the interior. So, cold and warm tones of white color look different.

For example, a soft warm light with a slight red tint will help to create a very cozy atmosphere in the room.

Cold white light of small power is associated with many people with a sterile operating room, so it can be used to make the setting clean and fresh.

Cold lighting is most often addressed to highlight a modern interior in high-tech or fashionable industrialism style. In such interiors, as a rule, are located pieces of furniture made of metal and having futuristic shapes. In combination with cold lighting, such details look more stylish and progressive.

  • As a rule, beautiful candle lamps are used in elegant classical lamps. But there are exceptions to the rule, therefore, it is necessary to choose one or another type of lighting based on the personal preferences of the owner of the dwelling.So, for high-quality lighting in a cozy bedroom or nursery it is worth buying warm lamps with a yellow or reddish tinge.

Such an atmosphere will have a relaxing effect on people present in the room.

Where not to use?

Modern LED bulbs are not recommended for use in certain rooms and under certain conditions:

  • LEDs themselves are very sensitive to moisture, so you should not use such light sources in damp rooms. In such conditions, the device will quickly stop working.
  • Despite the fact that high-quality LEDs can work continuously for a very long time and consume a minimum of electricity, it is still recommended to turn them off when you leave home. This refers to a simple fire safety rule that must not be forgotten.
  • Be careful with these lamps, placing them in the nursery. A child can play around and accidentally drop the lamp or knock it off with a ball. Neat diode bulbs are strong enough and reliable, but it is quite possible to break them, therefore, it is necessary to treat such items in the interior with care and caution.
  • Ordinary home lamps can not be used to illuminate the courtyard.For outdoor lighting, special devices with insulated and sealed enclosures are available that are moisture resistant.

Review of one of these lamps, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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