LED floor lamp

Equipping home lighting, designers quite often offer to install a LED floor lamp to the main lighting device. This light is included in the line of popular lamps, has a lot of advantages and features, harmoniously combined with furnishings.


A floor lamp is a floor lamp, which consists of a pole and a lampshade. It has long been used as an auxiliary illumination of the recreation area. More often a floor lamp is installed near the sofa or armchair, where they are placed reading books. A distinctive feature of the floor lamp is a soft diffusing light: it is indispensable if the lighting of the room is insufficient.

At will the LED floor lamp can carry out function of the main lighting, if you suddenly need a special atmosphere.To do this, just turn off the overhead light and turn on this device - the setting for a romantic dinner is ready. LED lamps are rarely used as a decorative attribute of the room, as they are installed in modern interiors, where the main thing is functionality.

Special features

LED devices of this type have several advantages:

  • The main advantage is energy efficiency. They reduce energy consumption relative to conventional incandescent bulbs by 10 times, differing by a minimum power consumption.
  • The light emitted by the LED floor lamp is quite bright, pleasant to perception, it is not annoying, it does not blink, the eyes do not get tired when working with such lighting.
  • Light sources used in floor lamps may have different temperatures. This is convenient, because the glow can be warm, cold and even color.
  • The LEDs in the work practically do not heat up, so this device is safe for adults and children.
  • Long service life of the elements will delight every buyer. The warranty period for LED lamps, which is set by manufacturers, is at least 2 years.

Among the drawbacks, it can be noted that LEDs are expensive, although this nuance is fully paid off by the duration of operation. In addition, they differ in the directional light, so they can not illuminate the entire area of ​​the room.


LED floor lamps are made of various modern materials. More often raw materials for production is:

  • Metal (mostly aluminum). This is a lightweight material that works well. Due to it, the lights are durable, reliable, not heavy. The material is eco-friendly, does not accumulate dust, does not cause allergies.
  • Plastic. For the manufacture of lighting devices of this type using heat-resistant material. Since the LEDs do not heat the surface, the plastic does not emit harmful substances, so it is harmless.
  • Glass. This material is a solid transparent component of the luminaires, which promotes uniform dispersion of the luminous flux. However, with a strong mechanical action, the glass may break.
  • Crystal. Unusually beautiful, although expensive floor lamp trim material, allowing you to create a game of sparkling drops.Differs in a different form of decorative elements and their color palette.


The color of the floor lamp with LEDs can be anything.

Here you can find different solutions:

  • monochrome products (models of white, black, silver);
  • classic multi-colored options (devices in beige and brown colors);
  • devices bright flashy colors (in orange, red).

How to choose?

The choice of outdoor LED floor lamp depends on several factors:

  • Purpose It is important to determine for what purpose you plan to use this device. If it is needed as an accessory, the form can be any, if necessary for work or reading, it is better to give preference to functional models with adjustable direction of the light flux.
  • It is necessary to pick up a floor LED floor lamp under the style of the room. There is a large selection of models for different styles on the lighting market, a floor lamp with a glamorous shade of crystal in the living room of minimalist style is irrelevant, like a modern fantasy-shaped lamp of bright colors in prim English design.
  • The color of the device is important. It can be in the same tone with the general background of the room, or be a bright accent of the interior, supported by, for example, the color of furniture, curtains, wallpaper.
  • Conveniently, if the floor lamp is equipped with a control panel. You can turn off the device, which is installed far from the sofa, without getting up from it.
  • Comfortable devices, changing light intensity. Such devices can be used as a nightlight: so the light will not interfere with restful sleep.
  • Perception device plays an important role in the selection. LED floor lamp should like the color and shape. Otherwise, it is simply not your product and you should look for another model.

There are times when you like the device, but it is not a LED. This is not scary: the modern industry produces an LED counterpart of incandescent bulbs with a base, like the usual “Ilyich lamps”. Almost any floor lamp (even from an antique store) can turn into an LED one.

Interesting models

Diode floor lamps are a huge assortment on the shelves. It is easy to get lost in choosing a model.

Here are some original options that can be a highlight in the interior of the room:

  • The model with a crystal lamp shade will not leave indifferent glamor lovers. Such a device will give you a unique glow every time you turn on, decorating the walls with glare of crystals. Chrome leg and simplicity of the device will allow you to install it in the atmosphere of a modern interior.
  • A floor lamp in the form of a bulb at the end of a metal pipe is a great option for a minimalist style. Nothing superfluous, at the same time the functionality of the device is fully preserved.
  • A model that imitates wood will perform the function of lighting, carry a decorative load, recalling its appearance as a birch in the snow.

Examples in the interior

Thanks to a huge selection of models, it is easy to fit a LED floor lamp into the interior. Designers offer a lot of good solutions:

  • A room in brown and white can be decorated with three identical lamps. Two of them correspond to the color of the situation, the third is a bright accent, forcing to perceive the interior of the room in a completely different way. In this case, the devices perform the function of a partition that separates the rest area from the main room.
  • LED floor lamp in the sofa area in the form of fantasy performance will decorate the design.It does not stand out from the rest of the interior, but attracts attention with its unusual shape.
  • Not only in the living room there is a place for this lighting fixture. It can be used to highlight the dining area. Moreover, the models often have a long base, which does not interfere with seating at the table.

How to make a designer floor lamp with your own hands, see the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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