The manufacture of Thai lanterns and the use of decorations in the interior

With the onset of the holiday I want to decorate the house in a special way. For example, the so-called Thai lanterns can be an extraordinary solution. But alas, you can't buy them in a regular store. In this situation, the man in the street will be helped by the material of this article, telling how to make an unusual garland of cotton balls with his own hands, as well as where and how to hang them, so that they look not only beautiful, but also appropriate.

Special features

Thai lanterns are nothing but a glowing garland with filamentous balls. This decorative element received its name thanks to the provincial towns of Thailand, where the production of these decorations is a matter of habit. In fact, the balls, which are the main decor of the future garland, are durable yarn balls fastened with special glue.

Their size is on average 6.5 cm, according to the texture they are a bit fluffy. Due to the light coming from the bulb of the garland, they gently disperse the luminous flux. Such a decoration is fascinating, it can have a beneficial effect on the mood of a person. At the same time due to LED light sources the garland with balls is not dangerous, because the LEDs do not heat up in the process of work.

This decor can decorate the room, not only in the New Year holidays. You can use it at various family celebrations. They are able to visually change the perception of space, make the room mysterious and elegant. For their production does not need expensive components: enough cotton threads, glue, as well as balls of the right size.

The only thing that can complicate the manufacturing process is a special oven used by manufacturers.

The package does not include festoon: it is bought separately, selecting the desired number of LED sources and, accordingly, the length. All cotton lanterns should have the same size, in addition, the garland for them should be without any other decor. It should shine a single light color. Color tones are not needed - the glow and so will be multi-colored due to the different shades themselvesballs.

Variants of use in the interior

Garland with Thai balls can be hung in different places of the home. For example, the traditional option would be a tree, which will allow to bring a special spirit of magic into the room. If this technique seems too trivial, you can think of other locations of the garland.

You can decorate with such decor portieres, and sometimes the eaves. It looks beautiful, and the auxiliary lights, albeit to a small extent, but compensates for the lack of room lighting in the evening. The decoration with balls of wall shelves and racks will look beautiful. In this case, the garland can not only be hung on the shelves themselves, but also laid on them that will look even more interesting.

Someone throws a similar decor on stools, sofas and even chairs. Others put them on the floor, surrounding, for example, a home mini-greenhouse. Strangely enough, even a careless way of use allows you to bring a home-like atmosphere into the room. Sometimes a festive dining table, cabinets, and dressing tables decorate the garland with balls.

Craftswomen manage to modify using Thai balls chandeliers and wall lamps, they make out large mirrors, hanging pots, baby cots. In this case, the location in the children's bed can be different.Balls attract the attention of children, because their filaments of different colors are unusual and made. This decor looks beautiful on the crowns of children's tents and canopies of the bed, as well as on the steps of the stairs.

A separate theme is worthy of the design of the Thai garland of photo zones. In this case, the decor can be not only strung on a garland, but also scattered around the photo zone.

The original use of the Thai garland can be called an option when they are placed in transparent glass bowls. Such a decor does not always glow, but always attracts attention.

You will learn how beautiful it is to hang a garland from Thai lanterns by watching the following video.

How to do?

Making Thai lanterns with your own hands is easy: Let us turn to step by step instructions.

  • Small balls inflate to 6.5 cm with a special air pump.
  • Inflated balls twist, so that they do not leave the air.
  • Then they are wrapped with cotton threads, soaking them with special glue based on natural resin.
  • After the ball is wrapped tightly enough, the threads are cut. So do with all the balls.
  • The blanks are placed in the dryer (special oven) for a few minutes.
  • After removing the blanks from the oven, the balloons are taken out of them, gently picking them up with a needle or thin hook and pre-punctures.
  • After that, a rather dense and durable bulb will remain incised in order to hang on a garland with LED lights.

Craftswomen often alter the technology. For example, instead of the usual yarn, they can use leftover yarn. Instead of a special glue, they take clerical PVA, which can be bought at school supplies stores. In order to wind not the dry, but the threads impregnated with glue onto the balloon, they simply pierce a plastic vial with glue through the gypsy needle. After that, the needle is removed, and the thread is pulled, and it is fed to the ball in the form smeared with glue.

The important point is the correct type of slits. They should be executed not only carefully, but also so that after putting on the garland, the ball sat tightly and did not move in one direction. If the slot is large, and in addition to the cut it has a hole, the ball can slide off the garland, which is completely unacceptable. Therefore, when buying it is worth buying balloons with a small margin.


Thai balls - a kind of "Masthev", which is used both to decorate the home, and for the design of office space. It can be bought at different trading platforms. But in most cases, the products in the process of transportation add up to save space, which affects their quality. Having received balls far from ideal, the buyer is extremely dissatisfied.

To straighten the product to the ideal state is not always obtained. However, more or less they can return the form. To do this, you need a wooden stick for sushi or a regular pencil. It is inserted into the slot for the garland and straighten the ball from the inside. It takes a minimum of time (about a few seconds).

If the ball, bought on the Internet, does not have a slot, it is made independently with the help of scissors. It is more difficult to straighten it with a metal knitting needle, as well as trying to restore the original shape with a gypsy needle.

It is worth considering that the products purchased from reliable manufacturers or their official suppliers are being better off. Those that are made at home and for some reason got crushed, straighten it turns out not always. This is especially problematic if the ball is wetted.

Nuances of purchase

As a rule, home-made products are not durable, while homemade imitations of Thai balls are denser and more durable. Chinese garland may be inferior in quality products of proven brands. In addition, not always such a product is perfectly smooth and durable. Often, the balls are completely folded in half so that the package is smaller and cheaper.

When buying cotton balls, you need to carefully consider not only the quantity, but also the color of the flashlights. They can be correlated with elements of interior details, which will allow creating the effect of harmonious infusion into the existing style. Let it be not all, but one of the related shades, but this is what will make the use of garlands in the interior appropriate at any time of the year. You can buy a few pieces in reserve: by laying them out on a shelf or, say, a rack, you can create the illusion of the integrity of a room's design using balls.

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Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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