Track lighting system in the interior

Every year there are more and more new interior design ideas, so the interior decoration is becoming more and more complex. And standard lighting fixtures often simply do not fit into the general atmosphere, which forces one to look for other options. Due to this, a track lighting system appeared, which combined in itself lamps, busbars and other elements.

The main purpose and application

Initially, track lighting systems were made for shopping centers. They helped to attract the attention of potential buyers to a particular store. Products are often shifted from place to place, so it is necessary to use lamps with an adjustable angle of illumination.

Over time, the designers decided to use this type of lighting in city apartments so that residents could change the direction of the light rays if they wanted to.

Pendant lights help hide the flaws and focus on the merits of the room. It was with their help that it became possible to visually change the parameters of a room and paint it in different colors.

Track lighting devices are used in many areas, for example, in restaurants, cafes and bars. They help to highlight a specific show its relevance at the moment. Such lamps are necessary for exhibition halls and museums.

The system itself consists of a busbar, suspension elements, lamps, fittings and conductors. Despite the seeming complexity of the system, tire devices are easy to use, and therefore can be installed not only indoors, but also on the street.

Their installation does not require much experience, and changing the angle of illumination takes almost no time.

Design features of busbar and its types

Tracking systems have a solid and flexible design, so they can be mounted on any surface and change their configuration to get the best angle of illumination. The main feature of the design is in the light sources that are mobile and, if desired, you can move them from one phase to another.At the same time in the same busbar you can use different fixtures with any shapes and power.

The main advantage of the track lies in its ability to illuminate the room, even if one of the lamps fails.

After all, all the bulbs work independently of each other. Track busbar can be distinguished by its shape, method of installation and the number of phases. The number of copper busbars inside the track depends on its phase. One tire has one phrase, two tires - two phases, and three tires - three phases.

The number of phases affects the ability of the light bulbs to work independently of each other, that is, the more phases, the more lamps, and more operating possibilities.

A special advantage has a three-phase track, which can be connected to the mains at a voltage of 380 V in order to equally distribute the load across the phrases.

By way of mounting, track tires can be:

  • External and installed in a vertical or horizontal position with fasteners or suspension cables.
  • Embedded and fastened under the working area to attract attention.

The busbar box can have a round or square section.If you purchase a track to order, then you can wish for a product of any design with any number of faces. From external differences, the operation of the device will not change.

Advantages and disadvantages

Movable lamps have a lot of positive qualities that make them popular among buyers:

  • With their help, you can create a general or accent lighting, based on personal preferences.
  • Another plus of the system is the possibility of its installation on different surfaces. After all, it can have a suspended, wall and ceiling structure.
  • All components of the device are of high quality. They are durable and stable, which ensures continuous operation of the system for a long time.
  • Tire devices - a combination of convenience, lightness and functionality. Therefore, with their help, you can solve any functional issues.
  • Another advantage of the track is its innovative appearance, which allows it to harmoniously look in any interior.
  • The system has one serious flaw that makes it impossible for some people to acquire it. This is a high price.

Track systems are an excellent solution for lighting the premises not only in a residential building, but also in a shopping center or city pool.Even in small apartments with low ceilings, their use will help to present the space in a favorable light.

What lamps are used?

Speaking about the types of lighting devices, it can be noted that almost every lamp can be used in the track. Previously, halogen or fluorescent lamps were selected for it, but in the modern world of technology, LED devices and other products that consume a minimum of electricity are in high esteem.

Based on this, we can conclude that Track lighting can be classified according to the method of installation, scope and functionality:

  • By way of installation, they can be wall, ceiling and suspended.
  • Exposure, technical, rotary and searchlight lamps distinguish by their scope and functionality. The most modern are spotlights and exposure lights, which are designed to focus on specific areas.

Thanks to a huge selection of luminaires suitable for tracking lighting systems, you can experiment with light. Tire devices can be used anywhere, be it a street or a closed space.They can be the main or additional source of light - it all depends on the design ideas or the wishes of the buyer.

How to choose?

Choosing this method of lighting, you need to focus on several main aspects:

  1. The device must be equipped with energy-saving lamps to save the amount of energy consumed.
  2. It is necessary to consider the supply voltage, which indicates the ability of the system to operate with different voltage fluctuations.
  3. Manufacturing materials must be of high quality so that the track does not fail within a short period of time.
  4. The cost of a quality device exceeds the cost of cheap analogues.
  5. The design and form of tire systems must fully comply with the stylistic direction and size of the room.
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Interesting interior ideas

It's no secret to anyone that properly designed lighting completely changes the atmosphere inside the house. With the help of lamps it is possible to divide a room into functional zones, for example, it is important in the bedroom-living room or kitchen-dining room.

In different styles, certain track lighting systems are used. Organically look in the style of hi-tech or minimalist spotlights concise forms. They do not necessarily hang on the ceiling and used as an additional source of light. They can be used daily if they are installed in the right place and position.

Tire systems are well emphasized classical kitchen or living room, especially if their space is not very large. By installing the device in the corridor or bathroom, it is possible to connect it to a special control panel to adjust the level of illumination.

In the "Khrushchev" or in the studio apartment will look perfect string lights. They are lightweight and have the ability to adjust their height. Due to its pliability, miniature and ease of installation, the lighting systems on the cables can be installed in the room with both low and high ceilings.

Review of one of the models of the track lighting system, see below.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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