How to decorate trees with street lights?

The trend of fashion on the use of various facade decorations has long spread to street garlands. Intricate ornaments and simply beautiful light compositions make houses and yards truly festive. Despite the visual complexity of such an event as decorating trees with street garlands, the process itself is quite simple.

The main characteristics of street lights

A feature of street garlands is the adaptation of the technical characteristics for use in all weather conditions. The versatility of LED structures allows them to decorate not only the facades of buildings, but also plants.


  • a frost-resistant garland can work smoothly even at low temperatures, which automatically prolongs the life of the device;
  • waterproof garlands can operate in a safe mode in case of rain or thaw, without causing a circuit to close;
  • allows to save energy consumption;
  • provides a bright luminescence of design LEDs;
  • in the manufacture of manufacturers using high quality materials, which increases the durability of the structure, regardless of weather conditions.

The only inconvenient nuance of LED street lights can be a way to connect light bulbs in a circuit. If the circuit is consistent, then at the failure of at least one LED the garland will stop working. Preference should be given to structures with parallel-connected light bulbs.

For dot decoration of surfaces, compact garlands with miniature LED elements are available.

Manufacturers also produce a wide range of LED devices with remote control and various modes.


LED strings occupy a leading position among the variety of jewelry. Used for Christmas tree decorations, decorating facades, trees and shrubs.The simplicity of the design allows you to create ornate patterns and even thematic figures from the garlands. They are also suitable for framing signs and banners.

The length of the thread is from 12 to 20 meters. Throughout the wire LED bulbs are located at the same distance from each other. Modern models of garland-threads are equipped with a backlight mode controller.

Backlight in the form of a fringe looks like icicles or even twigs. Usually used in the composition of the LED thread. Great for decorating facades of buildings and tree branches.

"Grid" good as an accent on the facade of the object, and also emphasizes the volume of the trees. Such a garland gives the overall picture of mystery and elegance.

"Clip-light" is a type of jewelry designed for tall trees and bushes. Their length varies from 5 to 10 meters.

"Spider" is one of the newest types of street garlands for trees. The design itself is presented in the form of a composition of several garlands connected to one power supply unit. The number of "legs" in such a "spider" is from 3 to 5 pieces, the length of each of which can reach 20 meters.The device has only three light modes.

The most popular are pink, yellow and blue shades of LEDs.

How to choose?

Initially, it is necessary to determine the type of lamp and its place of operation. Further, when choosing a garland, several main factors should be taken into account, on which the quality of work of the structure depends. Buying a street garland is more demanding than choosing a home decoration, as the conditions of use will be more extreme.

  • First of all, it is worth examining the quality of the lamp itself, the condition of the wires and the power supply. That is why it is desirable to purchase the product only from trusted sellers in specialized stores.
  • High-quality garlands are equipped with an automatic shutdown mode in the event of an electrical network overload. This feature helps to increase the service life of the product.
  • When choosing, you should carefully read the information on the box, check the manufacturer’s warranty obligations, power and voltage required for the operation of the garland.
  • In official stores, the seller is required upon request to provide documents confirming the fire safety of street decorations.
  • Be sure to inspect the purchase in expanded form to check the quality of connections, LEDs and other elements. Wires must be strong. The preferred location of the first light bulb in the circuit from the power supply must be at least one and a half meters.
  • The color scheme of the wiring is better to choose neutral colors: black, green or brown. Such shades will not divert attention from the main structure. Winding material is preferably taken from rubber or rubber.
  • Low-voltage street lights allows the device to operate day and night. Therefore, the decoration must have high moisture resistance. This characteristic corresponds to a special marking on the packaging of the goods.
  • The presence of an adapter for connecting to low voltage networks is also welcome.
  • The mark on frost resistance of the jewelry gives a guarantee of quality work at low temperatures.
  • Depending on the convenience of connecting to the home electrical network, you need to choose how to supply energy to the structure. The most common models are those that connect directly to the network.However, if it is impossible to use this type of connection, it is better to give preference to decorations with a power unit. In this case, it is necessary to take into account the power of the batteries and the power consumption of the device itself.

Tree decoration

First you need to decide which parts of the tree will be involved in the decoration and what plan will be the decoration itself. In general, the most optimal is the distance between the turns of the garland about 8 centimeters. This is when taking into account the distance of the location of the LEDs in the circuit at a distance of 15 centimeters from each other. We choose the necessary length of the decoration on the basis of the calculation: the height of the tree divided by the distance between the turns of the garland, multiplied by the girth of the plant.

When using professional decorations on the street, which involve economical versions of LEDs, it is possible to install up to 43 threads of a garland with a total power of up to 210 watts at a time. When making branches enough to emphasize the thickest of them, with a length of up to one and a half meters. So the decor will look most harmonious and neat.

You can decorate a tree for the New Year by yourself in a few simple steps:

  • we start winding the garland on the trunk from the base of the plant so that the end with the plug is at the bottom;
  • at the required distance we wrap the decoration around the trunk, plugging the thread plug into the next socket;
  • it is necessary to wind the product tightly, if necessary, use special clamps;
  • when decorating branches, it is still worth adhering to the distance closer to the trunk of the tree so that the garland will not be torn off by the wind.

Recommendations for the use of products

In general, the garlands can be decorated and trees, and any part of the yard. The end result depends on the type of decoration, the length and color of the LEDs. So, to illuminate the porch the most relevant option would be a fringe. For low plants the garland "grid" is optimum. Trees and railings look great with a pattern of threads.

However, you can not use for the decoration of the street homemade Christmas garlands, as you should think about the safety of people and animals. The absence of special protection of such a product will not allow it to withstand the effects of natural phenomena.

When using several garlands on one surface, it is preferable to combine them into a single chain.Otherwise, you will have to pull through several cables, which will cause inconvenience and take up a lot of space.

If you decorate with the threads not only the surrounding trees, but also the facade of the building, you can create a thematic exhibition from one or several shades of diodes. The combination of multi-colored light bulbs will also give brightness to the yard and create a festive atmosphere.

Installing outdoor garlands on the trees is best, using a stepladder and enlisting the help of another person. In any case, do not forget about safety when working at height and with electrical appliances. In the absence of time or opportunity to hold an event, you can invite a specialist. Also, specialized companies will help not only to hang out decorations, but also pre-develop a personal design of the yard and plants decor.

How to decorate a tree with a garland, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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