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Lighting in the house is very important. If for some reason it is turned off, the world around it stops. People got used to the standard lighting elements. When choosing them, the only thing that fantasy can swing into is power. But progress does not stand still. A new look at the lighting was opened by "smart" lamps, which will be discussed.

Why smart?

Such lamps are designed for the “Smart Home” system. It is an intelligent complex consisting of automatically adjustable devices. They are involved in the livelihood and security of housing.

This lamp consists of LEDs and has the following characteristics:

  1. Power: mainly ranges from 6-10 watts.
  2. Color temperature: this parameter determines the color and quality of the light flux. Previously, people had no idea about this, since incandescent lamps emitted only yellow light. In LED lamps, this indicator fluctuates.It all depends on their semiconductor: 2700-3200 K - “warm” lighting, 3500-6000 K - natural, from 6000 K - “cold”.

In smart lamps, there is a wide range of this parameter - for example, 2700-6500K. Using the adjustment, you can select any type of lighting.

  1. Base type - E27 or E14.
  2. Work resource: there are products that can serve you for 15 or even 20 years.

Now let's talk about the direct responsibilities of this lamp:

  • Allows you to automatically turn on and off the light when driving.
  • Dimming control.
  • Ability to use as an alarm clock.
  • Creating light scenes. In the work include several devices. The modes that are used most often are remembered.
  • Voice control
  • For those who leave their homes for a long time, a function that imitates the presence of the owners will do. The light will periodically turn on, turn off - thanks to the installed program.
  • Auto light on when it gets dark outside. And vice versa - its shutdown when it begins to light.
  • Energy saving effect: allows you to save up to 40% of electricity.

It’s just amazing what a simple light bulb can do.

How to manage?

This is a special topic.There are several options for this, among which are remote, manual and automatic control:

  1. A distinctive feature of the "smart" lamp is the ability to control it. via phone or tablet. To do this, you must have Wi-Fi, as well as download the appropriate application to your carrier. Some models are regulated by using Bluetooth. You can also control your lamp from anywhere in the world. To do this, you need a certain program, and you also need a password.
  2. Touch lamp switched on with the usual touch to it. It is very convenient for children's rooms, as its use for children of different ages is much easier. The product with a touch control is convenient for use in the dark, when it is difficult to find a switch.
  3. Auto power on. It is provided by special sensors. They are advisable to use in those areas where the light is not always needed - for example, on the stairs. This adjustment is also convenient for children, if the baby does not reach the switch yet.
  4. Remote control. This is the adjustment of the "smart" lamp from the remote. There are also control panels, but they are adapted for home,in which there is a whole intellectual lighting system. It is very convenient from one room to adjust the lighting throughout the house.
  5. Do not forget about manual control using a conventional wall switch. If it is a table lamp, then the switch is directly on it. At the same time, various modes of the lighting device are selected by changing the number of clicks or by scrolling the switch in one direction or another.

It should be noted, and the use of devices such as dimmers for dimming and various relays, which also allow you to control the operation of lamps remotely.

The way to control your lighting "good girl" choose, depending on its type: night light, desk lamp or chandelier. Well, to the whole lighting systems require a more complex approach.


More detail on the description of the most interesting models.

Eye Care 2

Main characteristics:

  • power - 10 W;
  • color temperature - 4000 K;
  • illumination - 1200 L;
  • voltage - 100-200 V.

This is a joint project of such famous companies like Xiaomi and Philips. Represents a LED desk lamp from the category Smart.It consists of a plate of white color, mounted on a stand.

It has two lamps. The main consists of 40 LEDs and is located in the working part. Additional incorporates 10 LED bulbs, is located just below the main lamp and plays the role of a night lamp.

The main material of this product is aluminum, the stand is made of plastic, and the bending part is covered with silicone with a Soft Touch coating. Due to this, the lamp can bend and turn to the sides at different angles.

The main thing that makes this lamp really "smart" is the ability to control it using the phone.

To begin, download the desired application, then turn on the lamp. To connect to the network, you must enter the password and install the plugin.

Thanks to the application, you can use these lamp features:

  • adjust its brightness by simply swiping your finger across the screen;
  • select the mode, sparing the eyes;
  • the “Pomodoro” function will allow you to set a mode that periodically allows the lamp to rest (by default it is 40 minutes of work and 10 minutes of rest, but you can also choose your own parameters);
  • The lamp can be included in the “Smart Home” system if you have other similar devices.

Such a "smart" can be controlled manually - using the touch buttons, which are located on the stand.

By selecting one of the modes, the device is highlighted. There are buttons on the lamp, backlight, dimming with 4 modes.

The Eye Care 2 lamp is a truly smart solution. It has sufficient brightness, its radiation is soft and safe. It can work in several modes and become part of a “smart” home.


This is a product of the Swedish brand Ikea. Translated the word "Tradfri" means "wireless." It is a set of 2 lamps, a control panel and an Internet gateway.

LED lamps, controlled by remote control or via a phone such as Android or Apple. You can remotely adjust their brightness and color temperature, which varies between 2200-4000 K.

This system will be enhanced by the ability to install certain scenarios on the lamps, as well as adjust them with the help of voice. To do this, you will need to install the application and purchase an additional Wi-Fi module.

Currently, the Ikea range is not available to all countries, but subsequently the number of devices will increase.

Philips Hue Connected Bulb

The manufacturer of these "smart" lamps (as the name implies) is Philips. This is a set of 3 lamps with a hub.

The lamps have an illumination of 600 L, the power is 8.5 W, the working life is 15000 hours.

A hub is a network consolidation device. This type is able to regulate up to 50 lamps. It has an Ethernet port and a power connector.

To adjust the lighting through the phone, you must:

  • download the application;
  • install light bulbs;
  • connect the hub through the port to the router.

Application features:

  • allows you to change the tone of lighting;
  • select brightness;
  • the ability to turn on the light at a certain time (this is convenient when you are away from home for a long time - the effect of your presence is created);
  • project your photos on the wall;
  • by creating a profile on the Hue website, you can use what other users have created;
  • in conjunction with the IFTTT service, it is possible to change the lighting when events change;
  • a step forward is the ability to control the lighting with your voice.

Such a “smart” lamp is a good choice for your home. It differs in ease of installation and adjustment, has a wide color palette. The only drawback is that not everyone can afford it.

This is not the whole list of this "smart" products, as well as its manufacturers. This product is designed for a wide group of consumers. If you are looking for a budget option - you will fit Chinese-made lamps. Of course, they are not full of a variety of properties, but still carry a standard set of functions at an affordable price.

For those who have more opportunities, we offer products of well-known brands - with a ton of additional opportunities.

If you are tired of faded uninteresting evenings, study attentively the whole offered range of “smart” lamps and choose for yourself the optimal solution. Of course, you need to approach the choice as seriously as possible. It is not necessary to acquire the first available device, it is recommended to consider several options.

An overview of the BlitzWolf BW-LT1 can be viewed in the video below.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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