Features of lighting in a wooden house

The lighting of a wooden house has its own characteristics. Ensuring it in such a way that every family member is comfortable and comfortable is not an easy task. If you distribute the lighting devices incorrectly, you can get a joyless atmosphere in the house instead of comfort. Consider the basic rules of light arrangement.

Special features

When choosing lighting, you must consider the characteristics of the room.


When designing lighting it should be noted that the tree absorbs light, therefore, in addition to the general diffusing, the use of additional (point) light sources is required. For example, in the kitchen - in the work area, above the dining table; in the living room - in the reading area. Placing the chandeliers in the center of the ceiling, preference is given to those that have diffusers made of frosted glass or where the stream of light is directed upwards.

The optimal solution is rotary light sources mounted on the ceiling or mounted on a conductive bus.

Lighting of different functional areas has its own characteristics.

In the living room you need to organize lighting to perform various functions: from spending time with family members to receiving guests and holding lush holidays. Often the living room is combined with the dining and working area. Therefore, it is necessary to provide both bright, festive lighting, and calm, soft, comfortable. You can not be limited only to the chandelier or spotlights in the ceiling.

With low ceilings you need to think about the fact that the distance from the bottom edge of the chandelier to the floor should be at least 2.1 meters, except if it is located above the dining or coffee table. In this case, the distance may be about one and a half meters.

To highlight some area of ​​the living room using spot lights, which can be either outdoor or wall-mounted or desktop.

Organically look will pair the sconce. Good to install halogen spotlights to highlight the pictures. If you highlight the plinth, you can visually enlarge the room.

Lighting devices can serve as an excellent means of decorating living space. With the help of lighting, you can make your home unique. However, it is necessary to observe a sense of proportion in order not to overload a small room.

To illuminate the kitchen workplace, a sufficient, properly oriented light is necessary; its uniformity should be observed. Well, if it will be a natural spectrum. It must be ensured that there are no blinding surface highlights. It is recommended to place lighting devices on the ceiling, at a distance of 60-70 centimeters from the walls and slightly above the upper edge of the shelves. Linear and spotlights are often installed on the top edge of wall cabinets. If there are no eaves, it is possible to use devices on flexible brackets; lighting of shelves and drawers is recommended.

In the dining area is not recommended to use fluorescent lamps, as they distort the color of cooked food.

Hallway should be bright. In addition to the ceiling lighting, in order to see yourself well in the mirror, you need to install a pair of sconces at head level.

The staircase should be not only comfortable, beautiful, but also safe.With its equipment, spotlights can be installed or illuminated with vertical lamps with diffused light. When arranging the stairs, it is necessary to take into account that the lighting devices do not interfere with the free passage.

Children's rooms should have a bright light, but at the same time it is desirable to use frosted light bulbs so as not to annoy children. On the desk you need to place a desk lamp for classes.

When planning the bedroom you need to know that the main and additional lighting should be the same in power. The light should be diffused, creating an atmosphere of complete relaxation. It is necessary to provide conditions for reading.


Proper lighting attic will create beauty and comfort. If you have low ceilings, it is better to install wall spotlights, and if you place floor lamps, you can make the attic more visually wider. In country houses, beams are an integral part of the building, they can be made a beautiful design element. In the beam of such beams, you can mount lighting elements.

Often, in log houses, the ceiling is sloping because of the roof, then it is better to refuse general lighting, which will visually reduce the space.


The veranda lighting should be not only beautiful, but also functional.For outdoor verandas use street lamps, which are more durable and protected from moisture. They can be either flat ceiling or hanging, if the ceilings are high. To make the lighting more uniform, you can place them on a wall, railing, or pillars.


The organization of lighting in a wooden house requires the following rules:

  • In wooden houses it is important to provide fire safety. Fires are often caused by improper wiring. Work on the design and installation of lighting equipment should be specialists. In buildings of logs and lumber, it is recommended to install open electrical wiring, for which use cable channels or fixing wires on insulators made of porcelain.
  • When wiring, it is necessary to consider that log buildings are prone to shrinkage. Internal wiring must be carefully thought out and executed. It is performed using wires protected by non-combustible insulation. Be sure to ground the circuit to prevent breakdown or sparking.
  • Do not lay the cable on the tree, use corrugated pipes, boxes of plastic, metal hose.After all, when the flame spreads inside the wall, it is very difficult to extinguish it. For wiring, it is better to install the box and pipes made of steel and copper. Copper wires with solid conductors in the amount of up to five are used for wooden buildings.
  • The electrification of the building requires the installation of a good electrical panel. It is equipped with electrical machines and a protective shutdown device (RCD).
  • For lighting, do not use halogen lamps with a high heating temperature.
  • It is necessary when arranging the lighting of the house of wood to comply with the general stylistic orientation and harmony. Style experts advise the use of brass, forging, hand-painted.
  • It is necessary to design in advance all the details of the lighting of the building, take into account where the switches will be placed, the height of which is best calculated based on the average height of the tenants. Some switches can be equipped with dimmers to adjust the degree of illumination.
  • Try to use more natural daylight with the help of large windows, plus the installation of skylights will be a plus.

Having considered the peculiarities of the lighting of a wooden house, everyone will be able to design their home intelligently, functionally and in an original way.

Further look interesting ideas with use of LED illumination for the wooden house.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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