Lighting in the bedroom

 Lighting in the bedroom

Returning home, after a busy day at work, we dream of finding ourselves in the camphor and cozy atmosphere of a home environment. And the bedroom is the place where we forget about our problems and gain strength for new victories. A proper night rest depends on the correct and harmonious arrangement of this room. And perhaps one of the most important is the issue of arrangement of the lighting system in your bedroom.

What should be?

Even if you really like it when there is a lot of light in the room, remember that the bedroom is a resting place, so there should be soft, flowing and slightly diffused lighting. Do not use open light sources.For lighting in the bedrooms, it is recommended to choose all sorts of floor lamps with lampshades, wall sconces and lamps, covered with caps. In the bedroom you can safely experiment with the light, to realize their most bizarre fantasies. For example, hide the light sources in the most unexpected places, thereby changing the perception of space and creating a mysterious and mysterious environment.

To achieve the desired result, you must carefully consider the lighting scheme, taking into account such important factors as the size of the room, the height of the ceilings, the number of furniture and accessories, the presence of mirrors and other reflective elements. It is necessary to take into account in advance not only the basic lighting, but also the presence of decorative light sources, if they are brought into the interior of the bedroom. Modern technologies and a wide choice of lighting devices will help you to realize any fantasies, if you correctly use the basic rules and useful tips.



It is very important on which side of the world your bedroom windows will go. If you are a happy owner of a large house or apartment, we recommend that you carefully consider the choice of space for a bedroom.

Remember that most of the sunlight falls into the rooms, whose windows face the south side and, accordingly, the rooms that are located in the north will be the most unlighted.

However, it is the northern location of the room that will provide you with the most gentle and diffused natural lighting. Rooms with windows facing west or east will have the most uncomfortable contrast lighting, and too early morning or late evening sun is not a good option for lighting your bedroom. The most ideal option for bedroom apartments will be even and diffused natural light at the very time of the day when you are accustomed to rest, and the presence of bright sunlight in the bedroom, while you are awake, will help to improve the atmosphere in the room.

Also, do not forget that the intensity of natural lighting affects not only the direct location of the windows, but also their size and location relative to the ground: the higher the windows, the more sunlight will penetrate into your room.

Artificial lighting

You also need to decide on the type of artificial lighting in the bedroom: it’s better if the light is warm and you can adjust its brightness. This problem can be solved by installing a switch with a dimmer - the function of adjusting the main light source. This will help you not only to light the separate parts of the bedroom, but also to save electricity consumption. To make the lighting system optimally comfortable, it is desirable to use three main types of light sources. These include:

  • Main or ceiling lighting. It can be either hanging chandeliers with a dimming lampshade, or spot lighting built into the ceiling.
  • Local lighting or directional light for the work area. It includes wall lighting - it is lamps, suspensions, all kinds of sconces, as well as table lamps and floor lamps.
  • Lighting, performing a decorative function. It can be LED strip around the perimeter of the room, including floor, wall and ceiling placement.

For complete perfection of the lighting system, it is recommended to use all these three types of lighting.The right decision would be to make the local lighting colder compared to the main one, and at the same time, too bright light should be dimmed using matte lampshades or shades. Remember that with well-chosen light accents you will make your rest truly comfortable and full.

For extra comfort, you can install touch-sensitive switches in the bedroom, they are very convenient to use with the remote control. A modern technology, designed to allow you to control multiple touch switches at the same time.


Selecting the main color for the bedroom lighting, you must adhere to the main rule - the light emanating from the lighting should be muted, slightly diffused and soft. The best solution is considered to be a classic warm matte-white light, which calms the nervous system and does not strain your eyes. Well, for those who wish to experiment with the design, today there are many different ways and technologies that allow using a colored light to create a certain atmosphere in the room and the corresponding mood.

The easiest way to set the chromaticity of the light in the room is to use multi-colored light bulbs, also for this purpose you can buy diffusers or bright lampshades and bottles. Next, consider a few basic light-color variations for the bedroom:

  • Cold blue glow It promotes active brain activity, so it is better to use it for those who are going to work or read a little before going to bed.
  • Greenish light most comfortable for the eyes, since it is the color of nature, it helps the best relaxation and proper rest. Darker and muffled green light soothes the nervous system and promotes mental balance.
  • Bright red glow it increases heartbeat and can increase blood pressure, so using it for a bedroom is not a good idea. The exceptions are newlyweds and couples who dream of a child, because the presence of red light increases the sexuality of partners.
  • Rays bright yellow lighta is also not a very good solution for a rest room, since this color can cause undue anxiety and irritability of the nervous system.
  • One of the most popular and comfortable lighting solutions by modern designers rightly consider the purple light in the bedroom. This color is perfect for meditation and complete relaxation of the human body.

Playing with different colors, remember that color lighting significantly affects the color of objects located in the room, sometimes changing them beyond recognition.

Lighting planning

Carefully consider the location of the light sources in the bedroom should be at the planning stage of the overall design of the room. The lighting scheme of the premises must be verified and finally approved, since after the design work, it will be almost impossible to change something without spoiling the appearance of the room. Therefore, it is necessary to determine in advance such key points as:

  • marking the position of the chandelier and all other fixtures;
  • the exact number and location of additional lighting devices;
  • the presence of local lighting, if the division into zones of the common space of the room is assumed;
  • additional lighting interior and design.

For tips on installing lighting, see the video below.

When planning the lighting of the bedroom, the main thing you should pay attention to is the footage and the shape of the room. In order for the light in the room to be uniform and unobtrusive, the dimensions of the lamps and their number should correspond to the size of your bedroom. So, too bulky chandelier on the ceiling will make a small room even more cramped and uncomfortable, and, on the contrary, too tiny lamps in the spacious bedroom will look like foreign objects.

For a large room, you can safely pick up massive floor lamps and wall sconces with the most fantastic decor. But in a small bedroom, of course, it is better to use lamps of modest size of classic and strict forms.

How to arrange the lamps?

If your apartment is supposed to accommodate several separate beds, respectively, they must each be equipped with their own individual lighting fixture. For those who like to read an hour or two for a future dream, the best solution would be to place a special lamp on the wall or on the bedside table, creating a concentrated stream of light so as not to interfere with your partner's rest.

If there are large wardrobes in the bedroom, it is also important to think about their lighting. One of the popular options in modern design is the interior lighting of the cabinet using an LED lamp. If you are a supporter of the classical style, then this problem can be solved with the help of ceiling lights or a traditional floor lamp placed near the cabinet.

To create a romantic mood in the bedroom, you can install hidden sources of light in it. The main rule - all the lights in the bedroom should be designed in the same style. Remember, too, that each light must have its own separate outlet.

How to light stretch ceilings?

Stretch ceilings with built-in lighting in them are becoming increasingly popular with consumers, as this design allows you to disguise the wiring. If your bedroom also has a suspended ceiling, you can use any modern technology and a variety of scenarios for lighting a rest room. The main thing you should not forget, you can not attach anything to the stretch ceiling,therefore, before installation it is necessary to select lighting equipment. There are several basic recommendations when installing lighting under suspended ceilings:

  • Carefully plan the placement of all major lighting points where the light sources will be installed.
  • For fire protection when laying electrical wiring, you must use special plastic pipes.
  • To protect the ceiling from heat exposure, it is necessary to use thermal pads.
  • It is undesirable to use incandescent bulbs whose power exceeds 40 watts.

See the video below for details.

How to choose?

If you live in a small apartment, then you may be hampered by the problem of choosing the lighting for a small bedroom. Lighting a small room requires special attention, and the correct placement of light sources will help to visually "push the walls" of even the tiniest bedroom.. If you choose a chandelier to light a small room, buy a model with shades facing the ceiling, then the reflected light will softly create the illusion of additional space.

To achieve the maximum effect, it is desirable to install a glossy stretch ceiling in the room - this solution will be particularly advantageous to look in rooms with low ceilings.

Another difficult task - the organization of lighting for a sloping ceiling. In modern homes, this design option is used quite often. Typically, these bedrooms are located in the attic, and their main problem is insufficient lighting of the room. An interesting solution would be to install additional windows directly in the ceiling, this will allow the room to be filled with natural daylight, and the romantics, going to bed, will be able to contemplate the starry sky in fair weather. If such a lighting option is unacceptable, then it is necessary to find the best way to accommodate a sufficient number of lamps in a very limited space.

The simplest option would be to install built-in light sources using a stretch ceiling or plasterboard, behind which you can also easily hide electrical wiring and all other technical communications.

Interior solutions

The bedrooms are decorated in a contemporary style.more and more often non-standard design solutions that give the interior a special atmosphere and create a unique original style. If you are a fan of fashionable style, planning the lighting in the bedroom, you can opt out of the traditional chandelier, replacing it with several lamps placed throughout the room. Bedside lamps can be replaced with stylish lamps-suspensions, arranging them at a comfortable level for you. Also in the design of the bedroom, you can use the light decoration of the head of the bed - this technique will create a charming and mysterious atmosphere in the room.

If you are a supporter of the design of the bedroom in a classic style, then you should follow the basic rules of lighting the room. They prescribe at least a three-level placement of light sources:

  • The first tier. A large, often crystal chandelier is located in the center of the ceiling. Its main function - when fully turned on, it should illuminate the entire room, leaving no dark areas.
  • Second or middle light tier. It includes floor lamps with muffled lampshades and wall sconces with frosted vials illuminating the dressing table.
  • Finally, in the lower, third tier there are reading lamps and a variety of bedside lamps.

As a rule, in the classics, special attention is paid to the bedside zone. Ideally, these are twin lamps - wall sconces or twin lamps on the bedside tables. Using moderately bright light in the lamps, you can easily create a comfortable and relaxing environment in the room.

Beautiful room design options

As you probably already guessed, the choice of light design rest rooms should be treated very responsibly. The general atmosphere of the whole room and, accordingly, your mood will depend on your choice. For example, a lot of lamps placed on different levels and in the most unexpected places will look very stylish and original. Applying this version of light design, you can easily select exactly those items in the interior that are designed to attract attention and, on the contrary, visually mask the areas intended for intimacy.

For high-bay lighting is well suited spot lights in the room, along with a classic chandelier and wall lamps.So, with the help of directional light, you can create several functional zones separated from each other, able to unite into a single space and again disconnect with a simple flick of a switch. Such a solution would be ideal in the design of a living room-bedroom.

In addition to the main function, with the help of well-placed light sources, you can emphasize the originality of the design of your room. If in your bedroom there are objects of fine art that have a special artistic value, such as paintings or sculptures, then organizing the right lighting, you will create a zone of increased attention for them. Remember that it is possible to emphasize with the directed light absolutely any detail of your interior - it can be exclusive furniture and antiques or just an exposition of your favorite family photos. Proper lighting will help you focus on any detail to which you would like to draw special attention.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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