Wooden 3D-panels: technical characteristics and design

On the modern construction market there is a huge selection of building materials that will make the design of any apartment practical, beautiful and unique. For example, for the coating of walls today are increasingly used wooden 3D-panels, which are an improved version of the usual decorative solid wood panels. Below is an overview of this finishing material.

Special features

3D panels are strips of the same size with a printed three-dimensional pattern of a different nature. Elements of construction usually have the shape of a rectangle or square. After installation, the individual strips form a single beautiful canvas, and the junction of the parts remain almost invisible.To slightly reduce the cost of the panels, their base and front side are made of different materials. For example, for the base most often choose plywood or MDF, which is treated with special compounds to improve their characteristics.

For the outer side of the bulk panels usually choose natural wood: ash, oak, split wood and other environmentally friendly materials.

All parts of the slats are equipped with special fasteners, which guarantees a tight connection of parts between themselves. In addition, this technology fasteners greatly facilitates and speeds up the installation process. Modern volumetric panels are characterized by a long service life - sometimes for maximum durability the panels are covered with a layer of special wax, as well as environmental safety and a large variety of colors, textures and sizes. However, the cost of such a finishing material is quite high.

The interior decoration of the walls with such material looks great in any interior, giving it comfort, luxury and originality.

Technical characteristics of the modules:

  • width - 400 mm;
  • length - 200 mm;
  • thickness - 8-15 mm;
  • weight 1 square. m - 6 kg.

The parameters of the panels may vary depending on what material they are made of.

Types of 3D-panels of wood

The panels are divided into two groups depending on the type of fasteners and features of production.

They are:

  • Shield. On the slats of such panels, fasteners are fixed in advance on plywood base plates with a given distance along the edge, which will serve as a joining seam if the panels do not have fasteners with a certain interval.
  • Collected by combining individual fragments. Such strips are assembled already on a segment of the wall. All the details step by step form the assembly of elements and are fixed on the supporting structure. At the same time, wood texture is created during installation. According to the external characteristics of this option is no different from the first.
  • Mosaic on the base of the mesh. Such panels are created from a variety of small wooden pieces, which eventually merge into a beautiful composition, similar to a ceramic mosaic. This type of decoration can be used not only in living rooms and bedrooms, but also in the bathroom, bath and even sauna.
  • Made of flat wood or butt. For the manufacture of the relief of the first version of the panels used prepared timber or "round timber", which is cut perpendicular to the tree trunk. The result is a panel with protruding elements that look like a composition of pixels. The second option involves a decorative panel, created from long sections of a tree trunk. Boards are divided into small fragments, then obzolanie obzola and fit. This type of panels is ideal for wide walls that look even more due to the features of its structure.

Advantages and disadvantages

Volumetric panels have many advantages:

  • Aesthetics. The decoration of the walls or ceilings of wooden panels with ZD panels instantly transforms any space: it immediately becomes more beautiful and interesting. This decoration effectively emphasizes the good taste of the owner of the apartment. Modern technologies allow you to choose any pattern, shade and finish material. You can add panels with elements of leather, textiles, glass or imitate honeycombs. You can also order such panels with backlight.
  • Environmental friendliness. In the conditions of modernity it is especially important to pay attention to the environment and take care of it. Since wooden panels are made of natural material, they are absolutely safe for human health and all living things. Natural wood does not provoke an exacerbation of allergic reactions, which means that such panels can be mounted even in the bedroom and children's room.
  • Durability. If you install the panels correctly with the help of a wizard or even with your own hands, they will last for a long time. After all, everyone knows that wood is one of the most durable materials, so these three-dimensional panels will delight the homeowner for more than a dozen years.
  • Practicality. You do not have to spend a lot of time on the care of the finish - sometimes it is enough to wipe the volume panels to remove dust from them. Manufacturers also recommend occasionally rubbing the structure with a special wax to give the slats a shine and increase their resistance to external influences.
  • Moisture resistance. Unlike flat panels, volumetric options are much better able to withstand the effects of moisture - they do not deteriorate or deform from water.This is due to the fact that in the production of parts of the design covered with a special laminating film, and also treated with water-repellent impregnation.

Such panels can perfectly hide wires, pipes or ventilation system. To do this, it is necessary to prepare a frame construction, inside of which there will be wiring, and from above close it with decorative panels.

Despite the large number of advantages, such panels have several drawbacks. For example, before choosing such a material for finishing your house, you should pay attention to the fact that it is highly susceptible to atmospheric fluctuations: any changes in temperature or humidity can affect the external data of the whole structure. In addition to this factor, there is another drawback: their relatively high cost. However, to a greater extent, this concerns panels that are completely made of solid natural wood.

But for those who want to save, there is a great alternative. It is necessary to choose hybrid designs that are made of natural wood and, for example, from MDF. You can also opt for panels that are completely made from cheaper raw materials: bamboo, plywood, MDF or chipboard.Analogues of wooden ZD-panels, which are made of extruded bamboo, are very popular. Outwardly, they practically do not differ from a real tree, but they are much cheaper at the same time.

It should also be remembered that if it is necessary to install frame structures, the amount of free space in the room will be reduced. But if glue is used to fix the panels, the useful area will not disappear.

Tips for choosing

When choosing a wooden 3D-slats, you should focus on several parameters:

  • The overall style of the interior. It is important that the materials match the color and successfully complement the design of the room, and not contradict it.
  • The quality of the material. You should not save on the slats - because if their price is quite high, then in relation to their service life, it becomes not a waste of money, but a profitable investment.
  • Purpose of the room. For ordinary residential or office spaces suitable panels of any material. However, if it is required to decorate a room with high humidity with decorative strips, then it is necessary to select for this the appropriate type of material that would correspond to the operating conditions.

Finishing options

Decorative panels with the effect of ZD - a real find for designers. If you set the design correctly, you can create a unique effect.

Below are a few photos with different types of finishes.

      Vertical lines visually increase the height of the walls.

      A saw cut logs gives freshness and originality to the room.

      Unusual shapes perfectly diversify the classic interior. Such slats will become an unforgettable "highlight" in the design of the room.

      A few more creative ideas for decorating walls with the help of three-dimensional slats.

      Beautiful design ideas

      Below are specific examples of different interior design using wooden 3D-panels of various types:

      In this embodiment, the wall becomes a real "highlight" of the room. And this is despite the color of the material, because it is very modest. Classic furniture in combination with the original wall covering gives an amazing result.

      In this case, the design becomes the personification of the perfect taste of the owner of the room. Reserved, elegant and at the same time incredibly stylish design option.

      Such decoration of the walls will undoubtedly attract many views.The walls are decorated with wooden planks, which are of different sizes. This creates a very unusual visual effect: the size and shape of the walls literally blurred.

      This is another version of the elegant and beautiful decoration of the room. The noble color of natural wood in combination with an unusual volume texture makes the living room in a classic style a room with elements of real art.

      An example of a successful and spectacular design of the wall slats. Color bars can be very different.

        About what are the technical characteristics of wooden 3D-panels, see the following video.

        Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

        Entrance hall

        Living room