Recommendations for the manufacture of wooden children's slides

 Recommendations for the manufacture of wooden children's slides

Walking in the fresh air is always a guarantee of a child’s health. If almost every yard in the city is equipped with modern children's equipment in the form of swings, merry-go-rounds, sports complexes and children's slides, then in private territories and summer houses the question is acute. Firstly, there is not so much space in a private territory as in a public courtyard area. Secondly, the cost of playgrounds is not cheap, so parents of younger tops are better to think about building a slide for themselves.

Special features

Build a hill alone is not difficult. This can be done even by one person without help.Of course, if you are up to it for the first time - help will not hurt you. The main feature of the street slide is that it should be all-season, that is, it was durable, stable, reliable and comfortable. There are several rules, observing which you will be sure - you have the best slide for children.

  • Leave the safety zone around the roller coaster within 1-2 meters, so the children who are playing out will not stumble over obstacles and will not be injured.
  • Position the hill near the tree so that it does not fall into the safety zone, but in the summer its crown gave a shadow on the hill. Such measures will not allow the slope to heat up if it is made of plywood or steel.
  • Pay attention to the descent zone: firstly, install a parallel “braking” platform, secondly, ensure safety on it (fill in sand or lay a rubber covering tile, it will provide cushioning of the child upon landing).
  • It is better if the length of the slope will be more than 2 times the height of the structure.

You can build a fully wooden slide or a wooden frame with a plastic all-season slope (there are a lot of different models on the market now).The main thing is that the street slide was popular with the children and trusted by the parents. Wooden children's slides can be used year-round. In cold weather, you can fill it with water, and your children will be happy for such winter fun. In the summer it is necessary to take care that the slide slides. The slide with a wooden ramp has both pluses and minuses.



Eco-friendly material

Poor sanding causes splintering and scratching.

The slope does not heat up in the heat

Sliding on even treated wood will be minimal.

Easily turns into a winter ice hill.

Self-assembly, in contrast to the finished plastic stingray

Preparation for work

Choosing material for a future slide, be guided by safety and environmental friendliness of materials. Despite the fact that modern plastic does not emit toxins, wood is still the most reliable, natural and affordable material. Making a hill made of wood, do not forget that the tree tends to rot and deform, so stock up with coatings and impregnations.

To make a hill with your own hands, you first need to draw or find ready-made drawings.Pay attention to the age of the child for which the slide will be intended. Determine the size, installation site of the future slide, calculate how much material you need. Calculate your strengths and abilities, because having promised a slide to a child, you will not be able to abandon this undertaking.


The pictures show the simplest drawings of the slides that any dad can bring to life. Ready-made drawings are more convenient because they indicate the ready-made calculations of the proportions of each element of the slide. Take care of the steps - for babies they should be gentle, for older children they can be vertical. The form itself can be straight - when the ladder is parallel to the slope, or angular - when the ladder is from the side of the launch pad.

Installation location

The selected area must be fenced, leveled, put the pegs on the site of future supports. Pay attention that there are no prickly bushes nearby, there were no wires or equipment for watering. Remove stones and possible debris around the slide. After installation, continue to monitor the cleanliness of the site.

Material calculation

For an example of calculating materials for an outdoor wooden slide, let's take a drawing with dimensions: a slope - 3000 mm, the launching pad - 500x500 millimeters.Based on the rules of the best slide, we determine that the launch pad height is 3000/2 = 1500 millimeter.

For what


Quantity, pieces


Bar 150 * 150 * 1500 mm


Stiffeners on top

Bar 20 * 40 * 500 mm


Stiffeners bottom

Bar 20 * 100 * 500



Bar 40 * 40 * 500 mm


Railing (if necessary)

Bar 20 * 20 * 1500 mm


Railing Supports

Bar 20 * 20 * 900 mm



Board 25 * 100 * 500 mm



Board 25 * 100 * 300 mm



Flooring board 20 * 500 * 3000 mm / moisture resistant plywood 20 * 500 * 3000 mm


Ramp fencing

Bar 25 * 100 * 3 000



Screws, anchors, bolts, screws

Of necessity

Material for stairs (for bowstring / kosour)

Board or timber


From the tools come in handy:

  • roulette;
  • hammer;
  • spirit level;
  • drill;
  • electric plane;
  • saw.

Check that all mounts of the future slide are galvanized. It is better not to use nails.


The slope in the roller coaster device is given the most place. Regulates this GOST R 52168-2003. The figure shows excerpts from GOST - slides classification. Drawing slides with a slope of 40 degrees (see photo).

Material handling

The wood should be well dried, planed with a plane (it is more efficient to take electric), round off all corners, and grind the surface. Bottom of the bar under the supports, about 50 cm from the edge to process resin, machine oil, mastic or any other antiseptic to prevent rotting.

How to do it yourself?

Installation of a slide for the street with their own hands step by step will look like this.

  • On the site of the established peg to dig holes with a width slightly greater than the support bar and a depth of about 40-50 cm each. Fill with sand or gravel for added traction and protection.
  • Install support columns and pour concrete over them. When installing on an anchor - screw the anchor bolt to the support, tightly drive it into the ground. Check that the anchors are L-shaped, it is safer to drive in. Then tamp the supports round the ground.
  • Install the lower stiffeners. To do this, screws or screws need to connect the support and edge.
  • Install the upper stiffeners parallel to each other and secure the floor to them. To prevent water from accumulating, leave gaps a few millimeters between the floorboards.
  • Starting to install the ramp, choose one of the installation options: form the required angle (usually 45) and attach the ramp to the base or cut out the grooves (see photo).
  • After installing the ramp, immediately treat it, and also decide what to cover it for sliding. If this is a slide for winter - it’s enough to fill it with water, if the slide is used in summer, you can put linoleum on it, pour wax on it, or choose in advance not wooden materials for a ramp, but plywood or galvanized steel.
  • To build a ladder, select the type of construction: bowstring or kosour. The bowstring is a construction with grooves where the steps are put. Bows at the stairs two - on both sides of the steps. Kosour is a type of carrier beam on which steps are mounted. It is mounted either on the sides, as a string, or in the middle.
  • Put the ramp fence and railing. The height of the railing according to GOST is not less than 900 millimeters and is calculated as follows: the height of the rack + the height of the railing, therefore the support itself may be less than 900 millimeters and depend on the height of the child.

The main thing is that the railings can be used for their intended purpose, and the child can reach them and hold on to their own. In addition, you can make a transverse crossbar between the two front support struts. For her child can hold in order to sit on the slope.

Thanks to the simple step-by-step scheme, you can build a wooden slide with your own hands for your child. For older children, you can make not a simple straight ramp, but a wave or screw one. In this case, the drawings will be different, and the easiest way out of the situation is to purchase a finished plastic helical stingray.A slide with a plastic slope is assembled in the same way as with a wooden one, only on the condition that a slope of other material is attached to the launch pad.

There are also options for making such a slope of flexible plywood. In this case, take care of the great strength of the structure and stock up on additional spacers and stiffeners. Children will be where to hide from the rain, if you put the supporting pillars of greater height, and fix the roof on them.

The secrets of sliding: wooden ramp grease with at least three layers of oil, so the surface will remain smooth, and the moisture will roll. Grind the slope after each coating - so you get a mirror effect that will allow the slide to be truly slippery. Also take a closer look at liquid bath acrylic - a good alternative for gliding.

After installing the slide, check its strength. She should not stagger, bend or twist in any direction. All elements must be strictly perpendicular, vertically or horizontally to each other. It is recommended to cover the finished slide with protective materials. It can be a water-repellent varnish applied in several layers.

To the child like a slide - paint it with bright acrylic water-repellent paints. Take care of the staining in advance - even before the assembly, paint every detail, so the slide will be even in color, there will be no stained joints and paint drops on it. During long-term operation, the elements of the slides will wipe down and the paint will come off. To update the coating, it is necessary to re-sand each element and only then proceed to a new coloring.

Safety first! After installation, regularly inspect the slide for cracks, loosening, cracked elements. Most often this is true after the winter and during the period of heavy rains. If your imagination is not limited to just one slope, there are a lot of drawings of complexes for children on the net. Thanks to the step by step instructions, you can create a children's wooden slide for your child with your own hands!

In the next video you will find making a wooden children's slide with your own hands.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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