Children's street swing for giving: types, tips on choosing and making

For people who spend a lot of time in the country, it is often a question of how to entertain a young family member when their parents are busy with their business. The easiest way to diversify leisure and spend time on a country site with benefit is to install a street swing for a child. And if you choose a solid construction, then you can use the garden swing, not only for children but also for adults. In addition, modern manufacturers offer ready-made and durable models at very affordable prices. And if you have special skills and have the desire to build a playground in the country on your own, then it will not be difficult for you to assemble a street swing with your own hands.

What are we for?

Swing even the simplest construction will bring a lot of joy not only to children, but also to adults. And what is especially remarkable, they will not be empty in hot weather and even in frosty winter. In addition, the choice of finished designs is large enough, ranging from the usual swing for the street and ending with stationary educational platforms for teenagers.

But for starters, it is worthwhile to figure out what the benefits of the swing are and whether they can harm the health of the child.

  • Rocking movements have a calming effect on babies.
  • Swings help strengthen the muscles of the arms, legs and body and teach the child to control their own body.
  • Rhythmic movements up and down have a beneficial effect not only on the nervous system, but also on the development of the vestibular apparatus, which is a kind of training that helps prepare the young body for traveling in transport, as a result, the child is less swayed on the road.
  • Dexterity and coordination develops - the child learns to balance, maintain balance and feel the rhythm.
  • The positive emotions that appear after swinging on a swing are comparable to listening to relaxing music.
  • This is a great way to spend excess energy without harm to health. When swinging a swing, a large amount of energy is spent, which is comparable to a light short jogging in the fresh air.
  • The child has the opportunity to entertain themselves independently without the participation of seniors. A playground with swings will take the baby for a long time and allow adults to go about their business.

In addition, a stylish and original playground will decorate the suburban area.

Main elements

Any swing can also be divided by type, type and age restrictions. But the basic elements always remain the same: a durable and stable frame, a protection system and comfortable seating.

The frame is the main element of any swing. It must be durable and reliable to withstand any loads. The frame also involves attaching the suspension with a seat to the support bar. Most often for a framework the strong tree or metal is used. Plastic does not have a special strength and reliability, so these models are designed only for children under the age of 5 years. Reliable frame should be held on two supports in the form of the letters "L" and "A" - this option is considered the most common and sturdy for street swings.Props in the form of the letter “P” need additional fixation and strengthening. For greater reliability, it is recommended to dig supports into the ground to a depth of at least a meter and cement in addition.

Hangers can be made of metal pipes, chains or ropes. For younger children, it is recommended to choose a swing with four hangers - these are safer and more comfortable models. Older children will swing on two suspensions. Also, some designs have only one suspension, in which case the child sits on the seat in such a way that it wraps its legs around.

Chain swing is suitable for swinging at a small amplitude., which makes such designs convenient for small children. But older children also like such swings - they have increased strength and reliability. On such a swing will not be able to unwind "the sun." But when choosing a similar design, pay attention to the links of the metal chain had a middle hole to protect the small fingers of the child. In small rings, a finger can get stuck, and in a large ring, on the contrary, they can be pinched.

For outdoor swings, hard materials such as plastic, wood, and rubber are more often used as seats. Iron is rarely used, as it freezes quickly in the cold, and it heats up instantly during hot weather. On a hard top seat you can lay a pillow with removable covers. Rubber can also be used as a seat, but in this case it will be possible to swing on a swing only in a sitting position. You can also do your own do-it-yourself cobweb or nest seat using thick ropes and textiles. But in the rain, this design will get wet and quickly lose its original appearance. The simplest seats are made of wood. The seat covered with varnish and treated with protective agents will last for many years. You can also make a seat out of an old chair, a skateboard, or an unnecessary durable board.

Swings may vary in width. The best option is considered a double model with a wide seat, which can sit at the same time two children or an adult and a child.

Standard stationary swings with a sturdy frame can have a mirror seat, which is very convenient if you have two children in your family, then the kids can sit opposite each other and swing at the same time.Younger children still need to pick up a swing with a locking back and a stopper in front so that the child cannot fall down during the swinging.

A canopy over a swing is an additional and optional attribute in any design., although it has a lot of functional advantages. First, during a light rain or on a hot day under a canopy, you can continue playing. Secondly, during the precipitation, metal fasteners of the structure can fail, and the elements of textiles get wet and become useless. Polycarbonate is considered an excellent material for a canopy - it protects well against precipitation and at the same time transmits light. Also canopy can be made of roofing materials or flooring.


The most common models work on the principle of a pendulum, that is, you can swing on them up and down. But some swings work a little differently. Structures are divided into the following types.

  • Stationary models on the frame. Such a swing can be used not only for children, but also for adults. Supporting structures should be dug in reliably to the ground at least per meter and concreted for structural reliability.
  • Suspended rope or chain seats - this type includes bungee. The main thing that the fastening device was strong and reliable. The easiest way to install such a swing on the street is if there is a larger tree with strong branches growing on the plot. In this case, it is enough just to secure the cable or strong rope. But if there is no tree on the plot, then it is necessary to put a U-shaped frame with strong supporting structures.
  • Balancers or pendulum models - such a swing is very easy to do with your own hands. This is a great option for families with two children. For the construction will need a long solid board with seats on both sides and a log or an old tire for installation in the center. Rocking occurs when pushing the feet off the ground. Such designs may be interesting to children of any age, but the games they will not last long, so you should install these models only in the kit with the play area.
  • On the spring - such swings are suitable for very young family members. Children especially like bright models with a frame in the form of a typewriter or a motorcycle. To install on the site of such an attraction you will need a strong spring, to which a seat with a strong frame will be fixed,The main function of which is not only to attract the attention of the baby, but also to secure the game, because the design is balanced on a single spring installed in the center of the so-called “nest”.
  • Carousel has a more complex structure, but several children can play on it at once. This is a great option for large families. To build such a construction from improvised means is rather difficult, and the installation process is laborious. Therefore, the easiest way to purchase a ready-made carousel for the suburban area in the store

    Swings also differ in age restrictions.

    • For children under 3 years old, the seat should have a high back and a stopper in front so that the baby does not fall from the swing. It is important that the seat was fixed not on two ropes, but on four. In this case, the little crumbs do not need to be balanced and you can sit comfortably.
    • At the age of 3-4 years, children learn independence and it is very important if the baby can sit on the swing himself, so the level of sitting should be slightly lower than on models for older children. It is also worth choosing suspended rigid supports for sitting, and it is more reasonable to refuse rope constructions until the right moment.
    • At the age of 4 to 7 years, there are no special restrictions on the choice of swings, the only thing for small children is not to choose hanging structures with large chains - between the links can get stuck a finger during games.
    • From 7 years old and older children love active and active games. You can diversify the playground with swings by using a bungee or a rope ladder.


    By production of a children's street swing various materials are used: a tree, metal, plastic, textiles, each of which has the advantages and lacks.

    Plastic is an excellent material for playgrounds. Ready-made designs are lightweight and have sufficient strength to withstand the weight of the child. But pay attention to the manufacturer's recommendations before buying - each model has weight and load limitations. And choose designs with a margin of load, because your baby will quickly grow and next year it may be uninteresting or uncomfortable to play on the summer cottage due to the small size of the seats. In addition, older younger guests will have to be restricted in the games on the playground.

    Bright plastic is considered a comfortable material not only in summer, but also in winter. High-quality plastic does not fade from direct sunlight, and does not change color due to rain. But plastic playgrounds for children have several drawbacks:

    • swings may not be intended for older children and adults;
    • plastic constructions look less attractive compared to wooden swings;
    • plastic strength is not comparable with wood or iron - with an excessive load, the structure can quickly break or crack;
    • fragility - even with careful use of plastic swings will last an average of 3 years;
    • Swings made of toxic plastic, at best, can lose a beautiful and bright color due to the sun's rays, and at worst - release harmful substances when heated under direct rays on a hot day.

    Swings from a tree are considered as excellent option for the seasonal dacha. You can make strong and reliable swings from wood, which can be used not only by children, but also by adults. Such designs have many advantages. First, it is an environmentally friendly material.Secondly, to build a structure made of wood with their own hands even by a novice master. And thirdly, wood is perfectly treatable.

    But it should be understood that wood is a capricious material that requires proper care. Every year, the construction of wood will need to be treated with special solutions to protect against moisture and various pests. Structures made of wood are usually massive and heavy, which makes it impossible to transport or move around the site, so you need to take care in advance to create a special shed that will protect the site from rain and snow. In the cold season, the wooden structure should be protected from the rain and snow by a canopy, and dry thoroughly with the onset of spring, and then treated with protective agents.

      Metal swings can have beautiful carved forms and patterns, they will last several decades for your family. But to build a metal structure without experience and special equipment is impossible. Also, iron swings have certain features:

      • in order to prolong their service life, it is necessary to treat the metal with protective sprays against rust and corrosion;
      • it’s uncomfortable to use a swing in the winter, and in summer the metal elements can get very hot in the sun;
      • the metal swing seat should be made of wood or lay soft pillows with removable covers on top to make it comfortable to swing on them;
      • solid construction is a particular hazard;
      • beautiful appearance of a design from metal will perfectly fit into any landscaping.

      Greater durability and reliability have designs of composite materials. So, for example, the frame can be made of metal, and the seat - of wood or plastic.

      How to choose?

      When choosing a suitable design, you need to make sure that the swing is absolutely safe for the child. For the smallest, it is necessary to secure the seat and purchase models with a back and a horizontal bar in front.

      It is desirable that the design had a small shed or it was possible, if necessary, to close the playground for children from rain or move under the roof. Pay attention also to the mobile swing, which can be installed not only on the open area, but also on the covered veranda in case it rains.

      The best option are designs with several elements. For example, a swing, a slide and a sandbox - on such a platform the kid will spend more time. And for older children, in addition to the swings, you can install a bungee, a ladder and a horizontal bar.

      An important point when choosing a suitable model is the dimensions of the structure. There should be enough space in the swing radius so that the swinging seat is away from the fence and walls of the buildings, as well as from trees and flowers. But at the same time, the swing should be in sight from the window of the house. In addition, the swing should not cause problems and restrict movement on the site.

      The place to install the structure should be well lit, and the site itself must have a smooth relief, otherwise the installation process may be complicated due to irregularities. And at the same time it is undesirable to place a children's area in direct sunlight - on a hot day it will be uncomfortable to be on the site, because the elements will heat up quickly, and a large amount of ultraviolet radiation can adversely affect health.The absence of drafts and strong gusts of wind is also very important for the children's area.

      It is advisable to lay a lawn or soft cover under the swings to reduce the risk of injury in the event of a fall.

      Choosing a swing with soft seats, take care of removable covers. During the season, cleaning and washing street pillows will be required more than once. Some soft textile elements can be cleaned as they are contaminated with liquid detergents.

      Be sure to keep the sales receipt for the entire period of the warranty period. If during the period of operation factory defects or defects appear, you can return the swing by submitting all the necessary documents.

      How to do it yourself?

      Buying a finished structure will certainly save time. But it is not necessary to purchase expensive models in the store. It is possible to make an outdoor swing for giving from almost any scrap materials in one day. The basis may be the remaining boards, old tires, wooden pallets, ropes, and so on.

      Masters of woodwork can create a real masterpiece that will harmoniously fit into the natural landscape design of the open area.Elements of natural wood look harmoniously in the garden. In addition, instead of compact seating, a large bench can be made of wood, on which children and adults can sit.

      If you decide to make a small playground with your own hands, then consider the appropriate design options for you. In addition, any design of wood is easy to install. The frame of the swing should be securely fixed and secured with the help of slopes. And the base itself, that is, supporting structures, must be installed in the ground and cemented.

      Of the remaining unnecessary wooden pallets, you can build a large swing, on which you can not just sit, but lie down. Using sturdy cables, secure the pallet and hang to the support beam. But in order to use such swings comfortably without fear of splinters, lay soft pillows with removable covers on top of the wooden seat. If you fasten two or three pallets, such swings will look like a classic hammock. For a recreation area, it is worth choosing a place in the shade of trees, so that, looking at the clouds, enjoy peace and quiet.

      Also, you can easily build a playground from scrap materials. Great for this fit old car tires. With small skills and imagination, a worn wheel can be turned into an intricate figure that will serve as a seat.

        Original and stylish look street swing "Nest" - they have one large wicker seat on which you can lie down and look at the sky. Suspended elements are fixed at one point, and you can swing on such a swing in all directions. A swing with a wicker cocoon and a comfortable back can be attributed to this category. The suspension is also at one point, and reliability is ensured by a durable spring that can withstand loads of up to 200 kg.

        How to make a children's wooden swing with your own hands, you can see in this video.

        Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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