Swing "Nest": features and rules for selecting structures

Today there are quite a few options for arranging a children's play area: in the country, in the courtyard of a private house or even in an apartment. Despite the many modern children's complexes and devices, swings remain the most popular forms of entertainment and recreation for kids. And such a model as “Nest” has undergone some changes and has become a functional and attractive gaming accessory, which is represented in the assortment of many manufacturers of children's swings.

What it is?

It is difficult to meet a child who will remain indifferent to the playground, but parents do not always have the opportunity to visit her with the child. Therefore, more and more informed parents, in the presence of a summer cottage or a territory near the house, prefer to equip a zone for the baby there.And the central place in the children's zone is rightfully given to the swings, which sometimes constitute the main and favorite place of pastime for the child, regardless of age.

Swing "Nest" is in demand not only among children but also among adults. The demand for the design of the security model due to the durable and high-quality materials from which made the seat, ropes and racks. Such models appeared on the market not so long ago, however, they became a worthy analog of the usual home-made garden swings from car tires.

The swing seat is made in the shape of a circle or an oval of different diameters; a special soft rope of the rope type is used as a raw material for weaving a child's seat, which forms a net. You can find products with a grid in the form of a web or another fancy pattern. The color design of the hanging products is also striking in its diversity.

The net-seat is attached to the supports with the help of heavy-duty ropes, which can be two or even more. Such anchorage and quality of materials makes it possible to exploit the swings with several children at once, or even to roll adults into them.

If there is more than one child in a family, then it is more expedient to purchase products with a large seat size so that children are not constrained in movement when riding several people.

In addition to active games, in this design, you can fully relax by putting a blanket inside and using a swing as a street hammock. There are models with a deep basket and higher sides, so that even babies can swing in a wicker product.

Swing supports are usually made of metal or wood., and the simplicity of the design allows for installation, and, if necessary, dismantling, independently. In the presence of racks "nest" can be mounted in the open air, and in the house, and on the veranda. The height of the racks can be different, so the size of the products can be selected on the basis of individual preferences and placement conditions.

Advantages and disadvantages

In order to benefit from the chosen design, as well as to be easy to use, it is worth considering in detail the positive and negative aspects of the model before purchasing or making it yourself.

The advantages of the “Nest” swing include the features described below.

  • A plus of the design is the fact that the swings function perfectly not only in the playground or in the garden, but also in the living room, on the covered or open terraces and verandas. But this is doable, provided that the area of ​​the room will allow to organize the installation of equipment.
  • Modern brands that specialize in the manufacture of swings offer the consumer a variety of options for children's fun, including these attributes in a game or sports complex. You can also meet the swing as an independent place for active games and recreation.
  • As for the positive effects on the child from the rhythmic swing on the swings, then it is worth noting that in this way the vestibular apparatus of the child is trained. In addition, motion sickness has a beneficial and calming effect on the psyche, as well as on the functioning of internal organs. In a round or oval swing with high sides, you can rock babies.
  • Playing on such a swing will save the child from the hypodynamia, which has become everywhere to meet with children and teenagers living in cities and most of the time devoting to computer entertainment and all sorts of gadgets.It has been proven that energy consumption when rocking is tantamount to a small run, therefore, using the Nest swing will be useful both for young parents and children.
  • Similar swings can be made independently from improvised means. At this point, the most important thing is to observe safety precautions and safety measures in order to avoid traumatic situations.
  • In addition to functionality, the design will become a real decoration of the playground or backyard. Decorative properties of products are at a high level, and multi-colored paints are guaranteed to attract attention.
  • Swing and the seat itself is very comfortable and convenient in terms of physiology.
  • All certified products are made from high-quality and durable raw materials that can be used both inside and outside the premises, as they withstand temperature fluctuations and the effects of external environmental factors. The material from which the seats themselves are made has water-repellent properties and is also resistant to ultraviolet radiation, so it will retain the original brightness of colors for a long time.
  • The durability of the construction is provided by special bushings on the anchorages of the ropes, which prevent premature rubbing of the threads.
  • Swings are able to withstand heavy loads, so they can be used by adults or several children at the same time.

    However, like any other design, the Nest swing has some drawbacks.

    • This refers to the individual intolerance to rocking. Such people use the swing is contraindicated.
    • Despite the versatility of the model, it still has age limits, so babies under 5 years old are not allowed to be left unattended in the “Nest”. It should be noted that the seat does not have a backrest and safety belts.
    • The swing design requires reliable fixation of the uprights, therefore its placement is not possible in some areas.

    Selection rules

    Swing "Nest" are present in the assortment of almost every store, but not all products have high quality indicators and reliable assembly. It is necessary to acquire products only from proven manufacturers, not saving on the safety of their children.

    To make the right choice, it is necessary to focus on some of the main nuances of the model.

    • Manufacturer. Belgium is considered to be the ancestor of such a swing - the quality of the Belgian quality constructions deserves the highest rating. However, along with foreign trademarks, Russian companies are engaged in manufacturing products for children's playgrounds, which demonstrate their capabilities at a fairly high level. That is why in the suburban areas, in city apartments and children's institutions, it is quite often possible to meet gaming complexes with swings-nests from Russian brands.
    • The location of the structure. Features of the configuration allow you to use children's products everywhere, but it is important to correctly determine the place of installation, taking into account the size of the device in the assembled form. The only drawback of small models, which are located inside the house, is the inability to fit several kids at once.

    When choosing a site for a swing, it is worthwhile to take into account in advance that the structure should stand at a decent distance from any obstacles or walls of buildings in order to be able to fully exploit it.On the street it is worthwhile to preliminarily think over the cover under the swing in order to exclude injuries in case of an accidental fall.

    • View support structure. Most often, the raw material for the rack stands timber. This option is most suitable for placement outside. Also on sale you can find a swing-nest with a hook, on which the wicker seat is suspended. This option can be used both in the room and in the courtyard, using wood or a beam instead of a support.
    • Type of materials used. The main criterion is the quality of the materials that participated in the production of the model. All products must have quality certificates, since the health and life of children may depend on the reliability of all components.


    Swing "Nest" is implemented in the free access to online stores, children's outlets, as well as in the departments of sports equipment and equipment. Among the huge range of products offered, the products of trademarks, which will be discussed below, have earned particular popularity.

    • "Cloud Castle". Products belong to the group of large swing for the garden. The child seat is locked using a climbing rope,the length of which can, if necessary, be adjusted to fit your needs. The design is designed for a maximum load of not more than 100 kg. The rack is made of steel, coated with corrosion-resistant polymer.
    • Swing "Hit." The advantage of this brand is several options for rotation of the swing - around the axis or back and forth. Such swings can withstand weight up to 200 kg. For the manufacture of seats used polyamide rope of special strength, which has a positive effect on safety and durability.
    • Play Garden. The design is recommended for use by children older than three years. Products can be used in the house or on the street. The seat is additionally equipped with a pillow. The maximum permissible load is 150 kg.
    • Swing-nest Hudora with a tent. A model that has a frame and a tent on the seat assumes one axis of rotation. Products for universal use. If necessary, the tent can be removed and the height of the swing adjusted. The design is able to withstand no more than 100 kg.
    • Samson with mesh. Products belongs to the low-cost segment of children's entertainment designs.Seat recommended for one child. Suspended swing can be used in the apartment, at home or on the garden plot. The maximum load is considered to be a weight of not more than 100 kg.
    • Sport Elite. The basket of such a swing is made in the shape of a circle, the seat can be easily transformed into a full-fledged cradle for a newborn. The model can be fixed with special hooks to any support in the room or in the open air. The design is designed for a weight of not more than 100 kg.


    Swing-nest deserved only positive feedback from customers who use them on the plot or in the premises of the gaming complexes. The products have a modern appearance, thanks to which they attract the attention of children and adults who want to relax on it. In addition, the swings suggest several options for rotation, which makes them popular among middle-aged and older children.

    As a rule, the materials used in the manufacture of supports and the seat itself, tolerate the influence of the environment and weather conditions. This allows you to productively operate the structure on the street for more than one year.In some cases, it requires shelter for the winter.

    Beautiful examples

    A little adventure seeker sometimes needs his own space where he can dream without stopping the game. A swing-nest with a hut will allow the child to retire and even relax in such a model, and the options with viewing windows will make it possible to observe others, turning the swing into real shelter.

    For a large and friendly family, the Nest swing model will become a place of real fun. Here everyone will find a “nest” for themselves, and a fascinating flight will be an amazing memory of a wonderful weekend spent in friendly company.

    Review the swing "Nest", see the following video.

    Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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