What are and how to make a swing from the logs with your own hands?

In the courtyard of a private cottage or cottage often put a swing. This entertainment is popular not only with children, but also with adults. Now the stores have a large selection of swings for every taste, but you can make your own simple and original swing of logs for your garden with your own hands.


Wooden swings differ in shape and method of installation, having their advantages and disadvantages. According to the method of installation, they can be of several types.

  • Suspended - This is most likely the most common form. They look beautiful and are easy to use. Usually they are hung on strong branches of trees, they consist of a wooden seat attached with a rope or chain to a tree or other support. Often this type is established for small children whose weight is able to withstand the branches of trees.The disadvantage of this design is the low strength of the support - for such a swing you need a high tree with strong branches.
  • Portable options convenient because, unlike other types, they can be transported and installed anywhere. You can even take them with you to nature.
  • Stationary models installed on poles dug into the ground. Their design differs in reliability and durability. The disadvantage of this design is that it is rather difficult to transfer them if desired or necessary to another place.

Swings are still divided into three types.

  • Family swings can accommodate up to 4 people and serve more for relaxation than for entertainment. For such a design requires a good mount and strong wood.
  • Children's models can withstand light weight, can hold 1–2 children and swing high. They have more entertaining function. A comfortable back and armrests are provided on the children's swing.
  • Adult options recently became popular in country houses and private cottages. This design may have a small shelter from the rain and the sun or mosquito net.

The advantages and disadvantages of wood

Wood is a popular material in construction. Among the advantages are the following:

  • security;
  • beauty;
  • availability.

The disadvantages of wood are as follows:

  • requires more careful care when compared with metal structures;
  • It is difficult to tolerate adverse conditions (moisture, sunlight, sudden temperature changes, insect attacks).

Which one to choose?

It is worth paying attention to several types of trees.

  • They are not afraid of insect attacks and conifers (pine, larch) do not crack with time. But they are subject to molding and rotting. Special antiseptic agents help to combat this problem.
  • For buildings of any type is perfect oak. The advantages include strength and convenience of working with him. But the disadvantage of this type of wood is its high price.
  • The analogue of oak is linden - it is strong and beautiful. Due to the low ability to retain heat, it is practically not used in construction, but for swing it is quite suitable.

Production technology

First of all, you need to decide what swing to install on the site.Suspended swing is mainly designed for children. If there is a seat with a back and armrests, they are suitable for children from 2 years. Frame swings are suitable for both children and adults. Before you start work, you need to pay attention to the following points:

  • create drawings;
  • prepare materials and tools;
  • make the elements and assemble the structure.

Drawing is an important part of the job. You can take any finished drawing that fits the type and resize if necessary. When preparing the drawing for the whole structure and individual parts independently, the following should be taken into account:

  • the stability of the structure depends on the shape of the base - the A-shaped and L-shaped forms are considered the most stable in form; a support of 2 pillars on the sides is allowed if their diameter is more than 20 cm and they will be dug in at least 40 cm, and the swing itself is calculated for 1 child;
  • height of the back is 40–60 cm;
  • seat depth - 40 cm or more;
  • the length of the chains or rope from the seat to the point of attachment is 90–120 cm, but individual dimensions are possible.

Important! When creating a drawing, it is necessary to take into account all the physiological features of the child or family members, but it is not recommended to design with a large supply of support.

After creating the drawing you need to decide on the type of wood.The most suitable option is larch or pine. The work will require materials and tools such as:

  • logs and boards;
  • drill and drill;
  • saw (chainsaw);
  • electric knife, jigsaw, screwdriver (screwdriver);
  • eye bolts, metal screws with a ring, carbines, screws;
  • hammer, plane;
  • roulette, pencil, square, level;
  • chain or rope.

Important! After assembly, it is advisable to immediately treat the wood with antiseptic and varnish.

For a hanging swing, you only need to make a seat and hang it on a support (tree branches). For sitting, you need half a log or board of the desired length, and you can also make a seat with a back, which needs to be fixed to 4 ropes or chains.


Frame swing do in such stages as:

  • manufacture of seats and frame;
  • collection of construction;
  • antiseptic and varnish.

For their manufacture will require the following materials:

  • bars 3x5 m for the base of the shop;
  • bars of 8x8 m for the frame;
  • boards 2 cm thick

Bars cut into equal segments (approximately 40-60 cm). Connect in pairs so that the angle between the 2 segments is 100–1100 degrees. For fastening use bolts, joints are recommended to be strengthened with wood glue.After the glue has completely dried to the base with self-tapping screws, attach the boards along the entire length or only on the seat and back. Attach a chain or rope to the base in 4 places with bolts: on top of the back and on the bottom of the seat. At the other end of the rope attach a carabiner, which is then attached to the frame on the eyebolt.

For the manufacture of the frame 2 logs are fastened in the shape of the letter L (angle of 37 degrees). For greater stability of the logs, it is recommended to dig 20–30 cm and join the board, the result should be the letter A. You need 2 elements in total. 2. Set them at a distance of about 1.5 meters between each other. From above, attach a log or board 15x5 cm, on which to screw the eye-bolts for the chain. For extra strength, a board is also mounted on the back side below. After the design is fully installed, you can proceed to the coating with antiseptic and varnish.

From wooden pallets

This species is quite popular among fans of original ideas. Any pallets are suitable for production: European, Finnish or American. Strong and at the same time the most difficult are the American versions of 1200x1200 mm. Finnish 1200x1000 mm is recommended.It is best to use new pallets, but used ones that need to be repaired will be quite suitable. When choosing a pallet, consider rigidity - boards should not sag under the weight, otherwise they may break during use.

For the manufacture of need to cut the pan and knock down 2 parts in the form of a sofa. If you are planning a wide swing of 2 pallets, you need to nail down the logs, which will account for the bulk. Next, make armrests of bars: nail to the bench 2 bars on the sides and fix the board on top of which to attach the eyebolts. Make a frame of logs and attach the swing from the pallets with eyebolts and carbines.


To garden swing lasted a long time, they should be properly looked after and the following rules should be observed:

  • swing from logs recommended to put under the roof;
  • before the autumn-winter period, annually treat the wooden surface with an antiseptic or wax stain;
  • collapsible structures clean in a warm and dry place for the winter;
  • open varnish swing 2 times a year, pre-cleaned from the old layer with fine emery paper;
  • Do not install a wooden swing close to ponds and fountains.

Important! Wooden swings can not be covered with polyethylene, as this contributes to the retention of moisture in the wood and can cause rotting.

How to make a swing with your own hands, see the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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