How to quickly and beautifully make a swing out of tires?

 How to quickly and beautifully make a swing out of tires?

Almost every garage stores old used tires. It is a pity to throw them out, and the environment suffers from the decomposition of this type of garbage, and it’s impossible to hand over for recycling. That tires are gathering dust in the corner of the garage, taking up space. Meanwhile, they can find a very useful application. For example, make a swing and please the children in the yard.


Compared to wood and plastic competitors swing tires have a lot of advantages.

  • It is a durable and stable attraction that is harder to break.
  • They are spacious, there is enough space for two adults or three children.
  • From tires, you can make several options for the forms of the seat. A creative person with an original fantasy can realize the most unusual ideas.
  • Rubber material easily transfers precipitations, ultraviolet and sudden changes in temperature, so it is more durable design.
  • An important advantage is the efficiency of the product. If there are unnecessary tires, the creator will have to spend money only on the frame and fasteners.
  • This is the least traumatic version of the swing. Rubber will soften the blow in the event of a fall resting.
  • Even a person who is not particularly famous for his "golden" hands will cope with the manufacture of a swing from tires.


Despite the many advantages of a tire swing compared to its fellows from other materials, this product has one drawback that must be taken into account when assembling an attraction. Tires have a heavy weight, and therefore for the safety of guests, it is necessary to use a reinforced frame and reliable fastenings in the manufacture of the swing.

Selection and preparation of material

Choosing and preparing the material for the manufacture of swings, Use the recommendations of experts.

  • As for tires, it is better to give preference to imported versions. The fact is that domestic models are too solid, and this will create certain difficulties in the process of work.They are harder to cut and arch.
  • It is recommended to choose winter tires, it is more plastic, unlike the summer version, and therefore will allow you to make a swing in an unusual shape.
  • A big diameter of tires will be suitable for swings, but at the same time it is better to refuse to use wheels for heavy special equipment, otherwise the design will not support the weight of tires.
  • When choosing tires, special attention should be paid to the strength and strength of the material, because the safety of the guests directly depends on this. Ensure that there is no damage to the coating.
  • Before making tires, rinse thoroughly from the outside and inside. It is better to use a special liquid WD40, which removes dirt from the pores, but in general the usual dishwashing liquid is suitable.
  • To prevent rainwater from accumulating inside the future swing, drain holes in the bottom of the tire should be made.
  • When choosing a place for a swing, it is recommended to give preference to adults, but not to old tall trees, on the trunk of which there is no damage. It is better that the branch to be used as a base is at a level of 2.5-3 meters above the ground, below this branch there should be no other branches and other elements that can prevent rocking.
  • The minimum thickness of the base is 25 cm. It is better to find a branch, on the end of which there is a horizontal section a meter from the tree, bounded on opposite sides by other branches - if you hook the rope in this zone, it will not slide to the sides.
  • If you are going to install a hanging swing on a rope, then it is better to choose special climbing varieties. And also chain swings are popular. The chain increases the durability of the structure, but can damage the wood.


Making a swing for children with their own hands is a simple process that requires high-quality materials and perseverance. To help the novice master, the process of work is described below step by step, depending on the design.


Swing designs can be both vertical and horizontal. Let's start with the first option.

  • Screw the eyebolts on one side of the selected tire.
  • Tie a rope or chain to the desired branch.
  • The ends of the rope to connect with twisted screws. If a chain is used, the ends are attached with carbines.
  • To fix the tire at the right level, which is determined by the growth of the child.Usually about 40 cm is left between the tire and the surface of the earth - this will allow a small child to independently sit on a swing and easily jump.
  • At the bottom of the tire is required to drill drainage holes. Thus, rainwater will not linger inside the device.
  • When the swings are ready, it is recommended to try them out for durability by yourself, and only having made sure in the safety of the structure, it is recommended to swing the children.
  • If the need arose, then you need to level the ground under the swings, remove stones and other objects that may interfere with the operation of the swings and the safety of the guests.


This design is also not very complicated.

  • Install fasteners for tying on the flat side of the tire with eyebolts. If you intend to mount four supports, then you should screw in two bolts on both sides evenly. If there is a desire to make three supports, then it is necessary to arrange fastenings along a conditional equilateral triangle with angles of 120 degrees. The distance must be calculated very carefully in order to avoid distortion of the future swing.
  • Attach a rope or chain to a branch.
  • Secure the ends with the bolts by suspending the seat parallel to the ground.


This model is suitable for young children. For its manufacture it is necessary:

  • cut the top edge of the tire with a knife, without touching the rim;
  • by means of bolts attach the brackets to install the rope or chain;
  • tie the ends of the rope with sea knots on the brackets, remove the useless ends.


Swings can take various forms, such as chairs. This model will appeal to both children and adults.

  • Cut off one tire rim. Do not throw out.
  • According to the diameter of the other rim, make a cut in a half circle and turn the product to the inside.
  • Cut off the cut part of the rim, which should be a back.
  • Secure the bend area with the bolts.
  • Insert eye-bolts to the “armrests”, to which the ends of the rope are attached.
  • Hang the device on a branch.

Rocking chair

Such a rocking chair of tires will delight your children.

  • Cut the tire into two halves.
  • To the place of cutting with screws, install a plate that is slightly wider and longer than the edges of the rubber product.
  • For security, you must attach a handle to the plank.One of the handle options: make two holes on each side and thread a tight rope. Creative craftsmen can install the steering wheel of a car as a handle - it will be even more interesting for children.

Fad for kids

And for the little ones You can make such a swing:

  • cut the tire into two halves;
  • strengthen the plank between the two ends of one of the parts;
  • Attach a handle to the plank on the principle of a bicycle handlebar.

Useful tips

Those who have already made a swing out of tires happy to share their tips.

  • For added safety and convenience, the cradle, which is designed for the smallest, can be installed between the two sides of the crossbar, which will serve as an additional handle.
  • To hide the smell of rubber, you need to completely paint over the product from the outside and inside.
  • For an aesthetic appearance and to attract children, the swing should be painted in a bright color. You can draw patterns, paint the tires in the form of a ladybug, a turtle or other animal. More “handy” masters can add additional decorative elements - “legs”, “wings”, but you should definitely check if these parts will not interfere with the operation of the attraction.
  • When using a rope in the process of making a swing, it is recommended to cover it with covers in areas that are often exposed to mechanical stress - in places where people will rest, or in areas of attachment to the tire and branches.
  • During operation, you must periodically wipe the swing from dust and dirt. It is not necessary to cover from precipitation - tires are not afraid of dampness. Once a week it is required to check the equipment for strength, to study how tightly the rope holds.
  • Usually, swings are not used in winter, so it is recommended to remove them and put them in a garage or shed until next summer.

High-quality beautiful swing tires can be made in an hour, while spending a minimum of money. Meanwhile, this attraction will bring a lot of joy to children during the summer holidays. Beautifully painted swings, installed on their own garden, will become not only a favorite place for children's games, but also an unusual decorative element harmoniously blending into the landscape design.

How to quickly and beautifully make a swing out of tires, see the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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