Swing on chains: what are and how to do?

 Swing on chains: what are and how to do?

Street swings with hangers on chains are equally widespread in playgrounds of high-rise courtyards and in private courtyards. They may have different variants of support frames, in the form of the letter “L”, “P”, or “A”, their seats may look like a board, a bench, or like a regular wheel. But all of them are united by the choice of chains as suspensions, which are easily adjustable in height.

Swing Chains

A chain with a link thickness of 15 or 20 mm can withstand five large people, even with a margin. It never stretches, serves dozens of years on the same level.From time to time swing can fall apart, but the chains will remain. They have a long working life, even without lubrication of suspensions. But chains have their drawbacks. When swinging, there may be lateral vibrations of the seat and its twisting. Besides, holding your hands over cold chains is not very pleasant. This problem is solved with the help of overlays, which are put on the chains, at the places where the hands touch.


Chains are very reliable, so they are used as suspensions for many designs. Swings with such suspensions can be classified by location, age, design, material.

By location

Often the swing is placed on the garden plots. And if this is not purchased swinging benches under a canopy, then in most cases the owners themselves make traditional wooden seats on hanging chains. In the courtyards of high-rise buildings, factory street swings are often installed on metal struts with a single or double seat, with a backrest and armrests. As suspensions - all the same chains.

For home conditions are more suitable strong rope or synthetic ropes. If the situation requires a chain option, durable, steel, but more aesthetic chains are selected.Swings at home are suitable for children, so they must be reliable, but not necessarily withstand heavy loads.

According to the age

By age, swings are divided into children, teenagers and adults (family). Children's models are protected from all sides: back, handrails, seat belt. For a teenager, the swinging process itself is important, the higher the better, simple seats will fit them, up to the usual board on chains. Adult designs are not so much for skiing, but for recreation, family gatherings.

Variety of designs

There are several types of swings, differing in design and material seats, supports and mobility.

  • Mobile swings have not too much weight, which allows you to move them to any distance. These are either children's options with a single seat or a family-type swing bench.
  • Stationary models are buried deep in the ground, and heavy structures are also concreted.
  • Single species can be in the form of a suspended chair, or boards on chains.
  • Double swings are also equipped with a board, only larger and wider. They can have two independent chairs on the same crossbar.
  • For multi-seat (family) models include swing benches, suspended sofas and beds. These powerful designs need suspensions in the form of massive chains.
  • An old tire cover can serve as a swing seat. It is hung on ropes or ropes, but chains are also quite suitable. Due to the simplicity of the model, it does not need care and additional components.

Where to put the swing

Comfortable and fun to have a swing in your yard. But it would be wrong to put them where necessary. The location for the attraction should be chosen carefully. In most cases, they are installed for many years, as they are one of the favorite places of recreation.

Choosing a place for a swing, you need to take into account a lot of important points.

  • The design must be installed on a flat surface or level it.
  • The ground under the swing should not be quicksand or constantly wet.
  • The attraction is not installed in the lowland, where precipitation falls from the entire site.
  • It is better to equip the structure under a large tree, or another source of shadow. In extreme cases, you can use the tent.
  • A good place is considered a plot without drafts.
  • If the family-type swing is large, with an awning,mosquito nets and other additions - they should be on the playground. This may be a barbecue area with a shelter and oven. Nearby there is a gazebo, a terrace, a table with benches, or garden benches, flower beds, a fountain, and other delights of landscape design. It should be a place for leisure with the whole family.
  • Attractions for children are located on the playgrounds, closed shrubs, fences, awnings from the scorching sun and wind.
  • Near the swings should not grow toxic plants, allergens and honey plants.

DIY designs

Swings on chains can be made by yourself. Those who do not want to mess around for a long time use a piece of board as a seat. You can spend a little more time and make comfortable swings for children and adults, who not only entertain, but also become a resting place, decoration of the garden. It should start with the choice of location for the future design. A drawing is then drawn up with dimensions. Materials are selected in advance and construction tools are prepared.

Already having on hand the drawings and calculations, you need to go to the prepared site and make surethere is enough space for a swing swing.


To make a durable bench seat, you need to start work with the frame. Consider the surface area and the angle between the seat and backrest. Then prepare eight bars: four for the seat and four for the back. Bars connect in pairs, at an angle, fasten with bolts. One will be the basis for sitting, the other - for the back. Thus, four paired elements will turn out, two of them will be the sides of the future bench, the remaining two products will be distributed inside the seat. Four blanks are fastened with horizontal bars: two - on the back and two - on the seat. The frame of the bench for the swing is ready.

In the next stage, the frame is sheathed with lamellae. Each strip is drilled from the sides so that it can be fixed to the frame. Before covering the frame, it is worth checking the design parameters, the angle of the back bend. When the seat is trimmed with lamellas, it must be turned over and reinforced from the bottom with metal corners. Armrests simple geometric shape mounted on the bolts, so that if necessary they can be removed.

The finished bench is treated with antifungal agents, special impregnations, varnished. This should be done with utmost care, the raw parts will collapse in the open air from snow and rain. To hang the swing you need two pipes. One will keep stationary on the supports, and the second, with the help of bearings, move along with the chain. Bearings need a closed type, they are well treated with grease and covered with plugs.

The bench is suspended by four chains. Height is adjusted so that the adult person sitting on it can reach the ground with a toe. On the chain, for comfortable grip hands, you can wear lining. The design is installed on the prepared support. They should look like the letter “A”, the crossbar between the pillars makes them more reliable, able to withstand a bench. Large family swings are unlikely to rock much, for them it is enough if the supports dig into the ground by 70–80 cm, but for reliability each pillar can be concreted.

As for suspensions, for their insurance, you can use a metal cable that runs synchronously with the chains, if the link breaks open, the swings will remain hanging on the cable.

Metal swing

They are the most lifting, and you can collect them from the material that has accumulated in the garage, which is pitiful to throw out and takes place. The supports will serve as metal pipes. In order to fix them, triangles are cut out from the remains of the steel sheet, trimming pipes with a diameter of a little more racks are welded to them, then support columns are inserted into them.

To mount the crossbar, you need to weld brackets bent at a 90-degree angle to the pipe. They can be made by cutting them from old pipes. Suspensions are made using chains, rings and bearings. The frame for the seat can be made of shaped square pipes, for the basis to take the sidewalls from old metal boxes or trimming other iron structures. All bends should be fixed corners.

The finished swing carefully cleaned, primed and covered with paint.

Swing from pallets

The flights which have remained after repair work often use for arrangement of a swing. They are well treated to full smoothness to avoid splinters during operation of the product. Then covered with antifungal impregnation and varnish. The pallet can be cut and made in the form of a bench, connecting the back and seat with metal corners.And you can just hang on the chain of the whole plane, put a mattress and pillows for comfort on a hanging bed.

Chains are threaded through a double pallet design and fixed in several places to prevent slipping. All this is suspended from the beam on the supports, that is, everything is performed like any other model. Swings on chains are beautiful and reliable, they can withstand a whole family, and if you hang up a canopy or tent cover, they will become the best place for communication or relaxation.

How to make a swing on the chains with your own hands, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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