How to make a swing with your own hands?

 How to make a swing with your own hands?

Many people remember the wonderful song from the film “The Adventures of Electronics”, in which it sings about a swing. In almost every yard, there is always a swing — either factory metal, or self-made, with a wooden seat. And they are never empty, because many people like the feeling of flying. If you want to do for children with your own hands, this article is for you.

Materials used

To get started is to figure out what and how to build a swing. Everything probably depends on your goals.If you want to build a durable construction that will be used by several generations, use metal. If you are going to hang temporary swings in the country or in the yard, you can construct them from wood or plastic. Although the wooden swings are strong and sturdy, even if they lose in this metal. Plastic swings are usually built for the smallest karapuzikov age up to 5 years.

Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages. If the tree is available, cheap, environmentally friendly, relatively safe, it is easy to work with it; then the metal is strong, fireproof, the swings from it are quite compact. Plastic is easy, its bright colors like kids. The place to install the swing should be selected based on the following factors:

  • you must not lose sight of the baby;
  • safety - it is not necessary to arrange flights near the wires, ponds, roads; if there is no choice, try to protect the place of children's games with at least a picket fence;
  • choose a place not too illuminated by the sun, but not quite in the shade;
  • if you want to build a swing made of wood, please note that from excessive moisture they quickly deteriorate;
  • protection from wind gusts;
  • make sure there are no overgrowths of toxic, prickly, honey-bearing, as well as plants that may cause allergies;
  • the installation site of the swing should be relatively flat;
  • Be sure to check the reliability of each node.

Types of designs

By the look of the design, the swing is frame and suspended, there are even a swing on a spring. A large number of variants of these types are presented. This swing-pendulum, and bench-swing, and "gazebo", and many others. If you have already chosen the material from which you will mount the swing, draw a sketch of the future structure. On the basis of this outline, draw detailed drawings showing all sizes. It should be noted that some designs may be portable. This is usually a metal swing, as made of wood require a secure frame on the ground.

There are several types of frames for the swing.

  • U-shaped - This is the most economical option, as it requires less material. But in order for the design to be stable, concrete supports are required, therefore, this model refers to stationary ones.It is an ideal choice for suspended species set on soft ground.
  • L-shaped. This design is more reliable than the previous one. It has 2 side supports on each side, installed at an angle and connected at the top by a jumper.
  • X-shaped - this is a subspecies of the L-shaped frame. The side supports are placed in such a way that at the top, 20-25 centimeters before the summit, their crosshairs are formed, into which the cross-beam is laid. Note that the design is better to strengthen the side stop.
  • A-shaped - This is the most stable form of the frame due to the use in the design of the side lintel.

The drawing of the swing includes the following data:

  • frame type;
  • swing dimensions;
  • the place of attachment of reinforcing elements (supports);
  • the number and type of seats;
  • type and length of the suspension.

Swing dimensions are taking into account the age and height of the child. If you are going to make a swing for growth, then you should adhere to the following dimensions:

  • ideal width for the seat - 60 cm;
  • the seat should hang above the ground at a height of 50–55 cm;
  • The distance from the seat to the crossbar should be at least 1.6 m, so that the child can comfortably swing while standing.

Swings should ensure the safety, reliability and comfort of a swing. Chains, ropes, even metal pipes can be used as a suspension for self-construction. Companies engaged in the production of swing, used as a spring suspension, hydraulic shock absorbers, leverage. But these types of pendants are too expensive and difficult for hand-made structures. Chains as a suspension are quite expensive, but with the addition of all the properties are the best option. They are durable, wear points are visible immediately, do not slow down at a small buildup, but they prevent excessive (due to friction of links). But toddlers can pinch their little fingers, so for childrens swings they use fine chains or put protective devices made of scraps of rubber hoses on the chains.

Using ropes is the easiest and cheapest option.especially if you know the art of tying sea knots. But the ropes of any thickness gradually stretch and sag, and the twine of the spiral strand does not control the swinging. It is necessary to take the ropes of cross-crochet,and also try to use ropes on suspensions of the simplest designs of swing. It is necessary to choose ropes from artificial polymers, for example, nylon. Hard thrusts (metal pipes) are usually used with bearings. The swing of such a swing is smooth, but they require additional measures to ensure the safety of the child. If you make a swing with such a suspension in your area, take care of the fence and do not let children on them without the supervision of someone adult. If such swings are installed in the common yard, they should have a swing height limiter.

How to make for the street?

If you are interested in how to make a street swing for children, then you should first choose the place, material and construction. After you have prepared the drawing, calculate the amount of materials and tools needed. Below for your consideration will be offered several options for the swing to be installed on the street, in the yard or at the cottage.

Car tire swings

The simplest design is a car tire suspended from a rope. The skeleton is a tree. The means of suspension can serve as a chain fixed with a bolt and nut. The second variation of this swing is done as follows:

  • place the old tire horizontally;
  • cut 3–4 holes in the upper part, insert metal hooks into them and fix them with washers with nuts;
  • Hook chains or twine into the hook loops and hang them on a thick branch.

The third option is suitable for the most advanced in terms of possession of the grinder. You will need to draw a template for cutting the tire, then, following this peculiar sketch, cut it, bend it and fasten it with studs so that any animal or bird will come out.

Wood Swing

The classic and simplest version is a swing from the board on the ropes. Four holes at the edges and twine thrust into them will suffice. And also as a seat you can use a wooden lattice, saw cut logs, an old chair without legs.

From scrap materials

Even an unnecessary hoop can serve as a basis for a seat. He is wrapped in a rope so that he can sit quietly in the middle. The hoop is additionally wrapped with foam rubber, batting or other similar material for softness, then it is sheathed with a cloth. In four or more points of the hoop fix fasteners in the form of metal rings,rope or chain is passed through them - it remains only to choose a tree for hanging the finished structure.

Canvas swing

Take two large triangles of metal, riveting and tarpaulin cloth. Fold the canvas several times, sew around the perimeter. Then insert triangles and fix with rivets. Next, secure with ropes on a tree branch.

Swing from a tree on support

The following materials should be prepared:

  • strong rope;
  • parallel bars;
  • plywood and slats for the seat;
  • galvanized bolts for fixings.

Dig two holes 1 m deep for fixing support beams. Treat the bottom of the supports with bitumen to protect against rotting. Install them vertically in the pits, pour a 30-cm layer of a mixture of gravel and sand, then pour concrete. Attach the crossbar to the upper ends of the uprights. Make a plywood and picket seat, you can in the form of a bench. Secure to the support structure with strong ropes.

Swing from metal on supports

Metal swings can also be made independently. To do this you will need metal pipes and beams, hooks, a metal cutter, a welding machine. The manufacturing process includes the following steps:

  • cut the pipes into pieces of the required length - make 7 segments of 2 m each and another 2 of 1-1.5 m, 4 of the 2-meter lengths - for the supporting sidewalls, 1 - for the transverse crossbar, and the rest - for the base of the frame;
  • weld the rectangular base of the structure;
  • weld the supports to the base, then to the upper ends of the supports - the crossbar;
  • Dig 4 holes to a depth of 80–100 cm;
  • install beams into ready pits, they should slightly look out above the ground at the edges of the pits;
  • fill the pits with concrete beams;
  • weld hooks to the cross tube;
  • Now weld the finished structure to the metal beams;
  • attach the seat to the hooks.

Swing Pendulum

To make these simple swings, you will need 1 wide, long board 5–7 cm thick, saw cut logs up to 70–80 cm high, 4 U-shaped fasteners made of reinforcement, 2 seats. First, dig a hole about half a meter deep. Install the sawn vertically into it, fill it with concrete for reliability. Next, cut in the middle of the board four (two at each edge) holes 1 cm wide, 2–3 cm long. They should be spaced from each other at a distance equal to the width of the fastener. Cut two more similar holes closer to the edges of the board, leaving room for seats.

Attach to the edges of the board 2 seats.In front of them, after passing through the prepared holes, fix one U-shaped fastener so that the child can hold them with his hands. Lay the board horizontally on the log. Lower the lower ends of the two fasteners into the cut holes. Drive the fasteners into the log so that a few centimeters remain above the surface of the board, and most of them are securely seated in the log. Shake the board. Each edge should be able to touch the ground. If you did everything right, the swing-pendulum is ready.

How to make a home?

Usually in the apartment set hanging swing for the youngest children. Use at the same time details from a tree or plastic as they are easier metal, but also options are possible here. The frame for the suspension of the seat is often the door jamb, but it is also possible to mount directly to the ceiling beams (if they exist). It is worth considering a few designs that can be assembled with their own hands.

For the first option you will need the following materials and tools:

  • jeans shorts;
  • metal chain;
  • rubber hose for watering;
  • 4 carbines;
  • fittings;
  • a coil of wire;
  • scissors, pliers, tape measure, hammer, adjustable wrench.

Iron fittings need to be bent into a ring and inserted into the belt loops on denim shorts. The junction must be secured with adhesive tape, for reliability, the ends of the reinforcement should go behind each other. Hide the ends of the chain in one-meter trimming of the hose so that the child does not accidentally injure his fingers. It is easier to do this with the help of a wire - fasten the wire to the end of the chain, insert it into the hose, then drag it along with the chain through the hose. Next, attach two carbines to the hoop on both sides. The resulting swing design is hung to the crossbeam of the ceiling, the ends of the chains are fixed with the remaining carbines. This is the original idea of ​​a home swing.

The next option is wooden (plastic) suspended swing. You will need the following materials and tools:

  • seat with back;
  • twine (rope);
  • wooden beam with holes at the ends;
  • 2 large (7–8 mm diameter) nails, a hammer and a drill.

The seat can be taken ready (for example, from a children's chair, having separated legs), it is possible to assemble the hands from laths or plywood of sufficient thickness. In the back of the right and left, near the top edge of the drill, make two holes for the rope.Make the same holes at the bottom of the seat (at the front edge) and on the side walls (if any). We pass the rope through these holes, not forgetting the transverse timber-stopper. It should protect your baby from falling out of the swing in front.

In the upper part of the door jamb in the middle at a distance of about 10 seconds, two nails are hammered. They hang a rope with a swing and leveled. After that, the nails are bent up with hammer blows so that the twine does not jump off the fastener. Such swings are good for kids from 1 year old to 3-4 years old.

How to make a swing with your own hands in the apartment, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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