Playgrounds: what happens, how can I arrange and where to place?

Organizing leisure and entertainment for a child in a country plot is not an easy task. To build a small slide and compact swing is not the way out, as these facilities will quickly get bored and the child will want to go in search of adventure. And the most suitable option is only the installation of a large playground. It is good if a child joins the process of designing and organizing a play area. In this case, together we will manage to create a great place for active leisure, and moving outdoor rest will be a useful and proper pastime for the child.

Corner requirements for children

Playground is a very important attribute for the entertainment of the child.But in order for it not to harm the health and proper development of a growing organism, it is necessary to consider a few points when choosing a suitable playground. There are quite a few basic requirements that a modern gaming zone must meet. It is advisable to perform them all.

  • Strength and durability - perhaps the main requirements that the playground must meet.
  • The material and design of rides must be resistant to climate change, high humidity, precipitation and temperature changes.
  • Most of the time the playing area is ignored - in this case, it is taken into account the dark time of day and the winter period, therefore the design of the playing area should not give the possible plunderers the temptation.
  • The materials used in the construction of the playground should be environmentally friendly and safe for children.
  • The height of the stairs and slides should be safe for children. And all structures on the dais must have fences, crossbars and railings.
  • The site design should not have sharp edges and corners.
  • The ideal coverage for the play area is shock-absorbing rubber panels that will soften the blow when dropped.
  • The playground should be fenced from the roadway, and best of all, a low fence and green spaces are suitable for this. Flowering plants without thorns and spines are perfect for this role.
  • Not the least important item - an attractive appearance. The playground should fit perfectly into the landscape design.

Role in child development

With the opening of shopping centers, a large number of various entertainment clubs for children appeared. Where a child can jump, swing on a swing, ride down a hill and have fun with his peers while his parents are busy with their business. The advantages of such play zones are many, but there is an obvious disadvantage - the child spends most of the time indoors, not in the open air.

The importance of playgrounds in the full development of the child can be talked about for a long time, but we can limit ourselves to the main points:

  • at an early age, a foundation is laid that will later serve as the basis for the full development of the child, and playing on the playground will contribute to mental and physical development in a fun format;
  • skills such as agility, coordination, balance and balance are developed;
  • outdoor games allow the child to throw out the accumulated energy and spend time with benefit;
  • the child learns to meet and improve relationships with other children;
  • outdoor games with peers contribute to the development of personality, children develop imagination and learn the world;
  • spent an active and busy day contributes to a good and sound sleep.

And it is very important that the playgrounds bring the child not only joy, but also benefits. That is why it is necessary to choose the right sites based on the age and interests of the child.

Age preferences

It is important that the play area is calculated not only by the number of children, but also by age restrictions. In addition, the older the child - the more he needs the game elements on the court. For children of different ages, it is necessary to choose platforms with various designs. What children like to preschoolers will not be interesting for teenagers.

For preschool children

At the age of 2 years, children tend to play alone, they do not need the company of their peers. At this stage, the baby is quite enough of a small sandbox in the yard and a small swing on a spring. The sandbox is of particular delight for the youngest children.But with its installation and location should follow a few simple rules. The sandbox in any case is located at the lowest level, and it is important that the remaining zones of the games are not located on top. Swings and slides should not block access to the sandbox.

On the site for the smallest, it is recommended to provide a shelter that will protect from precipitation or hot sunlight. The canopy also performs the function of protection from moisture - the sand will not dampen and deteriorate. And also in the sandbox will not fall branches, leaves, dirt and other objects.

As they grow older, the child has a need for communication and playing together with peers. And at this time, the baby will be interested in the carousel, slides, stairs and houses. At preschool age, active games on the playground begin to be collective. The child has friends, with whom he overcomes the labyrinth or climbs to the highest hill. With great pleasure, children of preschool age play team mobile and quiet games.

For younger children, playgrounds do not have complex structures with rope ladders, ropes and hanging bridges.And it is important to take into account that all designs should be comfortable for children, that is, the height of the swing seats should be comfortable so that the child can sit on his own. By the design of the swing should be given special attention - the support holders to the seat should be mounted on 4 points. Thus, the child will not need to keep balance, which is necessary for a swing with two supports.

For students from 7 to 12 years

The game zone should correspond to the level of the child’s physical development It is especially important that the child can spill without the presence of adults. During outdoor games with peers, children develop their skills and acquire new ones. And at this age schoolchildren prefer competitive games, so you should pay attention to sports and gaming complexes. Rukokhody, ropes, horizontal bars and wall bars - that is what will be interesting for a child under the age of 12 years. And also at this age it is interesting for children to overcome obstacles - it can be labyrinths, rope ladders or a climbing wall.

For teens

A playground for teens should have a place to play with the ball.This may be a basketball hoop, a volleyball net or a football goal. Even in a small area, adolescents will be able to practice strikes on the ball and learn how to score goals to the enemy. With age, the child's interests and preferences change. Therefore, when developing a play area for a preschooler, you should immediately think about the possibility of subsequent site modification.

Site classification

Playgrounds differ not only by age categories. An important role is played by the size of the site.

  • For children under the age of 7 years - the playground should have an area of ​​50 to 75 square meters. meters In the play area, most of them are occupied by a sandpit, swings, gentle slides and small stairs.
  • For elementary school children, more space is needed for games - the recommended area is from 70 to 150 square meters. meters
  • For active games, teenagers will need a playground of about 300 square meters meters, which can be located simulators, sports structures with horizontal bars and suspension rings, rope ladders and trampolines. It may be worth highlighting an additional area for ball games.

There are also other classifications of playgrounds.

By production material

The most popular materials for playgrounds: wood, plastic and metal. And each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. Wood is a durable material that is perfectly workable. It is possible to create strong and reliable constructions of any shape from wood. Wooden play areas will perfectly fit into the landscape design of the suburban suburban area, and they will also look good in the megalopolis. For improvised playgrounds, you can use any available items, for example, wooden pallets can serve as an excellent basis for the design of the playground.

But before assembling the structure, the surface of the boards should be treated with special means and solutions that protect the material from rotting and various pests. It is recommended to conduct a similar treatment procedure once a year with the onset of the warm period. For more reliable protection it is recommended to varnish the boards.

Metal - often used in playgrounds. All fastenings and connections are recommended to be joined by welding - thus reducing the risk of injury. Because of the metal corners or bolts there is always the risk of getting caught and hurt.But since metal is susceptible to corrosion and rust due to moisture, all elements also require proper maintenance. The metal surface must be coated with paintwork and periodically update the color.

Plastic playgrounds are considered the most popular lately. Such designs are durable and reliable, and at the same time have a relatively low price. Some manufacturers offer low-cost construction, but such sites should be treated with extreme caution, because low-quality and low-cost plastic can emit toxic substances when heated under direct sunlight. In addition, the fragile plastic can quickly crack even under minor loads.

On the other hand, high-quality plastic can withstand heavy loads, does not crack, is not subject to rotting or rusting. And most importantly, plastic is able to withstand temperature extremes. And when it gets cold, it is more comfortable to play on such a platform than on a metal one. The advantages of plastic also include lightness, brightness and simplicity in the care. The best option is the site of the combined materials.For example, fastenings and the frame can be made of metal, the seats for swings, the steps of the stairs, the railing and the handrails can be made of wood, and the slopes for slides and other decorative elements are made of plastic. This design has greater strength and reliability, and will last much longer.

By type of construction

Outdoor game zones allow you to solve several problems at once. Young children are helped to train perseverance, patience and develop imagination. When a child gets older, the playground begins to learn slides, various walls and houses - during this period, the kid learns to walk, works off steps and tries to keep balance. The next important stage in the development of the child is the training of the vestibular apparatus - and for this, swing and carousels are useful. Over time, the child grows stronger and there is interest in everything new - most of the time at the playground is spent on the gymnastic wall, developing strength and flexibility.

And all the modules on the playground can be divided into two points.

  • Folding and mobile designs - can have one removable element and more.When changing the season from such a platform, you can remove several modules or completely transfer the playing area to the premises.
  • Stationary - have a complex structure and large size. For more reliable installation bulky sites should be concreted.

To the destination of the facilities

Game and sports playgrounds are intended both for active, and for quiet rest. And depending on the preferences of the child, several modular structures can be placed on the site.

  • Sandboxes - an important attribute on the playground. As a rule, sandbox games are interesting for young children. Up to 2 years old, the child goes through the sand in his hands, develops tactile sensations and motor skills. In the future, the baby learns to make kulichiki, which helps to develop imagination and imagination.
  • Swing balancers - have a fairly simple and reliable design, due to the small height of the lift and the presence of handrails. Such a swing is best liked by children under the age of 5 years.
  • Spring Swing - compact swing for small children under 5 years old. Such swings have a bright design in the form of a typewriter or a ship, which is located on a spring and slightly balances in different directions. Babies are attracted by the bright design of the swing and light motion movements.
  • Slides - they can be of different configurations and are calculated for different age groups. For small children, they choose straight, flat slides, and for older children, with a spiral descent. Slides are considered the most traumatic objects, therefore, to ensure the safety of the child during the game, choose designs with high protective bumpers. As well as the staircase leading up to the ascent of the hill, should have guardrails.
  • Swing - interesting for children of any age. In addition, it is an excellent simulator for the development of the vestibular apparatus. For young children, you should choose seats with a back and a guard-guard in front, so that the baby could not fall and be injured. Or double seats, which are located opposite each other. Older children from the age of 5 years can swing on a swing without a back. And schoolchildren love to swing in the "sun", that is, to fully roll on a swing through the top.
  • Carousel - a fascinating attraction for a collective pastime. The main advantage of the carousel is a simple design that does not require complex calculations.In addition, the carousel takes up little space on the site and can be installed on any site.
  • Stairs - various options, for example, classic resistant or rope. The steps of the ladder should have a rounded edge so that the child does not get hurt if it falls. Climbing the rope ladder requires better physical fitness, since it is necessary to maintain balance and keep balance.
  • Lazilki - the more complex the shape and design, the more fun the child. Modern manufacturers offer various modifications: cobwebs of rope, hand guides, etc. At first, such attributes may seem difficult to a child, but over time, when dexterity and strength develop, it will become much easier to overcome such tests.
  • ​​​​​Ropes - contribute to the development of endurance and strength. And children like this activity no less than riding from a hill or swinging on a swing.
  • Houses - give the child the opportunity to hide from the all-seeing eyes of parents and feel like an adult. In his little house or hut from the branches, the child can set his own rules.During these games they develop social skills, children learn to interact with their peers. The houses can be in the form of secret structures at the second level of the site or in the form of a knight’s castle. And you can also make an ordinary hut out of scrap materials. Moreover, the design of such a wigwam is very simple and does not require a reinforced structure. And next year it will be possible to create a new house from ordinary branches and bedspreads.
  • Trampoline - will force to exult any child. To purchase a suitable design at the present time is not difficult. In this case, the design will be quite light, mobile and compact in assembled form, which will allow to remove the trampoline with the change of season or during precipitation.
  • Labyrinth - the simplest design has a labyrinth of ropes. For this entertainment, you can select a small area on the site near the fence. On the other hand, you will also need to install a small fence that will serve as a support for the labyrinth. Randomly stretch the ropes between the two fences so that the child has a goal to pass between them without hitting a single rope.
  • Climbing wall - is gaining popularity among children.This excellent activity will help develop physical skills, increase stamina and coordination. And not least, the climbing wall allows the child to develop a fantasy, while conquering the next peak, the child feels like a bold climber.
  • Decorative items - they also perform a developmental function. For example, on a platform there can be a corner with multi-colored cubes with letters fixed on one line, from which words can be made by turning elements. For quiet games, you can also use a large slate on which you can draw in crayons.
  • Inflatable pool - it is not necessary to install a large stationary pool in the children's area, it is enough to fill with a warm water a small pool for water games with children on a hot sunny day.

Additional zones and play facilities on the playground depend only on the imagination of the parents. An excellent option would be designs that, in addition to slides and swings, have facilities for developing the muscles of the arms and legs, improve coordination and help to find balance.

Choice of location and coverage

When designing and arranging a children's area in a private house special attention must be paid to the choice of location.

  • Soil for site installation should be flat, if necessary, the place can be leveled in advance with special equipment.
  • The playground should be visible from the windows of the house. And at the same time, you should not choose a passage to accommodate the playground.
  • The game zone should not border on buildings on the site, such as a gazebo, sauna or fence.
  • You should not have a playground in the open air, otherwise the sun rays on a hot day will cause inconvenience during games, and may also cause sunburn. Ideally, a large tree can grow near the site, which will provide shade. A good alternative can be an artificial canopy over the games area.
  • For the playground, you should choose a plot that is protected from drafts and strong winds.

A large role in choosing a place to install a playground is also played by the coating. It helps reduce the risk of injury during games. A soft green lawn is suitable for a play area for small children. For sowing, you should choose a sports lawn, the front will quickly lose a fresh appearance.The grass must withstand considerable loads and at the same time be soft. But the green lawn has drawbacks - it requires constant care: watering and cutting.

The most popular among older children are swings, slides and various zones with ladders and other lazilki. And it is for this area that you should choose a ready-made soft shock-absorbing coating that will protect the child from impacts and soften the fall. Because if you fix a place under the swings or a section in the zone of descent from a hill without special coating, a hole will quickly form there, and water will accumulate in this irregularity after rain.

Rubber coating will last more than one season, but requires proper installation. To begin with, in the area where the site is located, it is necessary to remove the upper ground, and from above cover the bare ground with rubble and sand. For these layers, it will take about 15 cm. Undoubtedly, sand also absorbs and softens falls, but is not the best option for a playground. The wind will quickly spread small particles all over the territory, and the sand may deteriorate due to constant moisture, so periodically it will be necessary to renew the embankment.Therefore, the best option is to cover the area with a rubber pad.

You can consider a combined coating: use lawn, sand and soft mats, depending on the purpose of a particular area. Such a decision will save a considerable part of the family budget. For example, leave grass near the sandbox, sand near the swings and slides, and lay modular systems or rubber cushions in the zone of active outdoor games.

Unusual ideas

Make a sandbox for a child is not difficult. It is enough to connect the four boards and the usual design is ready. But I want to be beautiful and harmoniously fit into the design of the site area for children. You can improve the design and add a few decorative details, and then you get not the standard sandbox, but the original sandbox-ship. In the cabin of the ship, you can make a compartment for storing toys. And on the main deck set the steering wheel to control the ship. A shadow in the sandbox will provide a large sail, which can also be used as an awning that protects from sunlight or precipitation.

Hinging swings are popular not only among children, adults also sometimes want to relax and sway. Pay attention to the design of the seat-nest. This is a round seat, inside which is strung by strong threads. You can swing on such a swing both sitting and lying, looking at the clouds or peering into the night sky. But textile elements need to inspect and check their condition. If necessary, you may need to strengthen the design of the seat, updating the sturdy threads.

Another attribute on the playground that will win the love of children is the suspension bridge. Moving on such a bridge for the first time may seem like a daunting task. But over time, coordination of movements and dexterity will help the child run across the staggering bridge with ease and without a drop of fear.

Design and arrangement

In the design and arrangement of the playground It is necessary to consider several parameters.

  • Age of children who will play on the court.
  • The location of the playing area is in a country plot, a schoolyard, a residential yard, a park.
  • Price - plays a significant role when choosing a suitable design.If you wish, you can purchase one large platform with several game blocks or combine several designs with different modifications on one site.

An important attribute is functional zoning, which allows you to intelligently divide the site into several play zones so that children of different ages can play in one place. Developing a project, divide the site into several zones.

  • Zone for mobile and noisy games - in this part there are various lazilki, ladders, horizontal bars, rukohody, etc. And also in this zone one should leave the majority free for running and other activities.
  • The zone of quiet games - in this part are houses, sandboxes for kids and swing on the springs. The zone for quiet games is also important for children, because it is here that you can communicate and build friendship with peers.
  • Recreation area - a place for the most part intended for adults and older children, here you should install benches, a veranda, a flower bed with flowers.
  • Sports area - in this part you can install a basketball hoop, football goal or pull on a volleyball net.In this case, not only teenagers, but also adults can drive the ball in the yard.

When planning and organizing space for a play area, the child will be the best adviser. He will be able to suggest which modular sites and zones will be the most interesting. And based on this, it will be easier to choose the right site.

Landscape design territory

Modern manufacturers offer prefabricated play areas:

  • thematic (in the form of a large ship or fire station) - such models not only diversify the landscape design on the site, but also allow the child to gain new knowledge and experience;
  • sports - on such platforms there is a large number of stairs, cobwebs, railings, horizontal bars and other equipment;
  • site to order - recently manufacturers are ready to meet the customer and try to choose the right option even with individual development.

In any case, the choice of type of structure will depend on the appearance of the site. Manufacturers of playgrounds are trying to create a real fairy-tale world from the play area. And in order for the magical atmosphere to fit perfectly into the landscape design,It is recommended to first select a site for the future site, determine its size, and then proceed to the selection of suitable structures. In some cases it is more reasonable to choose not a single complex for active games, but several platforms that can be installed side by side in one area. Over time, when the child grows up, his interests will change and some game modules can be replaced without disturbing the integrity of the site design.

Interesting examples

The most favorite place of many children is a small hut in which a child can set his own rules and use a small house as a summer room. In order to build a house for one summer, do not need a lot of materials, you can use the old boards and branches. It is only necessary to strengthen the structure so that the hut does not collapse due to strong wind. With the beginning of summer, plant around the hut girlish grapes, blooming ipomeyu or any other climbing plant. Ivy grows very quickly and closes the walls of the hut with green leaves. Inside the wigwam, you can put a blanket and soft pillows, and a small separate world for the child is ready.

The playground can be very simple, compact, and at the same time functional and interesting. And on this site you can organize tournaments and competitions with several participants. And at the end to determine the winner and hand the cup. Such events can be excellent family traditions.

Families with young children are more sensible to pay attention to simple mobile structures for the playground. Such portable houses and simple slides will bore the child in a couple of years, and it will not be difficult to replace such a platform with a new and interesting one.

At registration of a children's site try to put a maximum of efforts to create the fantastic world for the child. In the play area there may be figures of cartoon characters or fairy-tale characters. And it is not necessary to buy expensive ready-made decorations. Hand-made crafts with children will look more original and cute. In addition, the general occupation of creativity is not only pleasant, but also a little costly leisure. And to transform the plot and place bright accents, you need only a few cans of paint.

How to make a playground with your own hands, see the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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