What are the swings and how to choose a model for adults and children?

Installing a swing with the landscaping of the backyard territory of a private house or cottage not only increases the level of comfort of a country life, but also adds to the attractiveness of the landscape design of the site. When there are children in the family, such a decision helps to diversify the leisure of the little ones and make walks in the fresh air more exciting. In addition to street constructions, there are many interesting models for the apartment, which are successfully integrated into the interiors of various styles. The huge choice of swings and the corresponding variety of prices for them can confuse the buyer. In this article we will talk about the types, operational capabilities of the swing and share the secrets of successful purchase of adults and children's models.

What it is?

Swings are structures designed to swing, sit or rest on them. The execution of such structures can be very different, however, all of them are united by the availability of seating and support with the suspension system.

Classification facilities for adults

Adults swings are classified according to several criteria.

Views by purpose and location


Outdoor swing is placed under the open sky in any suitable size plot of the local area, in the garden, on the terrace or in the open gazebo.

Street models come in two types.

  • In the form of fixed capital structures with a roof or open type. Under their installation, a foundation device is required on which the support is installed. Depending on the number of seats, the seat can be single or multi-seat as wide as a park bench.
  • In the form of portable structures. Their main advantage is mobility and the ability to move from one place to another if necessary. A distinctive feature of such products is a small amplitude of swinging, which is due to their purpose - a quiet rest in the lap of nature.

Products of stationary and portable type are suspended or frame in the form of a solid structure, having a collapsible frame, which is mounted on an open area.


Today, children's favorite fun has become a stylish element of the interior design of living spaces. Models of a swing for the house are presented by two versions. A traditional-style swing swing is a practical and comfortable design with a single, sometimes double seat. It is hung from the ceiling with the help of cables, ordinary ropes or chains, or fixed to the walls with special fasteners.

Thanks to the imagination of designers, extraordinary hanging swings with a seat appeared in the form of a peculiar suspended chair. They are comfortable and relax and work.

The large-scale version of the swing chairs in the form of suspended sofas or beds successfully combines the entertainment component with the main function of the place for a comfortable rest.

In the floor models, the movable seat and the reliably fixed stationary base are combined with the suspension system into a single integral structure. They have an external similarity with a rocking chair.The advantage of such solutions lies in practicality, due to the possibility of transfer from one room to another, and the disadvantage is impressive dimensions, so it will not be possible to accommodate them in a small apartment.

By design and design

Models differ in appearance, size, complexity of structures, seat shape, number of seats. Let us dwell on the most popular options for home and street.

Swing sofa

Classic models with a canopy or tent-tent, two suspension points and a low frequency of buildup for a measured family holiday. The soft back, a wide seat with pillows do pastime in the fresh air as comfortable as possible.

Designed for a group of users of two, three, four people.

Swing bench

In these models provide a variety of variations of the seat. It can be composed of wooden planks by analogy with a park bench, made in the form of a wooden sofa, a wide wooden bench with or without a back or board, complemented by a mattress or pillows. There are also products on the metal frame with a spring, made as a common bench or a construction of several seats connected to each other.

Chaise lounge

Collapsible curved models with a single metal, wooden or plastic chair-chaise longue and a single point of attachment visually seem very fragile. In fact, they are able to withstand a weight of up to 200 kg at the expense of a rigid steel frame spring.

This is a great option for outdoor recreation, especially when it's hot outside.

Cocoon on the rack

Spherical models in the form of an unusually comfortable hanging ball-shaped wicker chair are equally suitable for home and street. The design includes a curved high-strength metal rack, on which a chair is hung with a chain.

The hemisphere of the frame consists of arc-shaped steel tubes, and natural rattan or its synthetic analogues serve as a braid., bamboo, bast or vine of trees with sufficient flexibility like that of a willow, crayfish or bird cherry. To the wicker model relies soft decorative pillow. Since the walls of the structure pass light well, it is convenient to relax and read in such a swing.

In the apartment usually choose a compact model of "egg", hung at the top of the head on a low rack.There are also large models for the street made of natural materials with a resistant pyramid-resistant, so that they can be swayed intensively.


These models do not have a rigid frame part. The design consists of a light and at the same time durable fabric, suspended between two supports on the support bar. Advantages: comfortable, low weight, easy to install. Disadvantages: lack of back and "shapeless" eliminates the possibility of full body support.

In the lines of manufacturers you can find soft options, which have supporting foam inserts.


These elegant hanging products on the suspension provide complete relaxation. The structures consist of a hard wooden frame with woven mesh as the base and soft textile cushions. Designed for one user. Professional designers create real masterpieces using the macrame technique with a very strong, unusually beautiful lace mesh, formed by nodular weaving, as well as exquisite hand-made fringe.


As we are talking about the swing for adults, it is worth mentioning the romantic, gentle and fantastically beautiful options that are set at such significant celebrations as weddings.In spring and summer, they are decorated with fresh flowers and plants, colored satin ribbons, airy, translucent fabrics. In order to design a swing in the autumn-winter season, artificial leaves, flowers, bunches of grapes, balls and other décor are used to turn even the most modest in performance swings into stylish art objects.

By production material

For the manufacture of swing uses a variety of natural and artificial materials.

Of wood

The advantages of wooden products - reliability, stability, solidity and durability. The main drawback is massiveness, which creates inconvenience during transportation. Constructions of wood have a truly luxurious look, but you can save it only with regular use of special equipment. The finished structures are also treated with antiseptic compounds and varnished, which prevents premature decay of the wood and the development of mold fungi.

Since the protective coating does not last forever, it will need to be updated from time to time.

Of metal

They are made of metal corners, steel beams,aluminum profiles round and square. The larger the diameter of the pipes and the thicker their walls, the higher the strength and durability of the structures.

Their advantages:

  • durability and reliability, due to the high mechanical properties of the metal itself - durability and wear resistance;
  • practicality - exposure to UV radiation, weather phenomena, temperature drops excludes the reduction of the strength characteristics of metal structures;
  • profitability - in comparison with a tree, the procurement cost of metal is lower.


  • when using products made of solid, durable metal, the risk of serious injury is much higher than in the case of using wood swings;
  • metal is vulnerable to corrosion, so the construction of it need periodic treatment with a protective composition.

Other materials

For the manufacture of outdoor wicker seat models there is a vine, artificial or natural rattan, bamboo. Natural rattan wicker cocoons are practical and durable, but are expensive. The material itself is moisture resistant and can withstand sudden changes in temperature.

With mass production, manufacturers prefer to work with a more unpretentious and cheap polyotang. But it is very cool, so it can cause tactile discomfort during the cold season.

Completion and dimensions

Dimensions of street models with prefabricated frame include three parameters - length, width, corresponding to the depth of the frame part and the height, for example, 256x143x243 cm.

  • If you intend to mount a swing in an open area, the width of the structure will be the determining factor It is important to take into account that the side posts are at a maximum height of 2.12 m, and the seat is 0.4-0.5 m shorter in width (about 1.6 m).
  • When the acquisition of a double model of a swing swing-bench is in priority, the optimal length is 1.5-1.6 m, while there will be a place for the child.
  • For a family of 3 people, the swing width of 1.8-2 m is more than enough so that when placed together they do not interfere with each other. If the user is one, then the width of 1 m is sufficient to rest comfortably.
  • Those who often have guests at the dacha, who like to relax by company, should take a closer look at the big swings 2.4 m long or more.

To improve the usability of the product is completed with various accessories in the form:

  • mosquito nets;
  • removable covers of waterproof fabric;
  • shelves;
  • armrests;
  • coasters;
  • soft capes;
  • waterproof awning tent.

When installing a home swing swing, it is important that the mounts, which have the main load on the nodes, are of high quality, safe, reliable and durable.

According to the installation site of the swing, fasteners are of two types:

  • products for fixing to beams and pipes with a round or square section of the type of clamps with a carbine or through fasteners;
  • fasteners for fixing to flat surfaces.

Depending on the models, fasteners can withstand a load of 100-200 kg. Most often, steel is manufactured for their manufacture with various types of anti-corrosion coatings (zinc, powder spraying).

Maximum load

This value depends on several parameters.

  • The diameter of the pipe. In finished products, pipes have a diameter of 32-76 mm.
  • Rack thicknessof which the frame part of the structure is made.
  • The strength of the seat base. In expensive models provided reliable steel grill or galvanized mesh. Whereas, in budgetary analogs, the base of the seat is a tension canvas, whose strength in the long term is rather doubtful.
  • Construction capacitydetermined by the number of seats.

Values ​​of permissible load for different models can vary in the range of 210-500 kg. In general, this parameter shows the maximum allowable load capacity of structures.

Children's swing

Swing is an integral part of childhood. For a long time, their choice was limited to fairly primitive street designs for playgrounds. However, today the market has a huge number of models for the house and the street, designed for any age categories of users - from newborns to teenagers.

What is the role of the subject in the development of the child?

For adults, swings are an opportunity to relax, but children perceive them as an object for entertainment. However, these large toys can give not only joy, but also bring tangible benefits to the health of a growing body. The positive impact of spending time on a swing is expressed in the following.

  • Strengthens the muscular-ligamentous corset and spine, improves the mobility and flexibility of the joints, helps to form a correct posture.
  • Due to the oscillatory movements while swinging, the vestibular apparatus is trained and the motor coordination is improved.
  • Help in studying. During the monotone swing, the brain parts responsible for speech, reading and writing skills are stimulated.
  • Helps to fight hyperactivity as an effective means of play therapy, which helps relieve tension and reduce aggressiveness due to the release of accumulated energy.
  • Developmental function Thanks to the swings, the child gets the first ideas about rhythm - a regular alternation of elements in time and space.
  • Develops communication skills with peers of their own and the opposite sex.

What are they doing?

The framework materials are as follows.

  • Of metal - products from a tubular metal profile are the most durable, reliable, wear-resistant and can easily withstand operation under conditions of increased loads.However, they are afraid of rust and weigh a lot, which creates a lot of inconvenience when carrying.
  • From wood - these options have less strength, but they have excellent thermal conductivity.
  • From plastic - the use of inexpensive and light material, on the one hand, reduces the cost of products, and on the other hand, reduces the service life due to fragility and exposure to low temperature.

Seat materials are as follows.

  • Wood. Pros - environmental friendliness, durability, high thermal properties. Cons - the high cost and the need for systematic use of protective compounds. Otherwise, the material begins to rot and crack.
  • Plastic. Pros - cheaper than other materials, the ability to give any shape, a variety of colors, lack of maintenance. Cons - "colder" wood, not designed for high mechanical loads.
  • Textile. The main disadvantage of fabric seats is insufficient strength. For this reason, they can be found only in products for children up to 3 years old.

With self-made craftsmen make the seats from a variety of scrap materials.

In the course are tires, tarpaulin, old skateboards, outdated garden or home furniture, pallets left after the construction of the house.

Where to install?

For many years, swings have been an attribute of exclusively public children's playgrounds and sports and gaming complexes. The situation has changed with the advent of mobile models for the home, which can be placed in the nursery itself or in the doorway, on the balcony or loggia.

Installing a swing in the summer cottage, backyard of a private household or in the garden will make the rest of the child not only interesting, but also useful. The existing variety of swings for home and street allows you to choose the right model for a child of any age.

What are the models and how to make them?

All children's swings are focused on a specific age category of users, which is one of the decisive factors in their choice.

For babies

This category is represented by automatic products of three types:

  • battery powered electric shooters;
  • electrical models connected to the power supply;
  • hybrid options that can be powered by the mains and, when necessary, by batteries.

All models have five-point seat belts, a soft armchair or a cradle with automatic control, which provides the ability to adjust the speed and swing amplitude. The number of swing modes, depending on the model, varies from 3 to 6.

In musical models there is a special block for playing various soothing melodies. It can be lullabies, sounds of nature, heartbeat, and they are accompanied by various light effects. The package includes mobiles with toys, removable feeding tables, removable covers, pillows under the head.

There are also convertible analogs of cradles. This is a swing-chaise longue with an adjustable orthopedic backrest, maximally adapted to the infants spine, and a removable chair.

In the expensive models, the vibration function is provided, which is triggered in case of increased physical activity of the baby.

Frame floor

Their design includes a frame on which a seat with a backrest is suspended. Pros - stability and safety, thanks to the equipment with belts for passive protection of the child when swinging, handrails, footboard,a jumper between the legs and transverse latches, preventing the spontaneous folding of the structure.

Negative - massive, because the products are designed for children weighing up to 25 kg and have a rather impressive size, so installation is possible only if there is a sufficiently large area.


The models are distinguished by an extremely simple design consisting of a support, a seat - seats with or without a back and suspension in the form of ropes or chains. In the apartment they are usually installed in the doorway so that there is free space for the buildup. This option is definitely not suitable for the smallest children from the point of view of safety. The use of swings requires certain skills of “control”, which allow to avoid strikes against walls or door jambs.

Classic street

Monolithic high-strength stable structures that cannot be disassembled. Under their installation choose an open area with a ground and grass. The seat is placed at a height of maximum 0.6 m, and the legs are concrete.


The standard model is equipped with one seat on hangers that are mounted on a support.Different kinds of double swings, which are suitable for families with two or more children of different ages, have much greater potential.

With two modules for riding

The design is identical to the single construction, with the only difference that the metal base has an increased width. That gives the possibility of placing the usual suspension and double type of balancer or boat, respectively - simultaneous skating of three users of the same or different age. It can be a combination of a safe plastic suspension for a baby from one year to 3 years old with an adult module.

For families with twins, a variant is installed on the basis of installing different modules, for example, a socket and a standard one.


They are installed on the ground without pouring the foundation. Boats work by analogy with a rocking chair. These are designs with arcuate runners and the location of the seats opposite each other, which provides the possibility of simultaneous skiing from two to four users.


They have a very simple design that includes a central support and a balanced balance bar (lever) in the form of a long board.There are double or multi-seater, but the main condition for successful riding on them is about the same weight of all users. Opposite edges of the balance weight serve as seats.

A swing causes the users to be pushed by turns with their feet off the surface of the earth, while one of them soars upward and the other descends.

On the springs

Constructions with one or several rigid seats and one or two springs at the base, due to which the rocking chair moves up and down. The spring helps to push off from the ground and serves as a support for the entire structure. The form of such a swing can be very different - from representatives of the animal world to vehicles (cars, boats, rockets).

What to focus on in choosing a product?

To choose the right swing for children, you need to take into account a number of criteria.

  • The quality of materials of manufacture. It is mandatory to assess the characteristics of strength, environmental safety and durability, affecting the duration of service life.
  • The set of structural features. Take into account the dimensions of the structure, the height of the seat, the amplitude of the buildup,the ability to adjust the backrest tilt, the degree of complexity of management in accordance with the age, height and weight of the user, which eliminates the likelihood of accidental injury during operation.
  • Equipment elements for the safety and convenience of the child. Products must be equipped with safety belts, protective crossbars, brakes, massive base, soft linings, pillows with a hygienic cover and not have sharp corners.
  • Reliability of constructionthat depends on the quality of the overall and nodal assembly of the product.
  • The quality of weather performance designs and supports, given the possibility of operating on various types of coatings.
  • Design. It is important that the swings are not only practical, safe and reliable, but also have an interesting design solution. Making models for kids up to 3 years should be unusual with the decor in a fabulous or cartoon style.

Usage Reviews

Analysis of feedback from users of various types of swings showed that most buyers prefer to deal with reputable manufacturers and order products on their official websites.We list several of the most sought-after brands in the market in terms of price-quality ratio, and also find out how remarkable they are.


From the advantages of the Belarusian brand, buyers distinguish practicality, attractive design and an affordable price. All Olsa products are manufactured in accordance with European quality standards and are able to compete with foreign counterparts.

The most popular model of the premium line is Palermo on a metal frame with an arc-shaped support of increased stability and a semi-automatic layout mechanism.


Garden swing Kostroma production also often appear in the reviews. Users note the high strength of the metal profile frames with an oval section of 63-51 mm, the reliability of the base of the seat due to the welded grille, the quality and comfort of the soft part.

Besta fiesta

The Italian brand has an impressive choice of single / double, swing for children, hammock and hanging models, chaise longue. Buyers are delighted with the convenience of designs and the high quality of the execution of products from natural materials. Here you can find hammocks of any color, from variegated Brazilian to calm in restrained colors.

Some users consider the rather high cost of products a disadvantage, however, agreeing that it is fully justified by the excellent performance characteristics of the swing.


Those who want to install modern, stylish, reliable wicker furniture in the country or in an apartment should pay attention to GreenGard products. For the manufacture of cocoon seesaws, the Russian manufacturer uses polyotang. The advantages of products users include strength, service life up to 20 years and the quality of weaving.

Of the minuses - the need to cover the chair with protective material during continuous operation in the streetto prevent moisture from rattan, which has a porous structure. Some are a little annoying, that you have to constantly monitor children who are invariably attracted to cocoons.

Too much swinging or jumping on the seat can damage the braided structure.

Kettler (Germany)

This brand is well known in Russia as a manufacturer of high-quality products for sports and outdoor activities. Here is a huge assortment of children's swings, roundabouts (single, double, with several modules, transformers) for all age categories and adult models for the garden.There are almost no negative reviews about Kettler products in the network, which is not so surprising, because almost every customer mentions its quality advantages and exceptional comfort of use.

Beautiful examples

We offer a photo selection of interesting and unusual versions of swings for various purposes and examples of their use in the interiors of apartments and in suburban areas.

Suspended swing set not only in the usual places such as tree branches, but also placed in ready-made arches or pergolas, located on the backyard territory.

Such a solution allows to emphasize the stylistic features of landscape architecture.

To the exterior of the house and the landscape design of the site looked like a single whole, designers often use the capabilities of forged products. In such cases, street lights, gates and fences, benches, fences and awnings on terraces are created by the method of artistic forging. Forged swings will fit into such a design as the most appropriate.

Swings from natural material become an organic natural continuation of landscape design, especially if the house is made in a rustic style.

When choosing a color solution of the swing on the terraces, it is convenient to use the rules of combining colors. It can be matched to the armchairs, the sofa and the table to support the overall design.

Swings of contrasting colors in combination with light background decoration of the facade of the building look original.

The most harmoniously, the cocoon swing looks in modern interiors, when the decoration is sustained in the trends of the loft, minimalism, eclecticism, Scandinavian design, art deco. The integration of such structures into the classic design will be successful only in the case of a competent choice of a suitable shape and material, for example, a round glass model.

For tips on how to choose a swing to give, see the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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