Varieties of children's plastic slides

 Varieties of children's plastic slides

Childhood is a special period of life, filled with happiness and joy. Favorite children's fun for many children are walks in the courtyard and entertainment in the playground. So, the integral "attraction" of each playground is the hill. Toddlers, rolling down from her, have sincere emotions, usually accompanied by loud laughter and shouts. However, what to do if there is no playground in your yard or (if there is one) there is no slide on it? There is a way out - you can buy a plastic children's slide, which will delight the baby. What types are there? What is the difference? How to choose the "attraction" for your child? Read about it in our article.

Special features

Plastic - the most popular and widespread material used in the production of children's slides. This model is suitable for use both indoors and outdoors. In general, plastic slides are fairly versatile designs, and are also affordable (they can be found in almost every children's store) and are sold at fairly affordable prices. Another important and useful feature is the bright and naughty design. As you know, children are attracted by contrasting and unusual things. It is such a plastic slide.

The positive characteristics of such structures can be attributed to the fact that they (unlike iron ones) do not rust and (unlike wood ones) are resistant to moisture and various weather conditions. It is also believed that plastic is the safest material that can be used to make children's slides. In addition, it requires minimal care.


There are a large number of varieties of slides - for example, any children's store will offer you a fairly wide range of similar structures designed for entertainment.For example, one of the popular options is the spiral slide. It has a spiral structure of location. It is worth looking at this model a parent whose children have already reached at least three years old (preferably five years old). For the youngest children, such a slide is not suitable - the circular design of the “attraction”, which affects the trajectory of the descent, can cause dizziness and indisposition of the baby.

Not less popular is considered a model with built-in swings. So, children's plastic slides can be sold not as an independent separate construction, but as part of a whole mini-playground. For example, a slide can be connected to a horizontal bar, a Swedish ladder, a handle, a swing, or even a small house. Of course, such models are quite expensive and take up a lot of space, so they are not suitable for everyone. However, if you have financial opportunities, and also the space allows you to install a more massive children's "attraction", then you should take a closer look at this variety.

In a similar way, you will receive not one, but several means at once for entertaining your baby.If you are looking for a simpler design, then the classic version of a plastic slide, located directly, will suit you (usually fiberglass is also used in the manufacture of such structures). This option is available at a fairly low price and does not take up much space, so it can be installed even in the children's room.

How to choose?

Before you buy a slide, first of all you need to decide on where you will install it: on the street or indoors. In this respect, the dimensions of the slide are important, it is worth proceeding from the available and accessible space. It is obvious that the slide, which is planned to be installed on the street (for example, in the country), can be more massive and large. "Attraction" for the room should be selected, strictly correlating with the parameters and dimensions of your apartment and the room where the slide will be located.

Another important indicator is the number of children who will use the slide. So, if you choose a design that will be public and will be located on the playground, then you should be more careful when choosing an attraction - it should be as reliable as possible.In continuation of the previous paragraph, it should be said that the weight of the child (or several children) who will use the "attraction" is important.

Usually in the rules of operation, or even on the box, the maximum allowed weight will be indicated. This limitation should not be neglected, otherwise there may be sad consequences, not only the design of the slide, but also the child may suffer. Thus, taking into account all the details and features, you can provide a fun pastime for your child and his friends.

In the video, see all about the plastic slide.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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