Suspended swing: assortment and selection criteria

 Suspended swing: assortment and selection criteria

Suspended swing has always been and remains the most favorite children's entertainment on the playground. The ease of installation and the ability to operate at any time of the year make this game one of the fastest and easiest ways to entertain not only children but also adults. Suspended structures are most popular.

Description of models for the street and at home

Street suspended swings were widely spread when the construction of high-rise high-rise buildings began, in the courtyards of which there was a need for arranging playgrounds for children. Suspended swing included in the standard list of attractions recommended for installation in the playing area.Suspended structures are a powerful metal bar in the shape of the letter “P” with a seat suspended to them, which is attached to the frame with steel chains. This option solves many problems at once:

  • the metal chain has a high reserve of the fortress ten or more times, due to which it withstands increased load;
  • chains do not have the ability to stretch, so that the chair is located at the same level for several years;
  • duration of operation - even in a situation where the swings are not lubricated with oil, they are operated for several decades exactly until the destruction of the supports or the seat has begun.

However, such swings have drawbacks - the use of a steel chain often causes seat vibrations, twisting, and sometimes even tilting. In addition, such constructions are rather heavy - metal chains correspond to massive seats that several years ago caused a number of tragedies - when they fell from the seesaw, children followed the elements of a moving structure, which caused severe damage and even death of children.That is why in recent years more lightweight models have been used in playgrounds.

Consider the main ones.

For adults

For adults most often acquire the following options for a swing swing. Sun loungers are single structures that are suspended at a single point. The model is equipped with a spring, so it can withstand a load of up to 200 kg. Cocoons are swings, equipped with an additional stand. As a rule, they are made from real or artificial rattan, wicker or bamboo. The model consists of small reinforcing arcs, which are mounted on top at a common point of fixation, with rattan and threads stretched between them. Most often they are produced in a single version, but there are also options designed for 2.3 and even 4 seats.

Hammocks - easy to use, are usually made of dense fabric and represent a canvas, which at both ends is attached to a vertical support. Usually designed for use by one person, at least two. Swing sofas - the most common version of the swing for adults in the cottages and in the courtyards of private houses. These are standard models,which have a long cushion for landing and a hard back, are distinguished by a lowered frequency of swaying - in simple terms, they are more likely to sway than to swing. As a rule, purchased for a group of individuals.

For kids

Swing for babies are also available in several versions. Sofa - products, designed only for one person, differ in high back and equipped with comfortable armrests that protect the baby from slipping. Sometimes these models are equipped with additional lighting and sound effects.

Benches are good for a group of children, as a rule, 3 to 5 babies swing on them. Such designs are products made in the form of a bench or in the form of interconnected individual seating places. Usually such swings have a strong metal frame, and hard seats are equipped with soft mattresses. For the smallest, jumper models are optimal for crumbs up to 1 year old.

Where to post?

Before approaching the choice of a suitable model of swing, it is necessary to determine the place where they should be located. It is important to focus on a few important points.

  • Swings should be placed so that you can always see the child, even if the construction is installed on the street, and you are at home.
  • Swings should not be located in the immediate vicinity of the fences and walls of outbuildings and houses - keep in mind that even having swayed strongly with outstretched legs, the child should not hit hard obstacles. The minimum free distance in front and behind the swing is 2 meters on each side, thus, the installation of the structure on the balcony or veranda is unacceptable, but to save space they are often hung in the doorway.
  • Optimally, the suspended swing is located in the shade, otherwise in the summer, during the daytime, they can become hot and the child will have uncomfortable fun on them.
  • Swing should be located away from the bushes with prickles, poisonous herbs, plants and flower beds.
  • Optimally, the surface under the swing was soft and springy - in this case, the baby, even falling, will not be able to get hurt.

What are they doing?

The most common variant of the swing swing is wooden, and such models can be used both for outdoor devices and at home. Swings from a tree have the mass of advantages.First, it is an environmentally friendly material. Secondly, the cost of wood is low, and therefore the swing will be worth quite democratic. Thirdly, wood products have a long lifespan, they are resistant to external weathering, do not rot under the action of precipitation, and do not cause direct sunlight from cracking and deformation. By the way, such a swing can be easily and simply done at home, and for this you do not even need to buy expensive boards - just look around and use the materials at hand, which are probably stored in each of the dacha shed.

Construction of a swing made of ordinary wooden pallets will be very cheap. - these products, remaining after repair or construction, can become a good seat, you just need to fix a tight rope on such a pallet and attach it to the main frame. If you connect 2 pallets, you can equip a swing with a back, by the way, many additionally sheathe them with foam rubber and cover them with cloth - this makes entertainment much more comfortable, moreover, you can not only sit on such soft structures, but even lie down after a very active day .

If you have an unnecessary skate or a broken snowboard, you can also use them for the equipment of the playing area and convert them into excellent seats. Such a sports facility is characterized by ease, but at the same time, a fortress, so you can put a baby on them without fear that such an improvised seat will break under the weight of a baby. The main thing here is to fix the suspension structure as firmly as possible on the frame with the help of cables or chains, but this will not cause any difficulties. If, for example, there are wheels left on the skateboard - then it will be enough just to build loops from the rope and thread the board through them, in which case the wheels will be fixed with ropes and prevent them from slipping.

Do not rush to throw out the old chair - perhaps right now it's his finest hour - if you cut off his legs and run the rope, you will get a very cozy and funny swing that will bring a lot of joy to you and your kids.

Metal is considered to be a no less popular variant of the swing., they look very stylish and expensive, favorably emphasize the landscape and create a large field for all sorts of decoration and display of designer ideas.Metal products are durable - they can serve faithfully for several decades, they are not afraid of temperature fluctuations, high humidity, frequent precipitations, or, conversely, exhausting heat.

However, there are also disadvantages. First of all, it is weight - the swings are very heavy, so you have to tinker to put them and fix them on the base. In addition, when falling, they can hit the child and cause significant harm to his health. And in the absence of the necessary care quickly undergoes corrosive processes. In addition, the metal swing heats up in the summer, and in the winter, on the contrary, becomes too cold, so their use may be inconvenient.

In recent years, more often make a swing from plastic, the advantages of such models are obvious - it is light weight, easy to install, quick cleaning and good portability of transportation. Even if such a swing hits the child, he will only get off with a slight bruise. But there are also disadvantages. Plastic swings can crack in the cold, and break and break. In the heat of the material may begin to melt, which leads to deformation of the structure.Such swings are often quite unstable, because they are optimal for children of a very early age. In addition, the environmental safety of such products is under great doubt, so many do not trust such structures.

How to fasten?

By type of construction, the swing is divided into mechanical and electronic. Mechanical fasten and work on the principle of the pendulum. They are fixed to the frame through the suspension on the bearings with the help of chains, and the swinging is carried out through a special rhythm of squats and straightenings. At the moment of squatting, the seats get to the highest point of their support, the sooner the mechanism passes through the lowest point of support, the stronger and higher the swing will be. The oscillation frequency depends on the size of the suspension - it corresponds to the length from the place of suspension to the central part of the main mass of the load, which is located in the region of the swinging waist.

During the bending and unbending of the knees, the center of the main pressure — the length of the main suspension — changes. When the person straightens up, he begins to go against the action of gravity, and when he relaxes, a reverse reaction occurs.

Electronic models are mounted and function in accordance with the theory of the oscillating circuit, which includes a wire coil and an electric capacitor. The latter is a 2 metal plates, between them is an air cushion. When a positive charge is formed on one coil and a negative charge on the second, discharges occur in them and current flows. After the replacement of the charge parameters, all actions are performed in the reverse order. Slowly but surely, the stock of kinetic energy ends and the oscillations cease.

How to choose?

When buying a swing, special attention should be paid to the safety of the structure, reliability and durability of the swing. For very young babies, it is better to use models equipped with seat belts, they prevent the baby from slipping and falling onto the dirt base. It is very important that the mount is strong and the knots do not start blooming at the time of swaying, but too tightly tied knots are no less dangerous because they can easily slip through the hole in the side of the swing.

When purchasing suspended structures, focus onhow exactly the installation was made as a whole, since manufacturers often fix the product crookedly - in this case, you have to bring the “swing” to the “mind” by yourself.


Reviews of the use of a swing swing are the most positive - these products are practical and reliable, they require minimal installation time, while serving as years. At the same time, the swings are presented in a wide variety of product positions - they can be made of different materials, have different shapes, functionality, as well as different sizes and methods of fastening. However, users note that when installing such products you need to add some stability to the seesaw using special pads. It is very important to periodically inspect the structure, check the working units. All items that are in sandy soil should be disassembled and cleaned annually.

If the swings are covered with awnings, umbrellas and have soft seats in their set, then all these elements need to be washed periodically, if there is no such possibility - wash them with a water hose using a cleaning agent.It is better to treat all woody surfaces with special structures that will protect the material from fungal damage and damage caused by insects - special fungicidal varnishes and liquid antiseptics are used for this purpose.

But the metal elements should be cleaned with water-repellent coatings. After any rain, it is necessary to wipe the swing with a dry cloth - this will significantly increase their service life, and during a hurricane or strong wind, remove the awning by all means, because when the fabric is tensioned, the arcs of the structure and fasteners can bend. The product must be clean - to maintain it in this state, you must regularly wipe all moving parts with a brush of medium hardness.

And, of course, do not exceed the permissible load on the swing, otherwise, as the reviews indicate, the swing may break. You should not swing too hard - this not only can lead to injuries, but also easily cause a rollover of the structure. It is strictly forbidden to jump on a swing and swing the seat to the right and left.

Beautiful examples

Suspended swing for many decades are an indispensable attribute of children's games.In stores you can find a wide variety of very different and very stylish models. And you can make a great swing with your own hands from any available tools.

Swings can be very different - wicker, round designs, double, and also with a net, a bag, in the form of a cocoon or an egg are quite popular. They may be present rack, and may be missing.

For the smallest equip indoor swing.

How to make a swing swing with your own hands, see the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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