Coverage for playgrounds in the country: types and choice of flooring

 Coverage for playgrounds in the country: types and choice of flooring

Any parents want to be confident in the safety of their kids during their street games at the dacha. Its guarantor may be the presence of a playground, but in order to protect children from injuries, scratches and abrasions, it is necessary to choose the right coverage for this area. Modern manufacturers offer different options. These are plastic and rubber modules, artificial turf, soft tile. Consider the advantages and disadvantages of such coatings in more detail.

How to choose?

Undoubtedly, the easiest way to fill the playground with sand or lay there artificial turf.In addition, these methods will not require serious financial costs from parents. However, in conditions of humidity and after precipitation, babies will not feel comfortable on such a surface. As for the cleaning of the territory, it will also cause certain difficulties.

Special demand are seamless rubber and soft pads. This is due to the fact that these materials do not wear out for a long time, and, if necessary, are easily repairable. Laying cover can be on two different technologies (bulk and modular). The main thing - to carefully prepare the surface before starting work. Also, consumers often use plastic modules because of their low prices, ease of installation and maintenance.

Before you decide on the choice of flooring, you must evaluate the quality of all options, focusing on the price category. Important points are the verification of required certificates and compliance with GOST. It is important to consider what area will be allocated for the arrangement of the playground, whether it is possible to independently prepare the surface, whether the help of professionals will be required during installation.


Thanks to modern technologies, the choice of coatings for playgrounds is represented on the market by a fairly wide range. The main point on which buyers are guided is to reduce the risk of injury to the child. Most often, parents opt for such types as tartan, plastic, soft tile, natural covering and artificial turf. Let's try to understand why these options are most in demand.

Tartan coating

This material is known that it is often used in stadiums in the arrangement of treadmills for athletes. It contains synthetic rubber, which protects users from dust, does not emit harmful substances, and does not provoke allergic reactions. Despite the fact that the coating can have a rather bright color, it is absolutely harmless to children's health, since natural dyes are used in production.

The technology of laying in this case is bulk. The surface must be flat and firm. Preferred options are asphalt and concrete. The coating for a long time retains its original appearance, is resistant to mechanical stress and temperature extremes, absolutely non-slip and perfectly cleaned.However, the material has a rather high price, and for laying it is necessary to resort to the services of specialists.

Artificial turf

This coating has advantages over conventional lawn grass. It is much less trampled than the natural, on it does not appear footpaths and bare areas. Artificial turf is valued for the fact that it always has a great appearance and does not stain things.

In this case, it is important to pay attention to the height of the blades of grass. Very young children will be difficult to play in too tall grass. In addition, it should be clarified what density the lawn will have, what will directly affect its convenience, and how thick the blades will have, on which the aesthetic value of the coating will depend.

Before laying such a lawn, you need to take care of surface preparation. First you need to clean it, get rid of debris, as much as possible to align. If you plan to lay the flooring directly on top of the ground, you must first tamp it down using a roller or a board of sufficient width. If the plot is too uneven, you can get rid of the top layer of earth.

Due consideration should be given to the drainage system.In its absence, there is a risk of soil rotting under the lawn. Therefore, it is necessary to make ditches through which rainwater will flow.

If the surface is made of asphalt or concrete, the substrate should be made before laying. Her sheets overlap the edges of each other, and the joints are sealed. Also with the help of glue fixed curb. After 12 hours the grass will straighten and begin to stretch upwards. After installation, you get an ideal surface, which is not afraid of precipitation and temperature changes. Also, it does not wear out and does not fade in the sun.

Rubber modular coating

Experts consider this option as the safest for young children. In addition, it is durable, does not wear out, is not afraid of heat and precipitation. Products have a bright color scheme, allowing you to choose the necessary option for every taste. At the same time used dyes are absolutely harmless to the health of babies. The coating is non-toxic, does not cause allergic reactions, absorbs noise.

Since this type of coating is presented in a wide color variety, consumers can realize the most unexpected design ideas.It should be noted that drainage in this case is not required. The outflow of water is done independently.

Rubber modular coating can be soft or hard. It can be located both on a solid surface and on the ground. The thickness of the modules is from 30 to 80 millimeters. When preparing the ground, the selected area is cleaned, carefully compacted and filled with a small layer of rubble, over which the cement mixed with sand is laid. After that it is necessary to use a primer.

The modules are fixed with sleeves, they eliminate the possibility of coating shifting during use. If the laying is done over asphalt or concrete, the surface is treated with a special primer, which also will not allow the appearance of cracks and flood the existing ones. The glue is applied with a roller or brush, and the tile is placed on top and pressed tightly. In this case, the water flow should have a slope of 2 percent.

Modular plastic coating

This option is a plastic elements that are resistant to water and temperature fluctuations. It does not require a certain experience for installation, it is an eco-friendly product.The undeniable advantage and distinctive feature of this coating is the possibility of analysis if necessary. This is especially convenient in terms of giving. Care includes periodic flushing with water from a hose.

Cover should not be placed on the grass. It is better to cover the surface with sand, wet it and carefully tamp it. Squares made from modules are securely fixed on such a surface.

Natural coating

This is the cheapest option, but it has limitations. Due to the risk of injury to children, the use of gravel and rubble is not recommended. You can consider as suitable options for sand, natural grass, decorative chips. Concrete should be used with great care.

How to apply a rubber coating for the site with your own hands, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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