How to equip the playground with the help of available tools?

 How to equip the playground with the help of available tools?

The best place to relax from the hustle and bustle of the city is its own cottage or country plot, where the whole family can find something for themselves. Adults often prefer activities that will be the younger generation or not yet able or uninteresting. This leads to the fact that children are unoccupied, mischievous and only interfere with serious work. To solve this problem, enough ideas, tools and hands.It is necessary to build some children's corner in the area where the child will be really interested. Equipping a playground from the materials at hand is easy, and it will be much cheaper than buying a finished one.

Project stage

At the very beginning it is important to think over all the details that should be taken into account during the implementation of your project. At the design stage it is very important to take into account the main points on which the usefulness of this building and, of course, the safety of children depend.

  • The playground should be located in an open space where children will be fully accessible to the eyes of adults - this allows you to keep the younger generation under control.
  • All parts and objects of the site must be completely safe, without sharp corners, ends, notches.
  • Buildings are best done at an average distance from the work area, outbuildings and a vegetable garden, that is, so that during work you can monitor the activities and location of the child.
  • It is better to choose the soil at the location of the playing area, wholly or partially, unsuitable for growing any crops, this is necessary in order to save the fertile land as much as possible.
  • You can also have a platform near the fence, only in this case you will have to take care of the complete safety of young children.
  • Above the corner of the table there must be a shed that will not allow the child to get a heat stroke or get wet from a sudden rain.

Thus, the design stage and the preliminary creation of the layout is an integral part of the construction of the playground with their own hands from scrap materials. Of course, do not forget about the main functionality of the children's corner - the entertainment and development of children, which is a more important aspect of its construction. Therefore, you need to approach the work with ready-made ideas and enthusiasm, planning to install not only a banal swing and a sandbox on the playground, but also add something else from them. Only then the work becomes interesting and will be able to please not only children.

At the project and mainly implementation stages, the younger generation can be involved in joint activities, but, of course, according to their physical abilities. Working together will help strengthen family understanding and develop children's creative abilities.

Site preparation and selection of materials

At the end of the project stage, you should precisely navigate with the location and content of the children's corner. The site is selected, it remains to process and prepare for new buildings. Work on the preparation takes place in several stages.

  • It is necessary to clear and level the earth on the necessary area.
  • It is necessary to determine the coating, which will serve as the basis of the entire site. The most commonly used mixture of rubble and sand, as it is the most budget option. You can still cover the ground with artificial grass or special rubber.
  • Then you need to take measurements and purchase all the necessary materials. The main thing - do not forget that all this is necessary for young children, so all materials should be as safe as possible and comply with all norms and standards.
  • After that, you need to make sure that you have a standard set of tools for work: nails, screws, screws, screwdriver, screwdriver, hammer, handsaw, Bulgarian, painting tools and paint. If something is missing, you need to purchase, as this is all useful throughout the construction.
  • At the very end of the preparatory stage, all inaccuracies in the plan should be corrected.

Now you can get to work.

Arrangement of a children's corner

When choosing game elements on your playground, it is worth analyzing what your child likes to do the most and to emphasize this. Some of the children prefer to swing on the swings a lot of time, some people like to spend their leisure time modeling sand figures in the sandbox, and someone likes slides more. All this needs to be considered before you start building something with your own hands.

Manufacturing of individual elements


One of the most common children's entertainment, which helps the creative development of the younger generation and can captivate him for a few hours. Sandboxes in a modern form are very transformed and look quite aesthetic, therefore you have complete freedom of ideas in forms, painting and various details. But such entertainment is not suitable for everyone, and this should be taken into account. Therefore, the construction of the sandbox is better to coordinate with the child.


The most favorite element of playgrounds is a swing, and not only children, but also many adults love to swing on them.There is no such child who would not like a swing, therefore it is necessary to install them, but you have to choose the type, shape, size and color. Swings can be both suspended, and usual. Out of improvised means it will be better to make a swing swing, which will be attached to the top bar on the ropes or chains. The second option is less safe for children, as the chains can pinch the skin and ruin the fun of the child. When choosing ropes, it should be remembered that over time they can wear out and fray, therefore they need to be periodically checked and changed.


This type of entertainment is also enjoyed by almost all children, and it also gives absolute freedom in creative terms. Slides can be made of different materials:

  • metal - the material is not the best, because it quickly rusts;
  • Stainless steel - the option is already better, but is one of the most expensive, so using stainless steel is unprofitable;
  • wood is a material that requires careful processing and polishing, and in the future it will have to be covered with something sliding.
  • Plastic is the best option, as it is inexpensive, wears out for a long time and does not require special treatment.

An important part is the size of the slide, as it should be comfortable for your child and have a margin of 2-3 years ahead. Often the slides are built in combination with some additional elements.

Children's house or hut

There are many variations of this structure - from the simplest and fastest in construction to complex structures made of small logs and poles. Of course, it is better to create a child a real house that will look like an ordinary house with a porch, doors and windows. If this is not possible, then you can create a small tent or wigwam, most importantly, do not forget about the safety of children. The construction must be sustainable and not to collapse at the first strong wind. In such separate houses and huts, children love to arrange so-called headquarters. If the child likes the building, he will spend more time there.

Sports section

There is no framework at all, in this corner may include a variety of details:

  • rope ladders;
  • horizontal bars;
  • parallel bars;
  • rings.

Such a corner will help your child’s physical development and allow them to hold their own sporting events.

Additional elements

Above are the most popular elements of the playground, then already hope for your imagination. An infinite number of different elements and parts made from available tools - tires, tires, pallets and other things can be placed on the plot. Here the choice is already yours and your child.

Placement of elements on the site

The area of ​​the site required for construction depends on your desires, age and number of children. Usually it is a square corner of 8-10 square meters. On this site, the location of the elements can be very diverse. Most often, a slide in combination with swings and other equipment is located in the center, a sports area and some creative elements like drawing boards should be located in the corner near the fence. With a rectangular area a little more difficult, there elements, most likely, will have to be installed in a row, one after another. And also you need to remember about security, especially if you have more than one child. Due to the circumstances of a large family, you cannot put a swing next to a sandbox.

Territory decoration options

The children's corner can be decorated in completely different ways, everything also depends on you and your child, on your wishes, creative ideas and imagination.The area around the perimeter can be planted with flowers or you can create some thematic figures and arrange them in different places of the site, the decoration will be the bright color of the main buildings, they can be covered with different bright colors or coated in the same style, there are no borders.

Design Ideas

The design of the playground depends on the creative ideas, the amount of the planned, the style, the materials used and the time the owner is willing to spend on this event. It is better to coordinate all steps with the children, they should highlight the details that they like and can be corrected, because the main thing is that they have fun and comfort. Since children are often bored at the dacha, the main idea of ​​creating such a children's corner is to provide children with fun and interesting activities, which means that everything should be designed in an interesting and colorful way.

You can combine everything on the site, and ideally all the main elements of entertainment should be built. If the place is not so much, then you can install only the most interesting and important for the child, for example, a swing and a sandbox, a slide and a sports corner and so on.

The interests of the child should be considered not only in the placement of buildings, but also in the painting of these very elements. For example, for a boy you can paint everything in protective colors, for a girl you can draw flowers on the elements. It is also important to design the site with additional elements and figures made from tires, pallets and other available tools.

Successful examples

There are a lot of examples of interesting playgrounds, although, of course, it’s better to come up with something of your own, but You can use ready-made examples of design.

  • The whole playground can be made in military style. In addition to the standard swing and slides in military colors, you can make a tent in the form of a military headquarters, as well as a sandbox in the form of some kind of military transport. On such a site, a boy of 4-8 years old will be very interested to play.
  • Children's corner can be issued for girls, but for this you need to pick up the bright colors of the buildings, draw funny insects, flowers and fairytale heroes on them. A holiday house is designed as a small colorful family house or a princess house.
  • You can also decorate the site in pirate style. On buildings, you can draw any objects associated with your child with pirates and the sea. Holiday house can be made as a pirate ship.

In all these examples, all major recreational buildings are assumed (slide, swing, sandpit, sports area and holiday house). If possible, you should also add thematic shapes and additional structures. To create a place for the entertainment and development of your children from the means at hand is quite easy, the main thing is to treat this work with all the responsibility and creativity. Then this playground will last a long time, perhaps even for more than one generation of children.

How to equip the playground with your own hands, see the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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