How to make a garden swing out of metal with your own hands?

A garden is not only beautiful trees and shrubs. A very important component of it is the infrastructure for leisure. An important role in it is played by garden swings.

Types of designs

It is difficult to deny that outdoor recreation is nicer and healthier than in a room. This should be taken into account and those who are in the garden plots. But it is impossible to restrict yourself to benches, benches - it is important to use another garden swing. They allow you to make the situation more comfortable, relax your muscles and make the load on them evener. The simplicity of the design does not cause any problems in the manufacture of the swing itself.

With all the variety of existing structures, the swing of metal has the absolute priority. The fact is that other materials do not provide the necessary protection, are distinguished by low resistance to bad weather conditions. Differences may relate to the size of the soft part and the fabrics used. However, this is not important, since it is associated with ease of use.

Metal swing in the garden can be designed for 1 person, but there are other options that allow four users to sit down at once.

Quite widespread folding street swing, the transformation of which is due to the tilting of the back. After this, it turns out already a small size of a suspended bed. It can be placed canopy, allowing you to sleep during the day and evening. Shelter completely stops as the sun's rays, and small rainfall. In order to reliably protect themselves from light that comes at an acute angle, products with adjustable tilt of the visors are often chosen.

Speaking about the types of garden swings, it is impossible to ignore their children's category. An important difference in this design is the reduced size and other measures to adapt to the anatomy of young people.Naturally, increased safety requirements are also imposed, since what is acceptable for adults may pose a serious threat to children. Often, children's swings are made double so that they can be used simultaneously and without conflict. Simple single versions inevitably generate envy and attempts to “stake out” for a fascinating attraction.

But the main division is still related to the configuration of the swing. Traditional bench format invariably means back. Wood or steel pipe is required to do the job. Depending on personal preferences, you can hang designs on springs with sturdy struts or on chains. 2-4 riders can accommodate, which allows the use of such swings in large families and in sanatoriums, medical institutions.

Flexible sizing does not exhaust the advantages of the bench layout. It always implies the presence in the kit mosquito nets, which is essential in any place. Even far from water and lowlands, blood-sucking insects will inevitably fly around for their prey. And to interrupt quiet rocking, serenely flowing thoughts with continuous claps, few people will like it.

And it is precisely the bench swing that can be easily transformed into a sleeper - you need only a few simple movements.

But experienced specialists and those who have already installed such a simulator, warn against hasty conclusions. The bench will provide the buildup only in the transverse direction. In addition, some of the products of this kind is characterized by low resistance. This is especially true for products of the budget class, whose manufacturers are striving to reduce costs to a minimum. Cheap swings are equipped with unnecessarily thin pillows, which do not soften the rigidity of the main support poorly, and more expensive options are heavier and not sufficiently convenient for assembly and transportation.

Because of these problems, the preferences of some consumers turn to spherical structures. In the catalogs of trade organizations, they are called hanging chairs. Despite its definition, this is not quite an ideal sphere - the differences from the geometrical figure of the same name are associated with a 1/3 cut-out surface, without which it would be impossible to use the product. All such swings are designed for 1 person, while it is assumed that users will sit down or lie down with their legs bent.To hold the "sphere" apply a suspension on a single arcuate rack. So that it is guaranteed to endure, it is made as powerful as possible.

Spherical swings can be equipped with the softest pillows of all, and the buildup can occur in any direction. No need to think where it will deviate, but where it is impossible. Braided plastic is used for the decor. The frame is powerful and reliable, there is no reason to fear any falls. It is easy to retire on such a swing, and you can use them in an apartment or house. But protection from bad weather is weak, and it will be difficult to lie down.

Swings can have one axis of torsion, such products are created very easily and work reliably. The problem is that the seat can only move back and forth, at right angles to the base beam. The smallest height of the lowest point of the seat above the ground will be 350 mm. If the swings have 2 or more axles of torsion, they can move sideways, however, make such a construction heavier. It is recommended to make it for school-age children, for whom additional freedom when moving is very important.

There are swings with a single point of suspension.In such a case, ropes or chains are used, which intersect just below the crossbar. The distance between the ground and the seat, as well as between the seat and the supports should be equal to 400 mm. It is also customary to distinguish between swings to family, mobile and children's types. They differ significantly in their characteristics.

Mobile products are made simple and easy, with the expectation of reducing the complexity of transportation. If it is difficult to determine the choice of a suitable position on the site, or it is planned to remove the swing to the house periodically, this is the optimal solution. A family-designed attraction looks like a bulky bench with a large backrest. Fixation is performed using U-shaped structures on extremely strong cables or chains. Often these swings are covered with awnings or even equipped with a roof.

As for the children's format, there is a little more variety of configurations. Basically they choose “classics” - improvised boats and hanging chairs. The disadvantage is that such structures can only be used under the supervision of adults. There is also a division according to the main structural element.In the hammock swing, a metal crossbar is used for fixing.

The only possible exception is when you can use a strong branch of a tree. But this is only an extreme option, since breaking a branch and deviating it from a straight line will immediately deprive the swing of safety. Hammock swings will be able to lift about 200 kg. As for single products, they can have the most different versions and do not require installation of auxiliary crossbars. Installation in any place is allowed.


Differences may also apply to the organization of support frames. In some cases it is the legs, in others - the oval. The main connections are made with bolts, which makes it easy to disassemble swings and transport them even in a private car. The essential elements will be:

  • racks of sidewalls;
  • a pair of upper crosses;
  • the tips which are put on legs;
  • crossbar spacers;
  • springs of two types;
  • ready spring assemblies for seats;
  • rack and frame;
  • fillers;
  • fabric for the manufacture and coating of awnings;
  • fasteners of various kinds (selected individually).

Drawings and sizes

Making drawings of a garden swing, it is necessary to show their dimensions in three planes. Begin with a total width (which is determined by the front part of the structure). The second number indicates the depth of the frame. The third number is the height. It is undesirable to use large swings in outdoor sheds or gazebos.

But in any case, you need to focus on the features of a particular landscape or room, so that the scheme was drawn up correctly. If you have to put a swing just under the trees, where there is free space, you can pay attention to one width. It should be borne in mind that the seat is 400-500 mm smaller than the distance between the side posts. When planning to make a hanging bench for a couple with 1 child, you can limit yourself to a width of 1.6 m. But for three adults you will need from 180 to 200 cm.

Exactly the same dimensions are trying to give the rear seats of cars, as they allow you to freely sit down all without a hint of constraint. If you plan to use the swing alone, there will be enough seats 1 m wide. To make the structure larger is to waste construction materials.In the drawings it is required to reflect the thickness of the round pipes for the manufacture of racks and other details. Their diameter can vary from 3.8 to 6 cm.

The permissible wall thickness varies from 0.1 to 0.15 cm. Increasing these indicators, you can increase strength. However, the total fee also grows significantly. In a private garden it is appropriate to mount a swing from a pipe with a section of 3.8-4.5 cm. At the same time, the tube thickness can be limited to 1.2 mm. More serious parameters are needed already for the swing, hung out in public places.

In the drawing, the A-frame indicate:

  • flanges;
  • eye nuts;
  • simple nuts;
  • bolts;
  • Tightening frame elements;
  • crossbars;
  • support frames

How to make your own hands?

Having decided on the appropriate type of swing and their size, you can already get to work. If there is no experience with the handling of welding equipment, it is necessary to prefer collapsible products. You can make them by tying the components with nuts and bolts. It is important to bear in mind that the carving in the joints may systematically loosen. This provokes backlash, and over time, the destruction of the structure.

Therefore, it is necessary to provide for the possibility of tightening fasteners. To get the frame in the form of the letter A, two iron bars are used, which are joined at the top. A jumper is placed at half height to help make the swing harder.

You can simplify the work, if you choose the U-shaped format. But it is important to understand that the stability of the product will be somewhat worse, so you need to weigh the pros and cons before choosing the final version.

Making country homemade swings from sheet iron is almost impossible, in most cases they are made from a pipe.

For a canopy swing often use:

  • tarpaulin;
  • textile;
  • wood roof with soft tiles.

The optimal solution, however, is not these materials, but polycarbonate. They are durable and let the sunlight in almost completely, further dispersing it. In most cases, they still try to swing to give, even if they are made on bearings, to weld - this is much more reliable than bolting the main parts. Getting ready to assemble a swing for children in this way, except for the welding machine, you need to take:

  • construction level;
  • angle grinder;
  • electric drill;
  • a set of drills for wood and metal;
  • screwdriver;
  • the self-tapping screws capable to keep sheets of polycarbonate;
  • wrenches of various sizes.

From the materials prepared:

  • tubular and angular profiles;
  • plank or cobbled profile;
  • nuts and washers;
  • bolts with partially concealed heads;
  • fasteners of stainless steel (or rusting, but with a zinc layer);
  • anchors;
  • polycarbonate;
  • metal frame protection devices;
  • substances that protect wood from decomposition.

A typical scheme implies that rectangular support frames are used at the very bottom. The side parts are made of a pair of welded pipes. A horizontal crossbar will help hang the bench. It is advisable to assemble the frame from the side parts and not from the center. Pipes are marked and cut using angle grinders.

When everything is cut, it is necessary to assess the accuracy of compliance with the dimensions, which should not be different for any pair of parts.

These pairs are welded together, getting L-shaped identical blocks. The sharp upper ends of the parts are cut at the same level. Such a step will help to make a small supporting platform on which the horizontal bar will be fixed.To eliminate errors, you need to apply pre-made templates. The sides are welded onto a supporting rectangular frame, only after that they work with a horizontal crossbar.

The side posts are placed vertically, and the beam is mounted parallel to the base. Just for full control of these moments apply the construction level. Only after the completion of such work can be taken for the preparation of the bench. The basis for it is made of steel corners. The bench is most often placed at an angle of 120 degrees relative to the seat.

You can precisely bend a corner by cutting one of its shelves with a triangle at an angle of 60 degrees. The seat frame must be made by welding a rectangular profile. The sides are joined at the edges using horizontal lintels. It is required to connect also those sites in which the design is bent.

It is recommended to supplement the assembled seat with armrests - it will be calmer and safer when riding.

Useful recommendations

Both the back and the seat should be made as smooth as possible - it does not matter whether an adult or a child will use the swings. The ideal choice because it turns out the bars or boards, which are polished with emery. Initially, processing is performed with a large grain, then its caliber is reduced.Pre-prepared notches are used to fasten chopped boards. They are screwed bolts, trying to drown the head.

Until the assembly is completed, the whole wood is impregnated with antiseptic and varnish. Metal parts must be primed and painted. Eye-bolts are placed at the corners of the frame. For attaching chains to the ears of such bolts, either threaded couplings or mounting hooks are used. Suspension of benches should also be on the eyebolts. Do home craftsmen have the choice of whether to fasten them on the corners or over the edges.

It will be useful to add a swing with a visor. Not only children, but also adults very important effective protection from precipitation and sunlight. The visor is a rectangular steel frame with reinforced bridges. A polycarbonate sheet is mounted on top of the frame.

It is advisable to orient the visor at a low angle so that the flow of rainwater does not encounter obstacles.

The cross section of profiles for the visor is usually small. They are welded together and fastened to the top of the swing frame, also using welding machines. Install the polycarbonate sheet only after the paint has dried on the metal.It is fixed with screws, supplemented by sealing washers. The end of the visor is recommended to overlap the profile of the polymer, which will not allow insects or dust particles to get inside.

Beautiful examples

So it may look L-shaped type of swing. Having blocked them from above not only with boards, but also with a cloth, the creators achieved a very pleasant appearance. A large triple seat, covered with elegant fabric, also creates a good impression.

The attractive look can have a completely wooden structure. Equipping the roof with a tiled layer further enhances the aesthetic qualities and increases the reliability of the swing.

How to make a garden swing out of metal with your own hands, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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