How to choose a plastic ramp for a slide?

For those parents who are lucky enough to equip their own children's corner for their offspring, it is very important to approach its construction and the choice of component structures with the mind. And the quality of materials in this matter is not the last. The "heart" of the children's corner has always been a slide. How to be guided when choosing a plastic stingray for a children's slide is described in this article.

What it is

The slope of a children's slide is an elongated surface of small thickness, one part of which is located on the upper point of the support of the slide, and the lower one - on the surface of the ground. Mounted on a pre-equipped specially for him frame.

Such designs may have different lengths and are made of different materials. You can purchase or order models of any color.

Slope for slides should be durable and made without various kinds of marriage.

Manufacturing material

The most common material used is plastic. Modern technologies of processing and production have made it quite durable before mechanical stress and resistant to temperature changes. Best of all plastic models are combined with a wooden frame.

Plastics derived materials are also worth mentioning right away. The first one is fiberglass. It has a very beautiful appearance, but is distinguished by intolerance to low temperatures - it can freeze and become brittle in this state. By production, it is very easy to take any given shape, which makes this material popular with manufacturers.

The second material is fiberglass. This is the same as fiberglass, with the only difference that the fibers of the material are impregnated with resin. Fiberglass models are durable and flexible. The material is not affected by temperature drops and changes in humidity. Fiberglass chutes have the same strength as the same steel models, but they are several times lighter. Such models almost never subside.

Metal models are still being produced. They are strong and durable, but in conditions of a sharply continental climate in the summer they overheat greatly, and in winter they become just icy.

Wooden ramps are also available, but in small quantities. Over time, this material is easily destroyed due to the influence of temperature and moisture. Such stingrays cannot be made in any other form than the straight line, otherwise such a structure may collapse. But these slides have one advantage - they are environmentally friendly, do not have a strongly pronounced odor, and do not cause different reactions in the child when in contact with the skin, do not overcool and do not overheat.

Obviously, the slide for children should be made of plastic. They are available in any color and the most interesting forms, even in the form of a fabulous teremka or Eiffel Tower in miniature. And skates can be found with the most bizarre bends.

What parameters should be considered?

The first thing to look out for is workmanship. The outer surface of the slope should be flat, without cracks and protrusions. Particular attention should be paid to the seams - they should be invisible and well wiped. The surface of the slope should have a high degree of slip.The base of the slope is equipped with a safe speed damper to avoid injuries.

The second selection parameter is height. First of all, the choice of the height of the slope should depend on the age of the child. For younger children, it is better to choose a slide no more than 3 m tall, and for children from 4 years old, installations of 4 m height are purchased. The recommended height for installation in meters is indicated by the manufacturer.

Another important point is the quality and strength of the component parts. In particular, fasteners for installation should be flat, sit tightly nests, safety.

It is impossible to save money on the safety of children, it is necessary to stop your choice, first of all, on constructions of good quality. In addition, a bright slide will delight even adults with its appearance. Ramps for plastic slides are both a safe and low-cost option.

How to make a slide for the playground with your own hands, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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