Children's sports grounds: types and subtleties of design

Almost all children love active outdoor games. Few of them are able to sit long in one place. And well, if there is a playground nearby, where you can always look after your child.

Not all cottage villages and private sectors are equipped with playgrounds for children. Of course, it will not upset the restless, they will always find a place for entertainment. But such entertainment often makes parents worry. And so that your child was where to play, you can build a playground right in your yard.

Types of sites

First of all, you should familiarize yourself with the types of structures in order to understand which one is best for your child. Options, depending on the various parameters, there is a lot.Children's sports ground is a complex consisting of many components. With the availability of materials and skills, you can assemble it completely with your own hands. Otherwise, individual parts or the entire area can be purchased in specialized stores.

    Let's look at the variety of sites, depending on the age of the child.

    • For kids up to three years - The easiest and cheapest option, since at this age, children do not need a variety of sports equipment. It will be enough one slide, horizontal bar, swings and two-three stairs. The number of these elements may vary depending on the number of children.
    • For children from three to seven years - more complex design of medium size. At this age, children are most active, so do not forget about the maximum safety of the site. In addition, the elements listed in the first paragraph will not be enough. It can be supplemented with a trampoline, rope, rope ladders and gymnastic rings.
    • For children over seven years old and teenagers - the most difficult platform on the device. First, it must have a solid size.Secondly, it should include a variety of projectiles, for example, a climbing wall, a table tennis table, a basketball hoop and exercise equipment.

    Playgrounds are divided into several types depending on the materials from which they are made.

    • Metallic - usually made of stainless steel. They are the strongest and most reliable, as they withstand heavy loads. They can also boast durability. However, they have a lot of weight, which significantly complicates the installation process. At the same time, such a site must be concreted.
    • Wood - less reliable, but attractive and at the same time eco-friendly. But require constant care. Wood is recommended to be treated with various substances in order to protect against external factors and pests. In addition, the site will have to be painted every year. But in the event of a breakdown it is easy to repair.
    • Plastic - the most modern and practical option. Very easy to install, but to assemble such a platform from improvised means will not work, you will have to purchase in the store. At the same time, pay attention to the fact that the manufacturer has a certificate stating that his product complies with environmental safety standards. In this case, the plastic pad is the safest for children.
    • Combined - elements of the same material are rarely included in playgrounds. Therefore, they can be assembled using different components. For example, the best and most reliable sites for handicraft production are wooden and stainless steel constructions.

    Which option to choose?

    The choice of playground is completely dependent on you and the wishes of your child. Of course, the most important factor when choosing is the age of the child. In addition, you need to consider other factors, including the size of your site, the quality and reliability of the structure.

      We recommend to take into account the generally accepted building codes for children's and sports facilities.

      1. The site must be separate. That is, to be at a reasonable distance from roads, parking lots, garbage containers, as well as places where building materials are stored.
      2. The surface on which the platform stands must be soft so that children avoid injury from falling. For these purposes, suitable grass, sand, as well as rubber or synthetic materials.
      3. On the territory of the site should not be plants that could harm the health of the child.For example, flowers with prickles.
      4. There should be benches, litter bins and, most importantly, lighting that will provide children with good visibility in the evening. By the way, many sports grounds in the courtyards of apartment buildings have stands with rules of conduct. It is unlikely that someone will put such a stand on your site. But still it is worthwhile to personally enlighten your child about these rules.
      5. Observe the generally accepted size of playgrounds. For children aged three to seven years - at least 50 square meters. For older children - at least 100 square meters.

      Selection and preparation of the site

      The above standards and requirements are not the only ones, because we are talking about children and their safety. Before proceeding with the construction of the sports ground, you will have to break your head when choosing the right place. Especially if you do not have a fairly large garden.

      You should not place the platform in the open. It is best to place it under a large green tree so that in the summer it covers the structure from the heat. However, it must be protected from the wind. Put a hedge around at least two meters high.

      And do not forget about a soft safe covering for the earth. Soil is traumatic in itself, and sodden after rain, it becomes even more dangerous. You can cover it with, for example, lawn grass. In addition, if the site is metal, it must be concreted.

      About the danger of children's entertainment on the concrete surface and not worth talking about.

      Today in the building stores you can find a lot of modern materials. Among them is a rubber crumb, which is used to cover the treadmills in sports complexes. From the advantages of the material, convenience, protection from injuries during falls and a long service life can be distinguished. However, there is one significant disadvantage - such coverage is quite expensive.

      The second modern option is a plastic mesh coating. Among the advantages include resistance to wear, a pleasant appearance, as well as a structure due to which water does not linger on the surface.

      Installation and Filling

      When a suitable place is selected and prepared, you can proceed to the installation. People with an engineering mindset can develop a plan on their own.And also it is possible to order the project from the specialists who will make the drawing, taking into account the peculiarities of your site and the wishes of your children.

      The main thing is to decide in advance on what elements should be on your site. You can proceed from the most common types.

      1. Swing - the most popular active entertainment for children. They can always be installed separately from the site. The main thing - to provide a secure mount. All-metal structures are best suited for these purposes. At the heart of the swing itself should be chains or strong ropes. It is necessary to arrange them so that nothing prevents the swinging.
      2. Sandbox and slide - for compactness are usually located one above the other. When calculating the size should take into account the age of the child. Firstly, it affects the height and steepness of the slide, and secondly, in the sandbox the child should be placed in full growth.

      Dig four holes 50 centimeters deep. Install strong beams there and cement it. At the top of the beams is a platform for beams. If the construction is made of wood, do not forget to treat it with an antiseptic.

      The best material for a slope is metal, but it can be made from cheaper plywood.

      After the installation is complete, fill the sandbox with clean, sifted sand.

      • House - most often it is equipped on the top platform for a hill. But if you put it below, it will be interesting to the youngest children. The house can be replaced by a budget hut, for example, from willow branches.
      • Gymnastic rings - as the swing should be placed on strong chains and withstand a lot of weight. Set the height of the rings depending on the age and height of your child.
      • Rope - usually hangs on playgrounds for children over seven years old. It should be reliable, well tied to the mount. On the whole rope from the lower end, the nodes for support should be placed with arms and legs, approximately at a distance of 60 centimeters from each other.
      • Hammock - a place where children can relax. The main thing is that it is not located very high, the child must climb into it and not be injured when falling.
      • Log - a simple projectile for the development of balance. It is better to install it on metal supports not high above the ground.The shell itself is made of wooden logs, by cleaning, grinding and covering it with protective substances.

      Installing a playground in your yard is not easy and expensive. But if you decided to please your children, follow our recommendations in order not to err in any way and be the best parents in the world.

      You will learn more about how to make a sports ground for children in the following video.

      Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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