Rope swing: types and manufacturing technology

Rest in the country is a desirable time for most city dwellers. Fresh air, hand-grown vegetables and fruits, quiet family evenings attract mostly adults and elderly people. Young children often do not know what to do without the familiar Internet and sports sections.

In order to make the rest of the son or daughter more active and saturated, you can hang a small rope swing on the site.

Types of rope swing

All rope swings have one principle of operation - this is movement due to rhythmic contractions of the human body. Yes, and according to the name of their appearance consists of the ropes themselves, suspended from the frame or tree branch, to which the seat is attached. The types of such simple entertainment often differ only in the form and material of this seat itself.


The easiest version of a rope swing is an ordinary board familiar to everyone since childhood. It can be part of a pallet left after building a house, part of an old shop, or even consist of several thin logs fastened together. The seat can be not only wooden, but also metal and even from dense plastic.

You can make such a swing literally in 2 hours, and the joyful laughter of a child rolling under the shade of an apple or oak tree will be heard on the continuation of the entire vacation.


More difficult option of seat for a rope swing is the chair or a bench with a back. Sitting on such a structure is much more convenient than on the bench. For the smallest, you can equip additional handles or mounts. Such swings are less often made of metal, most often they are plastic or wooden.

For extra comfort, you can put small pillows on the seat, which are conveniently placed under the back.


One of the unusual variants of rope swings will be a wide surface with or without rim, on which the child fits entirely.It can be a real crib with a mattress and a blanket, hanging on thick ropes or even on metal chains, or a small children's cradle for the baby in which it can be rocked right outside for an afternoon nap in warm weather.


Such swings are hung not on two or four, but on one very strong rope. In shape, they resemble an onion or a drop, in one side of which a hole for a child is cut. Inside such a cocoon can be covered with soft blankets or pillows. In this closed space, the child will feel as protected as possible, as if it is a separate house or a tent.

Such cocoons are made of plastic or thick fabric. In addition, the metal frame structure can be covered with a weave of thin twine.

A circle

In addition to the cocoon, the swings made of their usual plastic or metal wrap can also be wicker. A thick rope like a web weaves around it. In order for the ropes not to stick into the delicate child's skin, the pattern must be very dense or a small cover should be draped over the top.

In addition to the hoop, an ordinary rubber tire from a car wheel can serve as a seat for a rope swing. The main thing is that it is strong and clean.

In addition to the material and shape, the swing can be distinguished by their location. They can be both inside and outside the room. In addition, they can be placed on the balcony or open veranda.


If a children's swing is installed on the garden or summer cottage, then, most likely, they will be the rope ones. This is due to the fact that this design has many advantages.

  • Versatility. Such an attraction will not take up much space and can be suspended both in the yard or garden, and on a small veranda or even inside the room.
  • Durability. The design is free from complex mounts and hangers, so it will last a long time. The main thing - to choose high-quality ropes in order to hang the seat.
  • Efficiency. Unlike massive structures with a frame, such swings are much cheaper, and more often they are made free of scrap materials.
  • Environmental friendliness. Products made of wood and rope are natural and will not harm the baby.The main thing is that the boards should be well cleaned and polished.
  • Design. Both purchased and hand-made rope swings can be painted in various colors, decorated with ribbons or pillows, and covered with cloth. Especially good looks such a decor that fits to the decoration of the house itself or the entire plot.

How to make a swing out of a hoop?

The most original and completely uncomplicated solution for a rope swing to the cottage will be a swing made from a metal gymnastic hoop. To do this, you need to tie two ropes on two sides of the circle, hooking them together in the center. Add two more loops on the other sides of the hoop, the ropes should be stretched as tightly as they have enough strength to tighten them. Such manipulations continue until 16 - 20 rope radii diverge from the center. After that, in the direction from the center to the edge, a braiding rope is let in a circle.

In all places of intersection with radius rays, it should be tied in a knot.

The braid can be not only circular - it can be a weave that looks like a hammock net, web, or other options. To tie such a swing to a support is quite simple.It is enough to mentally build an isosceles square inside the hoop and attach long strong ropes to its rim on its corners. From above, such ropes are tied to a thick branch of a tree, a roof bar of a shed or a gazebo.

    In the event that there is no tree with such a branch on the plot, you can make it yourself. To do this, you need to choose a long strong beam or a log and carefully fix them in the fork of an apple, birch or other tall tree growing near the house. Such a swing will interest not only the child, but also an adult, so it is better to immediately choose a hoop of larger diameter. If you cover the rope weaving with a soft blanket and take your favorite drink or an interesting book with you, then on such a swing you can not just sway, but spend a whole day in pleasant solitude.

    How to make a swing swing with your own hands, see the next video.

    Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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