Anatomical pillows

 Anatomical pillows

Anatomical pillows have a preventive and therapeutic effect and are suitable for people with neck and upper spine problems. Models are designed for adults and children, promote good rest during sleep. The basis of their action is the ability to repeat the curves of a person’s figure, thereby ensuring maximum comfort and stimulating blood circulation inside the body.

What is it and what treats?

Properly chosen pillow improves the quality of sleep and the overall condition of the body. Anatomical model is recommended to be used in case of problems with the musculoskeletal system.It is suitable for people diagnosed with osteochondrosis, scoliosis, lack of blood circulation in the tissues. Such a pillow is also suitable when a person has too tense muscles or has survived a trauma of the musculoskeletal system. Accessory reduces the load on the spine and contributes to its relaxation.

It is necessary to distinguish such a pillow from orthopedic. Despite the apparent similarity of the functions performed, the anatomical model does not force a person to assume a predetermined posture, but adjusts to it - this is the main difference between accessories, on the basis of which the area of ​​their use is determined.

Anatomical pillow supports the head in the correct position, makes sure that the brain feeds enough oxygen. It prevents the capillaries from squeezing and ensures efficient blood circulation. The model will also help in the fight against insomnia or snoring, reduce the negative impact of heartburn and the intensity of pain in the chest and lower back. Contraindications to the use of anatomical pillows can be skin diseases, because before applying it is recommended to consult a doctor.

Advantages and disadvantages

The healing properties of the accessory are due to the peculiarities of its design. When a person lies on an anatomical pillow, it is pressed through and takes the most convenient form; after use, the model returns to its original state. Due to such elasticity and flexibility, the model provides maximum comfort. Some models are made in the form of ordinary pillows, while others have one side thickened so that during sleep the head is higher.

Distinctive features of anatomic pillows:

  • Healing effect. Pillows are used in the complex treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system and contribute to their prevention.
  • Hypoallergenic. Models are made from natural raw materials that meet quality standards and are safe for the skin.
  • Affordable price. Anatomical pillow - a long-term investment of money in your health. It is produced by many brands, because you can find quite a budget option. However, you should not chase for too low cost, because the quality of the accessory comes first.
  • Security. Such accessories have practically no contraindications and are suitable even for babies.
  • Long service life. The ability to restore its shape extends the time of operation of the anatomical pillow. It will serve its owner for many years, while maintaining good external characteristics.

Possible drawbacks are associated with the use of low-quality materials. Cheap brands use cheap raw materials, which can cause allergic reactions and reduce product service time. Poor filler quickly coalesced, in addition, its therapeutic effect will be minimized. Also, unfortunately, the collections of anatomical pillows do not differ in the variety of shades and design delights, since they belong to medical accessories, for which the therapeutic effect and functional component is most important.


Brands are developing pillows based on specific diseases and ailments. So, in some cases, the best solution will be models made in the form of eight,

others can use standard rectangular cushions. In addition, they differ in size, effect, designed for adults and young family members.

Varieties of anatomical pillows:

  • With memory effect. For the manufacture of pillows using a special material that remembers the position of the human body and retains its shape for a long time.
  • With a cooling effect. Inside there is a biological gel and a special foam, due to which the pillow keeps the temperature below room temperature.
  • Eight modular. Microspheres are used as filler. They are notable for their lightness, low thermal conductivity, and interact with the brain impulses, exerting a multifaceted effect on the body.
  • With magnets. The model is based on the therapeutic effect of magnets, which reduce pain, improve blood microcirculation and contribute to an increase in oxygen in the cells of the body. In addition, they have a positive effect on the immune system and strengthen it.
  • Baby to sleep. The use of conventional pillows for newborns is strictly prohibited: they can harm the immature spine of a child. In this case, anatomical pillows come to the rescue, supporting the cervical region and keeping muscles in good shape.

In addition to these, there are two types of pillows, differing in shape. Roller - standard model in the form of a crescent.It is stuffed with different materials and restores the original shape after sleep.

Classic rectangular pillow equipped with a special recess for the head. Such a model is not deformed during sleep and guarantees a rigid fixation of the cervical spine.


For the manufacture of accessories used natural and synthetic materials, safe for health and having a long service life. The performance characteristics of individual models are directly dependent on the raw materials used. What most often make anatomical pillows:

  • Latex. One of the most popular fillers. It is easy to care for it and the term of operation reaches 10 years. The material is elastic, because it is used for the manufacture of pillows of any shape and size.
  • Polyester. Inside the product there are balls that provide a massage for the head and promote good blood circulation. The downside of the filler is that it rolls over time.
  • Microspheres. Glass parts have a healing effect and are used by doctor's prescription. Pillows from microspheres are used in sanatoria, hospitals,and at home to relax the muscles of the back and neck.
  • Natural fillers. To fill the pillows use buckwheat husk and flax seeds. They are environmentally friendly and do not cause allergies, suitable for people with particularly sensitive skin.
  • Ecogel. The special composition maintains a constant temperature inside the pillow and prevents it from overheating in the hot season, makes a person's sleep more sound.

Experts recommend another type of filler - elastic foam. It takes the form of the head of a person during sleep and very slowly takes its starting position. The product is hypoallergenic, used in health care facilities.

Rating of the best manufacturers

Anatomical pillows are made in all parts of the world: they can be found in European, Asian and domestic manufacturers. Products of Western brands are traditionally considered the highest quality, however, and other countries offer accessories that have a long service life and have a good therapeutic effect.

  • Billerbeck. German brand, existing since 1921. It is one of the leaders in the market of bedding manufacturers.Designers of the company develop a special form of pillows that support the neck and head as much as possible to relieve tension in the upper spine.
  • Trelax. A distinctive feature of the collections of the domestic brand is the ability of pillows to adapt to any anatomical features of the human body. Products approved by the Ministry of Health of Russia, meets the existing quality standards and at the same time has an affordable price.
  • Hefel. Company from Thailand, specializing in the production of natural and artificial latex. In production, only environmentally friendly materials are used, and the models being developed contribute to sound sleep and have a relaxing effect. Accessories are supplied in a case of wood fibers, which is hygroscopic and well absorb moisture.

How to choose?

When purchasing an anatomical pillow, they take into account the complexion of a person, his diseases, as well as personal preferences. If the model has a notch, the head should not fall there. Otherwise, the neck will tighten during sleep, which can aggravate osteochondrosis. For the same reason, it is not recommended to take too high a pillow.When buying, pay special attention to the quality of the materials and fillers used.

Tips for choosing an anatomical pillow:

  • The accessory should correspond to the width of the shoulders: during sleep they should not be on the pillow.
  • The best are products of medium hardness and density.unless otherwise directed by the attending physician.
  • At the time of purchase on the pillow should be pressed: this will help you know whether the product is deformed or not. Also, it will allow to find out its ability to take its original form.
  • Of the natural fillers, buckwheat husk is considered the best: she not only repeats the shape of the head, but also does the massage.
  • Latex and polyester - the best of synthetic materials, safe for the skin and have a good memory effect.
  • The height of the pillow depends on the person’s body. The greater its weight, the higher the product must be.
  • Buy pillows should be in specialized storesso as not to stumble upon a fake.

Baby can not sleep on a regular pillow for several reasons. When his head is often in an elevated position, scoliosis and other abnormalities may develop in the formation of the musculoskeletal system.If the child lies on his stomach, he may suffocate, buried his face in a normal model. Down and feathers used as a filler often cause an allergic reaction.

When choosing an anatomical pillow for a baby, take into account the size of his head: the child should be comfortable to sleep.

As for fillers, preference should be given to synthetic materials that are hypoallergenic.

For information on how to choose the anatomical pillow, see the following video.

How to care?

Accessory requires careful attitude. It can be dry-cleaned or washed by yourself. In the latter case, the procedure should be carried out at a temperature not higher than 40 degrees. The pillow can not be dried in washing machines or wring out, it is forbidden to use the iron. Rinsing should be as fast as possible, it is also recommended to choose delicate modes to prevent deterioration of the product filler.

There are a number of tips for the operation and storage of anatomical pillows:

  • Once a week, the accessory is ventilated in the fresh air.
  • To prevent unpleasant odor, do not cover the pillow immediately after waking up.
  • Models do not withstand strong mechanical shocks.
  • For pillows it is recommended to use pillowcases from natural materials.
  • Do not use the accessory in rooms with high humidity, otherwise the filler may become moldy.

Manufacturers, as a rule, attach to each pillow more detailed instructions on washing, cleaning and operating products, since each of the materials should follow its own rules.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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