Bamboo cushions

Several years ago, pillows with unconventional fillers were exotic. Today, the eyes diverge from such a diversity. They offer various types of fillers: traditional animal origin and unusual vegetable fillers. Among the latter, bamboo pillows occupy a special place. Let's get to know them better.

What is it and how does it look?

Bamboo pillows are distinguished by a filler. As it uses bamboo fiber, it is made only from young bamboo, which is not more than 4 years old. Bamboo - an evergreen perennial plant of the grass family, grows in Asia. This plant strikes the speed of its growth - in one day it is drawn more than a meter.

Bamboo lives in high humidity, howeverdue to its unique properties it is not subject to rotting, infections, which, in turn, allows to obtain natural eco-friendly raw materials.

There are two ways to make fiber:

  • Mechanical. Bamboo raw materials are crushed, enzymes are added and yarns are drawn from the obtained soft homogeneous mass. Similarly, fibers are obtained from hemp, flax. Such processing is unproductive and time consuming, as a result of which products made from such fibers are expensive. Labeled "bamboo linen", which translated means bamboo flax.
  • Chemical. To shredded bamboo stalks add various chemical reagents, under the action of which they turn into a sticky homogeneous mass. After that, the mass under pressure is passed through metal devices with many small holes and placed in a special solution to impart hardness. In the subsequent processing, all chemicals are removed from the fibers obtained. Viscose is created in the same way. Unlike bamboo flax, this material has a low cost, and therefore more widespread. Labeled "bamboo viscose" that is bamboo viscose.

It is worth noting that the fibers obtained by these methods cannot be distinguished from each other. They do not differ in either appearance or performance. The only difference is in the labeling and price.

Bamboo fiber is soft, so it is very rare to find pillows with 100% filler. Such products will not last long. Soft fibers will not hold the form and will be lumped in the first month of use. Manufacturers solve this problem by adding other fillers to the natural bamboo filler, for example, fluff. Therefore, in a good pillow with vegetable filler will be no more than 70% of bamboo fibers.

Benefit and harm

With the increasing popularity of bamboo pillows, their magic properties are growing. You can often find descriptions that call bamboo almost the elixir of youth, just to sell a product. Consider the real properties of bamboo fibers.

  • Environmental friendliness and naturalness. Bamboo does not require various fertilizers and pesticides when grown. The fibers, regardless of the method of manufacture, do not contain harmful chemicals and are safe for health.
  • Hypoallergenic. Due to the content of natural antibiotics in such pillows, dust mites that cause allergies and bronchial asthma do not linger.
  • Antibacterial. Natural antibiotics contained in the original raw materials prevent the activity of bacteria and microbes.
  • Air permeability. Pillows filled with bamboo fibers, are breathable, so they dry quickly. In the summer heat on such a pillow will be cool and warm in winter.
  • Hygiene. The filler is chemically inert, that is, it does not absorb various odors and also does not accumulate dust.
  • Comfort. High-quality bamboo pillows are very soft and at the same time elastic. Consumers in their reviews talk about improving the quality of sleep.
  • Easy maintenance. The pillow can be washed, without wringing, in a conventional typewriter. Thanks to breathability, they dry quickly. The quality of the filler is maintained after a large number of washes. To maintain the shape of the pillow during the operation you need to sometimes beat.
  • Budget and versatility. Bamboo pillows are quite affordable and also suitable for everyone, including asthmatics, allergies and newborns.
  • Hygroscopicity. Moisture is quickly absorbed and evaporates just as quickly. Bamboo pillows are perfect for people suffering from excessive sweating.
  • Durability. The bamboo cushion retains its properties even after a large number of washes. And the service life of such pillows is 5-7 years.

Bamboo fiber has not only positive properties:

  • Bamboo filler, in view of the exceptional softness, it is necessary to select individually. Otherwise, the use of such a product can lead to pain in the neck, especially in the presence of protrusions and osteochondrosis.
  • The presence of fakes. The image of the panda or bamboo on the cover does not guarantee the purchase of the original product. Due to the hype on bamboo pillows, many careless manufacturers use these symbols for ordinary pillows. Carefully study the label with the composition.
  • Hygroscopicity in a humid climate can be a disadvantage. The pillow will absorb moisture and does not dry out, in the end, this will result in damage to the product.
  • Bamboo filler is quickly crushed, loses its shape, so it should be stored only in straightened form.Manufacturers recommend beating the pillow more often, preferably before each use.


Bamboo pillows are very different. There are three types:

  1. Anatomical. Ordinary standard pillows. Have a different size and height. They are selected from the preferences of the person.
  2. Orthopedic. More expensive pillows. Maintain the spine in the correct position due to which they are suitable for those who sleep on their side. Recommended for people with spinal disorders.
  3. Transformers. The pillows changing the form are convenient that allow to make a soft collar. Convenient on the road and travel.

According to the method of filling with bamboo fiber, two types are also distinguished.

  1. Bamboo filler mixed with any other 70% to 30%.
  2. Two-chamber pillows. The cover in such pillows contains bamboo fiber and is called quilted. The pillow itself is shaped by another filler. In this construction, it turns out that the human head rests on bamboo fiber, and another filler gives the shape and volume of the pillow.

Comparison with other fillers

Despite all the advantages of bamboo pillows, I still want to know how much they benefit in comparison with traditional and not only fillers. We will conduct a comparative analysis.

All fillers by origin are divided into three large groups: vegetable, animal and artificial. Consider each.

Vegetable fillers

In addition to bamboo, vegetable fillers also include silk, buckwheat husks, eucalyptus and algae. The main advantages of such fillers are their naturalness and antiseptic effect.

Moths and dust mites do not settle in them. Allergy sufferers should buy pillows with vegetable filling.

Each of the fillers has its own characteristics.

  • Buckwheat husk It has the following advantages: orthopedic effect and massage effect, natural composition, hygiene and the lowest cost among vegetable fillers. Does not cause allergies and is not a breeding ground for bacteria. The disadvantages include rigidity, hardness, short life (2 years) and specific sounds during operation. Products with buckwheat filler must sometimes be dried in open sunlight. Washing such pillows is contraindicated.
  • Silk - very soft and durable. Well absorbs water, has the ability of thermoregulation, hypoallergenic.Amenable to washing at home. Silk pillow will last about 15 years, which is an absolute record not only among vegetable fillers. Distinguishes silk cushions high cost.
  • Eucalyptus It has healing properties due to the use of essential oils in the production of pillows. The rest has properties similar to bamboo. However, he loses in value. Bamboo fillers are much cheaper.
  • Seaweed. Hygroscopic, well eliminate unpleasant odors. Have an antibacterial effect. The main disadvantage is impracticality. Pillows with algal filling can be washed only in dry cleaning.

Animal Fillers

The traditional filler of animal origin, on which our ancestors slept, is down or feather. The most popular is swan or goose down. The new trend was camel wool.

It is difficult to compare products so different from each other, like down and bamboo fiber. However, the latter has one undoubted advantage - the bamboo filler will not become a breeding ground for dust mites and is perfect for allergy sufferers, unlike down feathers.

  • Feather and down are similar in their characteristics. They are convenient to use, they carry out well heat, absorb water, perfectly keep their shape. The main disadvantage of feather and down pillows is their disposition to dust mites. The latter live and breed inside the pillow, and also cause allergies in people prone to it. Wash such pillows can not. The filler must be cleaned with special equipment twice a year, and also carried out regular drying in the sun and airing in the open air. The service life of such pillows is about 5 years.
  • Wool. It has a beneficial effect on the joints, has thermostatic properties, is breathable, absorbs water well. It does not hold its shape for long and is not recommended for allergies and asthmatics due to dust mites. Woolen things are also becoming a favorite place for moths. Cleaning of woolen products can only be done in dry cleaning. Wool product will last 3-5 years. The cost is twice as high as feather pillows.

Artificial fillers

Fillers of artificial origin - the most simple to care and cheap options. Their main advantage is ease of care and low cost. Consider the most popular options:

  • Holofiber Its advantages include the ability to thermoregulation, hygroscopicity, breathability, elasticity, hypoallergenicity and durability. It is possible to erase in house conditions, in a usual typewriter. The service life of the product with holofiber as filling is 5 years.
  • Sintepon. Does not absorb odors, breathable, hypoallergenic. During operation it is crushed into lumps, as a result of which it has a short service life - 2 years. Cleaning can be carried out in a washing machine.
  • Silicone. It has the ability to recover quickly after washing, “breathes”, is breathable and hypoallergenic. It is like washing in a typewriter. It tends to accumulate static electricity, which can cause discomfort. It will last about 7 years.


The properties of such a product as a pillow depend not only on the characteristics of the filler, but also on the characteristics of the material of which the cover consists. The manufacturer of quality products will indicate on the label data about the product. Remember that the percentage of bamboo fibers in the filler should be more than 50%.

Well, if the cover consists of eco-bamboo, the so-called bamboo yarn with cotton fibers. However, a good case would be a satin, cotton / teak case. Due to its practicality and durability microfiber is often used as a material for covers.

The most practical option would be a removable cover with quilted filler of bamboo fiber. It can be washed separately from the pillow. In addition, these covers are fastened with a zipper, which allows you to adjust the stiffness of the product, reducing the amount of filler.


Bamboo pillows are available in standard sizes: 70x70, 50x70 cm. Children's pillows are available in the following sizes: 50x50 and 40x40 cm. The size of 50x70 cm is considered characteristic for less luxuriant and tall products. Perfect for those who prefer to sleep on the stomach or back. Those who like to sleep on their side should better choose 70x70 cm pillows, as they will remove the extra load on the spine and relieve any discomfort.

Currently, many companies offer custom-made bedding. However, be prepared for the fact that for a product with non-standard sizes it will be difficult to choose accessories, in other words, you will have to sew pillowcases yourself.

Manufacturers Rating

Bamboo pillow will have all the above qualities only on condition that the product is of high quality and is not a fake. Consider the most popular and reliable manufacturers. There are both domestic and foreign companies. The latter have a higher cost of production.

  • Moscow manufacturer "Anna Textiles". The average price is 900 rubles. The filler is bamboo fiber. The material of the inner cover is 100% cotton. The material of the outer cover - jacquard satin. Size 50x70 cm
  • "Couch potato". Russian company. The material of the cover and top is similar to the company "Anna Textiles", However, the price is higher and lies in the range of 1150-1350 rubles. Size 50x68 cm
  • Arden. French manufacturer. Unlike previous versions, the company offers pillows with quilted bamboo fiber and filled with artificial down. The price is higher and amounts to 1300-1500 rubles. Pillows are available in two sizes 50x50 cm and 70x70 cm.
  • Arya. Also Russian production. Natural bamboo filler. The material of the outer cover is cotton. Size 70x70 cm. The average price is 1200 rubles.
  • Primavelle "Bamboo". The Russian company offers a product similar to the product of the previous company. The same material, filler, price. However, the size is different - 50x70 cm.
  • TD Dargez "Bombay". Russian manufacturer. As a filler uses bamboo fiber and polyester in the ratio of 60% to 40%, respectively. Cover material - microfiber. Sizes 50x70 cm and 70x70 cm. The lowest price presented is 500-700 rubles.

Buyers note the presence of a zipper, which allows you to adjust the amount of filler, and, consequently, the softness of the pillow.

  • Tango "Bamboo". Russian-Chinese production. Sizes 50x70 cm and 70x70 cm. Price 1020-1220 rubles. Cotton case and bamboo filler. The manufacturer guarantees the use of natural fabrics and dyes.
  • Nature`s "Bamboo Stalk". The domestic manufacturer offers cotton quilted cover with bamboo. The filler is synthetic fiber. The cost of 1100 rubles. Size 70x70 cm.
  • Verossa "Bamboo Fiber". The Russian company offers unusual technology Twine Zone. Pillows are divided into two compartments. One of them, the outer one, is filled with bamboo, the other, the inner one, is filled with polyester. The cover is usual - cotton. Non-standard size 68x68 cm. Price 850 rubles.

When buying, you should pay attention not only to the price, but also to the design of the product.

How to choose?

Choosing a pillow is not easy. If, buying, for example, furniture, you can evaluate its characteristics, then with the bedding such a number will not work. From them depends on the quality of sleep, and therefore life in general. But some recommendations, of course, are.

  • Decide on the type. Consider the need for a removable cover, zipper and a kind of filler.
  • Pillow height is selected individually and depends on the preferred posture in a dream. For people who are accustomed to sleeping on their sides, high pillows are suitable and, conversely, for those who like to sleep on their backs or abdomens - low ones. For those who are undecided it is better to choose something in between. Many people like to sleep on two pillows, in this case it is possible to change the height.
  • The size. Various options are on sale, however, the most popular is the size of 50x70 cm. Such cushions make it possible to save on material during manufacture, but at the same time they do not lose their properties. In a dream, a person moves horizontally, turning over from side to side, that is, a pillow 50 x 70 cm in size is quite enough.
  • Pay attention to the cover material. Touch it - it should be pleasant to the touch.Its density is also important. Thin fabric will not serve for a long time, after some time, a filler will come out through it. The case material also affects the way a pillow is cared for, especially if it is not removable.
  • When buying any textiles It is worth paying attention to the quality of the seam. There should be no protruding threads, the line should be flat, without distortions. Responsible manufacturers use double seam in the manufacture of pillows.
  • Remember that the manufacturer of quality products is interested in knowing the company. The label should indicate the name of the company, its phone number, address. The label should indicate the composition of the product, weight, country of origin.
  • Pay attention to the composition. The amount of bamboo fiber in the filler should be in the range from 50% to 70%.
  • Bamboo is breathable. To check the filler inhale air through the pillow. If the attempt was successful, then the pillow is really filled with bamboo fiber.
  • Pay attention to the price. Too low price is a reason to think about the authenticity of the proposed product.

General criteria for choosing a bamboo cushion have been described above.Closer attention requires the choice of pillows for the child, especially a newborn. For the latter, special flat pillows are available. Her case is made from natural hypoallergenic materials.

It is worth remembering that for every age you need your own height of the pillow. So, for children under one year it is better to use a pillow not more than 2-3 cm high. Pillows 3-5 cm high are suitable for children of preschool age, and for schoolchildren it is already possible to use pillows 10 cm or more in height.

When choosing pay attention to the pillows with zipper. Their volume can be adjusted, which is very important for the correct position of the bones during sleep. For a child, this is especially important.

How to wash?

Bamboo pillows are unpretentious, however, there are a few recommendations, thanks to which they will last much longer. Depending on the material of the cover, the washing mode may vary. Before washing, read the instructions.

Although they write on numerous sites that bamboo pillows have a beneficial effect on the skin due to the pectin contained in them, clean pillows have a really beneficial effect.

Wash the bamboo pillow should be every 3-4 months, children should be washed more often - every 2-3 months.

The most convenient way to wash bamboo pillows in a typewriter.A good product does not lose its qualities even after a large number of washes. Short instructions:

  1. Inspect the seams. If they are separated, the filler will have to be assembled in a typewriter.
  2. It is better to wash in the mode of hand washing., but in its absence, the usual one will do.
  3. The water temperature should be no more than 40 degrees. Hot water is quite aggressive and can shorten the life of the product.
  4. Use liquid cleaners. Pillows are poorly rinsed when solid laundry detergent is added. It is better to refrain from using bleach.
  5. After washing it makes sense to rinse the pillow twice.
  6. Squeezing is not recommended. In some cases, is prohibited, read the instructions.
  7. Drying should be carried out, just put a pillow, periodically turn over - so it dries better. Do not dry the pillow in the sun, it will badly affect its condition.
  8. Beat the product before use.

Bamboo pillow with proper care will give a long and peaceful sleep.

A brief overview of one of these products you can see in the video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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