Children's orthopedic pillows

In every person's life, rest and sleep occupy a special place. The child sleeps more than an adult, and at this time he grows and forms an organism. Properly selected pillow helps to get the maximum benefit. It should be selected in form, textile, filler and size.


To maintain a healthy sleep for a child, it is necessary to purchase a high-quality orthopedic pillow made from natural materials. Each parent wants the child to be cheerful, cheerful and healthy, so try to take care of its proper development.

Not so long ago, orthopedic pillows for adults and for the little ones appeared on the market. Parents need to figure out whether such a product is necessary for their child and what benefits it will bring to the baby.If there are no deviations in health, then he does not need to put anything under his head. The smallest will be enough folded diaper, and if you put a baby under the head pillow, you can harm his health.

Orthopedic products are designed for babies, taking into account the anatomical and physiological features of the structure of their body. They provide children with support for the head in the correct position, relieve the load on the muscles and cervical vertebrae. Using orthopedic supports, the head of the infant lies flat, facilitating the communication between the mother and the child.

Orthopedic pillows are divided into several types, but more they resemble orthopedic devices.

  • Product triangular shape with a slight rise reminds the designer. The pillow is located under the head and under the body of the child, so that the body is on a slight slope. It will be comfortable for the baby to sleep and rest on such a device after feeding. A popular model for the little ones, the child will not slip off.

The angle of inclination should not exceed 30 degrees in order to avoid problems with the child’s spine.

  • Fixture of rollers. The child is conveniently located and fixed on the side. He has no opportunity to roll over, much less fall.
  • Bagel Pillow Great for babies from six months. This form of the product helps the child learn to sit. It perfectly supports the body, and the child can calmly observe the world around, learning a lot of new things.
  • Orthopedic product "butterfly" assigned to a child with a twisted neck. It helps to properly develop the spine and neck of the child. It is prescribed from one month after birth to two years of age. The head of the child fits in the middle, and the side bolsters support it from the side.
  • Positional cushion or biopillow Designed for premature babies who have a high risk of developing defects in the locomotor system. The product supports the body in an optimal position for the infant, reducing the load on the spine and not deforming it.
  • Shockproof orthopedic pillow has a porous structure that allows the child to breathe freely while sleeping on his stomach.
  • Bathing pillow made of waterproof material.It is in the shape of a circle with a hole in the middle for the head of the baby.
  • Great for strollers orthopedic pillow, which supports the head when the movement of children's transport. The product has sufficient rigidity and small height.

Orthopedic pillows are better to choose medium hardness. Too hard products bring discomfort, and too soft products harm the baby’s health.

According to the age

Orthopedic products are used for scoliosis, headaches, poor sleep, osteochondrosis and other diseases of the spine. Pediatric doctors advise purchasing pillows after one and a half years. If the baby has indications for the curvature of the neck or spine, as well as when the baby was born prematurely, then it is recommended to purchase an orthopedic pillow for a month-old baby.

Soft pillows for small children are not recommended to buy, the baby can roll over and suffocate in a dream. Therefore, it is better for the baby to sleep without this bedding. Children should develop naturally, without trying to speed it up. A child will have a good and sound sleep if he is comfortable and comfortable in his bed. He will wake up cheerful and cheerful.Some doctors recommend using orthopedic pillows for prophylaxis. They can prevent the child from tilting the head, scribing and brittle hair on the back of the head, evenly distribute the load on the head and spine, respectively, the blood circulation in the neck vessels is normalized.

If parents want to buy a pillow for a child from 1 year old, then it is necessary to make the right choice. It should carefully choose the size, shape, material and filler for the baby. The height of the product should not exceed 5 cm.

Polyurethane, latex and polyester is considered an excellent filler for the smallest. You can not get a pillow with down and feather.

The product should be on the whole bed and have sides so that the child cannot roll over during sleep and hit the side of the bed.

A child from 2 years old can be placed under the head with a normal pillow, 10 centimeters high. Baby will sleep comfortably on it. You should not buy orthopedic pillows with side rollers, because children can slide with them.

For babies, the height of the pillow is recommended - up to 2.5 centimeters, it prevents pinching of nerve endings.

Children of two years - the height of the product can be more than three centimeters. For the age category of 3-4 years old pillow is chosen higher. A child of 5 years can buy a pillow of normal shape, but not too voluminous. For children from 6-7 years and older, the product is selected with a large roller up to 8 centimeters.

Manufacturers produce a large number of models that are suitable for all ages, and the choice remains with the parents.

How to choose?

Pediatricians are against buying and using pillows for children less than two years old. The proportions of their bodies differ significantly from the constitution of an adult. In infants, the girth of the head is not proportional to the size of the chest, so they do not feel discomfort.

Upon reaching a child of two years, you can purchase the first pillow.

There is a lot of information on the Internet and medical reference books, so it’s quite difficult to choose the model you need. Manufacturers, most often, exaggerate the dignity of their goods. To make the right choice, you need to know the orthopedic coefficient of the products offered. The main factor that shows the effect of orthopedics is the ability of the pillow to take a certain shape and keep it until the end of use.Both of these conditions should complement each other and multiply when calculating the orthopedic coefficient.

If the headrest stiffness is 3 points, and the shape retention is 4 points, then the orthopedic coefficient is 12 points. When one of the coefficients is equal to 0, then the final result is zero. The most suitable and best considered orthopedic pillows with the highest rate. For little babies, he is on an average level. Such a pillow is considered the most beneficial for a growing body.

Orthopedic headrests are distinguished by configuration, size and filling. All ages fit a specific model and filler.

The advantages of orthopedic pillows:

  • retain the shape of the body of the baby (with memory effect);
  • do not absorb additional odors;
  • perfectly breathable;
  • do not accumulate dust;
  • insects and microorganisms do not breed in them;
  • do not require additional and special care;
  • The product has a cover made of natural cotton fabric.


Orthopedic headrests for children are made from natural fabrics. For filler used: polyurethane foam, polystyrene foam and holofiber. Hypoallergenic products for babies should be high, compared with older models. Pillow for children made with special holes for ventilation, to prevent prickly heat.

The most popular model of foamed latex, has a special indentation, repeating the shape of the head. It can be made in pure form or with the addition of impurities from: polyurethane foam, which independently takes the form of the head and neck; polystyrene, which is regulated by the height and size of the pillow; buckwheat husk, giving the effect of massage.

Latex filler has many advantages:

  • hypoallergenic;
  • it is eco-friendly;
  • no odor;
  • easy to clean and wash;
  • does not give in to deformation after use and washing.

Polyester pillows are filled with small balls that are able to perfectly take the shape of a child’s head. They do not require special care and have a long service life. Polyurethane filler has an excellent memory and is able to keep the shape of the head for a long time.. Natural fabric is self-ventilated, and the child does not sweat in his sleep.

How to put the child on the pillow?

In the first days after birth, parents and the baby have to be difficult. They will learn to live a new life. Parents think they know how comfortable it is for a baby to sleep in a crib. It is necessary to closely monitor the reaction of the child, because he is trying in such a way to express his opinion and show how he is really comfortable.

It is comfortable for adults to sleep on a pillow, so it seems to them that even a child cannot do without it. But this is not at all the case, you can sleep peacefully without her. At this age, a pillow can only hurt. After acquiring an orthopedic pillow, adults do not know how to use it, so as not to harm the unborn baby’s spine.

Designers designed the product so that the head of the baby is located in it comfortably. The asymmetrical cushioning helps parents put the baby to rest properly. The cushion on one side has a large cushion, which is designed for sleeping on the side. On the other hand - a small roller for the location under the head of the child.

In a similar way, the normal arrangement of the cervical vertebrae is maintained, and the load is distributed evenly.

In the middle there is a depression for the head.This pillow is ideal for the little ones. If you follow the rules and properly stack the child, then he will be comfortable and the neck will remain flat.

Improper use of an orthopedic pillow can harm a child:

  • Toddlers do not know how to roll over on their own, and if they sleep on their stomach, they may suffocate. You should not cover the child with pillows, there should be a lot of free space.
  • The use of a pillow at an early age leads to a curvature of the spine.
  • For small children, an orthopedic pillow with a slope of about 30 degrees is suitable. The head of the baby is located slightly above the body, which will ensure even breathing and will help reduce regurgitation after eating. The product is enclosed not only under the head, but also under the body of the baby.

All orthopedic pillows should be used only as directed by the pediatrician.. On the recommendation to use pillows only from two years. The product must have a flat shape and a large width.

Whether the baby needs an orthopedic pillow, see the next video.


Orthopedic pillows receive a lot of positive feedback from parents of children of different ages.Manufacturers offer a large selection of models for each age and wallet. Each product has its own function and helps the child develop properly. With a correctly chosen pillow, the spine and the child’s skull are formed correctly.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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