Neck Pillows

The neat outline of the bagel, the delicate fabric materials, the variety of contrasts and design patterns represent the neck pillows, invented by many. Cute innovation allows you to relax in tedious travels, comfortably fixing the neck in the desired position.

Special features

The classification of road pillows for the neck is surprising by the variety of criteria, among them there is one according to which all products are divided into inflatable and printed. Each subspecies universal road fixture has its own advantages:

  1. Inflatables provide convenient operation, the outer material of such pillows resembles the delicate texture of velvet.
  2. Stuffed products are good because of the beneficial qualities of the ingredients in them, but they take up a lot of space.

From this it follows that for exhausting journeys in motor vehicles it is better to use a padded variation of a comfortable neck saver; for flights, use the services of an inflatable, comfortably placed in the passenger's carry-on baggage.

What does a neck pillow look like? The visual component of the universal device for sleeping has a small number of similarities with the standard pillow, which occupies the dominant place in the wide spaces of the bed. A convenient attribute has a neat crescent shape, which should be worn around the neck, clearly fixing the head in a natural position. This is necessary in order to give the fragile neck a long-awaited opportunity to take a break from every second load.

Besides, pillows perform the following functions:

  • pain prevention;
  • protection from the development of osteochondrosis;
  • decreased fatigue;
  • stimulation of blood circulation;
  • stress relief from neck muscles;
  • eliminating headaches, dizziness;
  • healthy sleep.

However, the main function of the neck pillow is to always keep the shape, not being forced under the weight of a person.To achieve this result, you should use materials that differ in their composition from the usual fluffy, downy fillers.

As the "insides" of the cervical cushion use a variety of materials among which:

  1. Latex, easily taking the form of the head of a sleeping pillow holder, as well as a horseshoe quickly returning to its original position. In addition, the substance is hypoallergenic and easy to wash.
  2. Polyester, The main advantage of these small balls is a low cost and an arsenal of functional capabilities that are not inferior to the more expensive members of the class.
  3. Cooling substance making an interesting substitute for a traditional pillow.
  4. Buckwheat husk, leading among other ingredients in terms of environmental friendliness and amazing orthopedic properties. A product made from a natural component will faithfully serve the host for many years.
  5. Bamboo fiber, which create a high elasticity of the product, making it also durable and preventing allergic reactions.
  6. Viscoelastic foam, expensive newcomer to the market of published products.Its advantages include maximum flexibility, which will allow a tired person to enjoy the soft waves of muscle relaxation.

In addition, among the fillers can be found even more exotic variations of the materials used, for example, algae or cherry stones. Such products will gently massage the skin, positively affecting the blood circulation, however, you should get used to them.


Neat pillows can have different shapes that affect their functionality. In addition to the traditional bagel, which improves the blood circulation process and relieves the cervical spine, there are other models, including:

  • Collar, with additional neck retainer.
  • Headrest, more like a standard rectangular (square) pillow.
  • Latch the strange construction of which resembles a yoke and allows a person to gently lower his head.
  • Hooded pillow, which can be used as a special mask for sleep.
  • Transformer is an amazing invention allowing the body to relax as much as possible due to the softness of the product and the possibility of its easy twisting.

Neck pillows differ from each other not only in composition, but also in design solutions.. Among the convenient devices for sleeping you can find a real variety of colors ranging from classic blue and ending with abstract patterns of modernity.

Pillows for the little ones. In addition to the classic monophonic variations, you can find bright objects that resemble more like a child's toy than a comfortable bagel for sleeping. Today, animal-shaped pillows with pretty plush heads, tails and legs are popular.

Certainly popular is the pillow-fox, a cute product with the image of the face of a charming little animal. Such a product is perfect for small-minded people who want to surround themselves not so much with comfort as with bright colors of fluffy objects.

For very young children, pillows are produced in the form of a helmet, which guarantee not only the sweet dreams of the young owner, but also safety during sudden braking of vehicles.


It would seem that such a familiar object as a pillow around the neck will not differ in a particular variety of functionalities, because the main task of the classical device for sleeping is to provide comfort to the owner.

Cervical pillows are available in a variety of variations and modifications, allowing each potential buyer to choose the most suitable option.

  1. Back massage cushion, easily relieving painful tension in the neck and shoulders.
  2. Children's travel version of the sleeping attribute, characterized by compact size and a brighter design.
  3. Memory model, ensuring accurate repetition of the wearer's head lines and maximum comfort when in contact with the fabric.
  4. Orthopedic roller, not only relieves general tension in the shoulders and neck, but also toning muscle tone.
  5. Pillow for sleep with osteochondrosis - salvation for people suffering from a terrible affliction. The invention allows the body to completely relax, ensuring the patient a full sleep.

The latter type of bedding should be considered in more detail, because patients with osteochondrosis need the most comfortable accommodation for rest.

Tips for choosing

In order to find the “same” version of the product you need, you should not only pay attention to your own preferences, but also consult with a specialist.The main advantage of an orthopedic device for sleeping is to guarantee complete relaxation of the muscles of the neck and spine, which, in turn, will help to avoid terrible diseases.

Today to find a truly good product in the vast market of orthopedic products is quite difficult, because each model has its own nuances. Some of the recommendations that will help make the right choice when buying:

  • The product must be different medium texture rigidity, high strength.
  • The size of the product should be equal to the width of the shoulders of the future owner.
  • The cushion must instantly take on its original shape after slight pressure.
  • Before buying, you need to examine the certificate that guarantees the quality of the proposed facility.

It has been noticed that using a pillow can help with dizziness and persistent headaches.

How to do it yourself?

Real needlewomen and talented craftsmen can try their hand at inventing their own models, using numerous patterns. For filling, dry herbs are taken, for example:

  • straw;
  • heather;
  • thistle;
  • cattail;
  • blooming Sally.

For a cover, it is better to use an exceptionally dense fabric (cotton, linen), then the “stuffing” of the product will not cause discomfort to the owner, stabbing and leaking through the thin material.

Instructions for making pillows with their own hands

The advantages of self-sewing pillows are also of lower cost, because the products needed to create such a product have a lower price for an already finished product. In addition, you can come up with your own design, giving free rein to bright waves of fantasy and using the colors and colors that most accurately describe your taste preferences.

For the manufacture you will need a minimum set of necessary materials, among which:

  • two pieces of synthetic fabric, approximately 50 cm long;
  • filler;
  • strands of proper shades;
  • needle, pins;
  • sewing machine.

You can make such a comfortable accessory in just a few steps, which will take no more than an hour of time for handy masters and craftsmen:

  1. First, find the right pattern and get a piece of fabric of the right size.
  2. Transfer the pattern to the paper, and then to the fabric. Both pieces need to be fastened with pins, carefully chop around the perimeter of the pattern.
  3. Cut the pattern, leaving small gaps of about 2 centimeters (on the seams).
  4. Sew a pillow on a sewing machine around its perimeter, leaving 6-7 centimeters untouched below.
  5. Turn out the pillow, tamp grassy entrails. Open 6 centimeters sew yourself.

To give the product a neat and pretty look, you can use the cover, which is also easily made from scrap materials. Upholstery future assistant traveler can be supplied with a zipper to simplify the process of washing.

Price policy

Among the variety of models there are both expensive copies and budget novelties, not much different from the more elite counterparts. Standard prices on the neck pillow market:

  • with memory effect - 3700 rubles;
  • latex - 3000 rubles;
  • with two rollers of different heights - 2400 rubles;
  • in the form of a crescent - from 800 to 1200 rubles.

In addition to these models, there are more expensive massage pads, as well as transformers, whose cost can exceed 5000-7000 rubles. Of course, it is impossible to save money on purchases, because such an insignificant detail as a neck pillow can significantly improve health, making sleep more comfortable and longer.

In fact, the difference between the expensive products of European quality and the usual bagel from the Chinese province is almost imperceptible. If the manufacturer is conscientious, then in the manufacture of products they will use only natural fabrics and fillers. Typical bagels a priori can not be a waste of financial resources, because they can be used even in cases if they are not suitable for long journeys by car.

To control the quality of the pillows put up for sale should buyers carefully inspect the goods. The properties and composition of the fillers should be carefully studied on the label; the outer part of the product should be felt with finger pads.


Many positive feedbacks can be found from satisfied pillow owners. Such enthusiasm is easily explained, because the product has unambiguous healing functions. Numerous experts have also confirmed the benefits of using such a pillow for the neck, its useful properties have already been tried by hundreds of thousands of buyers.

In addition, the travel cushion is comfortable in terms of its compact capabilities.The inflatable device fits easily even in small handbags or children's backpacks, the printed product can easily wait in the wings in the back of the car.

On what kind of pillow for the neck is better to buy in the car, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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