Silk Pillows

 Silk Pillows

To choose a high-quality and comfortable pillow is not so easy today. The problem of choice lies in its wealth. On the shelves are the most different models of pillows from different materials. Silk pillows are very popular.

Advantages and disadvantages

The pillow is an important part of the bed. It should be of high quality and comfortable.

One of the most durable and durable models are silk.

  • This material is hard to damage and is not going to clump. For this reason, such sleeping accessories serve their owners for many years, they do not have to be restored.
  • Silk is durable. Even after several years of continuous operation, the pillows remain voluminous and attractive.
  • Many are attracted by the excellent thermal performance of silk pillows. In summer, their surface remains cool, and in the colder season it warms up easily and remains warm.
  • Silk does not accumulate moisture. It has remarkable ventilation properties. This makes the pillows more hygienic.
  • Silk-filled pillows do not accumulate static electricity.
  • Silk is an environmentally friendly material. It does not cause allergic reactions or irritation on the skin. Such options are rightly recognized as a lifeline for allergy sufferers who do not tolerate fluff, feather and other natural materials.
  • Skin from regular contact with silk takes on a healthier and more blooming appearance. Of course, we are talking about natural material, and not about its synthetic counterpart.
  • Dust mites do not start in silk fibers. These microscopic parasites live in many tissues and fillers. They are dangerous for people with allergies or asthma. With high-quality silk pillows, these problems can be forgotten.
  • Silk is not susceptible to mold or mildew.

Comfortable and eco-friendly pillows from this beautiful material are very popular today. However, they have their drawbacks.

  • Silk does not accumulate moisture, therefore, from it on the surface of the material may remain ugly traces. These defects are especially noticeable on light things - for example, on a white material an unpleasant yellow spot can remain.
  • Silk is heavily wrinkled. If you purchased a pillow case from this material, then be prepared for the fact that its surface will be perfectly smooth for a not very long time. Many consumers perceive this quality of silk as its disadvantage.
  • Natural silk is quite expensive. High-quality pillows and other bedding of such material will cost the buyer quite expensive.

Varieties and types of filler

There are several varieties of silk:


This kind of raw material is extracted from silkworm cocoons living in the natural environment. They feed on the leaves of various plants. The result is a thread of scarlet. Such materials require chemical bleaching.

  • This process has a negative effect on the structure of the material, making it less durable and elastic.
  • Another disadvantage of this variety is that it often infects microorganisms.
  • Over time, the threads in the Tussa material may begin to creep away.This is due to the fact that the silkworm living in the wild, gnaws its way.

Things from this material have the lowest quality and are inexpensive. They serve not for long and do not differ in wear resistance.


This variety is of higher quality. These are silkworm cocoons grown in captivity. They are fed only mulberry leaves. The result is a good harvest of white cocoons. They are sorted by hand.

  • Silk threads of this grade are more durable. They are distinguished by a twisted shape and a length of 600 m.
  • Mulberry yarns do not require chemical intervention and additional treatments that adversely affect the material. They are easily and quickly disentangled from the cocoon and firmly connected to each other.
  • This type of silk is divided into three classes - A, B, C. The most expensive, strong and durable are products from silk category A. It has long fibers.
  • Pillows made from this raw material have excellent thermal performance. They have a large volume. Their surface is very pleasant to the touch.
  • High-quality bedding made of natural silk of class A will serve its owner for many years without becoming less attractive.

In many stores you can see beautiful pillows, which include micro-silk fiber. This material is artificial and consists of polyester and elastane. It is less durable and durable.


Naperniki in high-quality pillows are embroidered or equipped with zippers. These important preservation elements are made of such materials:

  • cotton;
  • polyester;
  • teak;
  • satin;
  • jacquard;
  • silk.

For a natural cushion, it is recommended to choose a pillow from a better and more environmentally friendly material.


Today pillows are available in the following sizes:

  • little ones - 40 × 40, 40 × 60 cm;
  • medium - 55 × 50, 50 × 70 cm;
  • big - 60 × 60, 70 × 70 cm.


In order not to get low-quality and unnatural products, it is necessary to contact proven and popular manufacturers.

It is worth getting to know some of them:

  • Kingsilk Elizabeth. This well-known company has been producing high-quality and durable natural material cushions for over 10 years. In the manufacture of branded products used the most durable fibers Mullbery. Range Kingsilk it is presented by models with sizes of 50 × 70 cm and 70 × 70 cm.To fill these pillows using 1.2, 1.5, 2 kg of natural silk.

All cushions of this brand are made of durable jacquard satin delicate and soothing shades. The most popular models are beige, white and peach.

  • YliliXin. This Chinese manufacturer produces beautiful and durable cushions with filling from an inexpensive Tussa variety with an average degree of support. The products of this company adapts to the shape of the head and neck of a person. All models have high thermal conductivity and moisture resistance.

Popular products from the company YliliXin inexpensive and equipped with high-quality satin covers with jacquard.

  • Primavelle Silk. In the production of pillows of this brand is used Tussa silk and 40% polyester. Cheap silk cushions of the Russian manufacturer have excellent characteristics. They present a neat artistic line that not only performs a decorative function, but also provides additional retention of the filler.

Primavelle Silk natural cushions should not be washed, ironed or bleached. These models can only be cleaned by dry cleaning.

  • Togas. This Greek manufacturer offers customers silk pillows of various sizes with 100% Tussa silk. They are distinguished by their softness, lightness, high thermal conductivity and ventilation properties. The branded products of the Greek company are equipped with high-quality satin covers with a beautiful thread weave, which has a glossy texture that resembles natural silk.
  • Asabella - This is a popular brand from Italy, which produces high-quality silk pillows made in China. They have a small height and a core of special silicone fiber. With such an insert, things become more elastic, fluffy and durable.

Asabella branded products contain silk and siliconized fiber filler in a ratio of 1 to 1. The products have cotton covers.

  • Sofi de marko. This is another Russian brand that produces cushions made in Chinese factories. They are stuffed with inexpensive Tussa silk and fitted with natural covers made from 100% cotton. Many buyers note the excellent temperature characteristics of these products. In the summer season, they stay cool and in winter they stay warm.The average cost of a silk pillow from the brand Sofi De Marko is 5 thousand rubles.
  • Tangchao opti - This is a Chinese manufacturer that produces pillows with dimensions of 50 × 70 cm and a filler consisting of 10% high-quality Mulberry silk and 90% polyester fiber. Filling in these pillows is placed in a special gauze. Pillows are equipped with comfortable zippers, with which you can easily check the quality of the material. The main advantage of these products is their orthopedic insert from polyester. It is located in the central part of the pillow and makes the silk elastic.

How to choose to sleep?

  • If you want to buy a really high-quality pillow from natural silk, then you should turn to proven brands that produce such products for many years. This will avoid buying low-quality and unnatural goods.
  • Pay attention to the label. It should be written grade of silk, and usually there is an indication of the presence of additional impurities, if any. Choose products, supplemented with eco-friendly and natural covers. The most popular products are sateen or cotton.
  • If you have doubts about the naturalness of materials, their origin can be checked independently. Just lift the pillow. If it easily takes the original form, then before you is a product in which there is synthetic.
  • The quality of silk filler can be easily checked.if the pillow is equipped with a zipper. Look at the shade of the fibers. The color of high-quality Mulberry silk is pearl and beige, but not pure white. The surface of natural and elastic fibers will have a matte sheen. If you try to tear them off, you can notice that it is quite difficult to do. It is much easier to break off the fibers of inexpensive Tussa silk.
  • You can pull one thread out of the cushion filling and set it on fire. It should have the same smell as organic matter. In the process of burning your fingers easily get dirty on fallen embers. If the material is of non-natural origin, then no coal will be left of it, and it will burn instantly, and the smell will be completely different.

Do not forget that a genuine silk pillow will not be too cheap.

How to care?

Silk bedding requires special care. Ordinary washing can greatly harm such a thing or adversely affect it.

  • If you want a silk product to last you as long as possible, you must protect it with removable linen (pillowcases). Any covers should be washed from time to time.
  • It is recommended sometimes to hang out the bedding for several hours - for airing.
  • If there is a need to clean the natural silk pillow, then it must be sent to dry cleaning.
  • Inexpensive models, in which the silk content does not exceed 30%, it is quite possible to wash in a regular washing machine - at home. To do this, select the delicate mode and use a soft powder. Water temperature should not exceed 30 degrees.

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