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The key to a healthy sleep and good rest is a comfortable pillow. In the supine position it is very important that the head and neck are not only comfortable, but also the correct position. Otherwise, instead of a good mood in the morning will come a headache and stiffness in the cervical region.

Pillows are different in size and height, designed for children or adults. Traditional square, popular rectangular, unusual roller, decorative oval or arc-shaped for trips and flights, as well as orthopedic. But to choose a pillow is important not only in form, it is necessary to take into account what it is filled with.

Types of fillers and characteristics

Manufacturers produce two types of pillows: with natural or synthetic filler. Each of them has its own quality characteristics and performance indicators, advantages and disadvantages. On the basis of them, each buyer chooses a suitable option. And the choice is wide and varied.

The natural filling of the pillow can be materials of animal or vegetable origin. Each of them is good in its own way, but not without drawbacks.

It is worthwhile to consider each type of bedding in more detail in order to understand which one is better.

Animal materials

The demand for such pillows is due precisely to their natural composition. But for allergies and children, they are not suitable, as they can become a hotbed of ticks. In addition, they can not be washed to avoid deformation of the filler. A dry cleaning is not always convenient, affordable and environmentally friendly.

This type includes downy, feathery and wool (sheep and camel wool) fillers. They need regular airing and drying in the sun. Because the high hygroscopicity of the material is not good for the product. Moisture affects the down and wool is not the best way.

Horse pillow pillow is considered to be a useful acquisition for people with an unhealthy spine.

Horsehair - This is a material that provides the correct support for the head of a sleeping person. In addition, it is durable, sufficiently ventilated and easily absorbs moisture.The only among animal fillers, not provoking allergic reactions.

Vegetable-filled cushions

The leading position in cost is silk filler, as its production requires silkworm cocoons in large quantities. Pillows inflated with them are soft, light, hypoallergenic, odorless and not prone to deformation. Easy to care, erased on the manual mode in the machine and after drying returns to its original appearance.

Bamboo fiber. Warm and soft, environmentally friendly material with bactericidal properties. Similar in structure to cotton or padding polyester. Bamboo fiber is distinguished by high wear resistance. Bamboo pillows have a unique property that distinguishes them from others - they work to preserve youth and beauty.

Bamboo leaves contain pectin, which is a natural antioxidant. During sleep, it slows down the aging process of the skin.

Buying a pillow with bamboo fiber, you get not only bedding, but something like a personal night cosmetologist. This fact puts this filler on one of the highest positions in the ranking of fighters for the title of "the best filler for pillows."

But such remarkable qualities of the material led to the fact that more and more often they are trying to fake it and sell it as natural. Therefore, when buying, carefully check the purchased item. Evaluate the quality of tailoring, the availability of labels and information about the manufacturer. Try to draw air through a pillow, if you succeed - you have a good natural fiber in front of you.

Eucalyptus fiber. Eucalyptus filler technology has been developed since the 1990s. But it was only at the beginning of the XXI century that it was improved to such an extent that a real revolution happened in the textile industry. The basis of production is the interlacing of natural fiber and synthetic yarns from high-molecular compounds. Cellulose threads are characterized by good hygroscopicity and ventilation. Eucalyptus-filled pillows have become a godsend for residents of the hot tropics and people with excessive perspiration.

The material has excellent deodorizing properties. Essential oils evaporate, and with them all unpleasant odors. The pillow remains dry, supple and soft to the touch. Therefore, worry about the fact that it will settle "uninvited guests" there is no need.No bacteria and insects in this fiber will not start. But the antibacterial properties of eucalyptus affect health is very beneficial. Inhaling the whole night a subtle healing aroma, a sound sleep until morning and a cheerful awakening are guaranteed.

Eucalyptus cushion has unique healing properties.

Healthy sleep provides complete rest to the whole body. This natural wood fiber is soft, silky, with a pleasant smell. According to the technology, eucalyptus filler is combined with synthetics, but it forms the basis of the produced material.

Cotton filler - ideal raw material for filling pillows because of its plasticity and hygroscopicity. Sleeping on such a product is comfortable even in hot weather. Cotton absorbs well, but badly “gives away” odors and dries for a long time. Another disadvantage is the fragility of cotton material.

But sleeping on a cotton cushion is warm and comfortable. Cotton is plastic, so that the vertebrae of the neck and shoulder girdle are in a natural position during sleep. Contributes to the correct formation of the vertebrae of the growing body, and adults relieves morning headaches.

Such a pillow takes the form of the body, without forcing it to adapt to itself. Excellent eco-friendly replacement for down-feather products.

Buckwheat husk This filler is not new for Asian countries, residents of the United States and Canada. You do not need to be scientists to understand that the quality of sleep directly depends on the height, density, size and filling of the pillow. For sleep, it is advisable to choose a low pillow so that the head and the cervical region are located in the anatomically correct position. Orthopedic properties have a pillow with natural material - buckwheat husk or as they say otherwise - husk. Thanks to its natural natural pack, it provides a healthy and comfortable sleep.

Many consumers worry about the hygiene of such bedding. Doubt their inner purity and hypoallergenic. But do not worry.

In the husk of buckwheat dust does not accumulate and its satellites - dust mites. This has long been a fact proven by science. Allergy and asthmatics can sleep on buckwheat husk pillows without fear.

But in order to completely get rid of doubts, you can freeze the product during the day. And enjoy all its benefits.

Synthetic fillers

Artificial materials of the new generation are very suitable for filling pillows. They combine lightness, softness, comfort, hygienic and hypoallergenic. Do not save dust and odors, remain in the form of a long time.

Especially distinguished some types of synthetics.

Holofiber 100% synthetic elastic material, which is a spring-stranded polyester. Used for the production of orthopedic pillows. A special feature of holofiber is its increased elasticity. It takes a little time to get used to sleep on such a pillow.

The material does not harm allergies. Sometimes hollofayber combine as a filler with sheep wool, increasing the degree of stiffness. Pillows are strong, durable, after washing in a typewriter do not change the qualities for the worse. Dry quickly, the original appearance is stored for a long time.

Fiber. Environmentally friendly synthetic material made by the latest technology. 100% polyester with unique properties:

  • non-toxic;
  • does not emit or absorb odors;
  • breathing;
  • keeping warm and dry.

The spiral shape and hollowness of Fibere fibers provides the cushion with elasticity and shape preservation for a long time.The material does not belong to easily flammable and completely safe for all age categories.

Holfitx. Refers to the new high-tech siliconized hollow polyester fibers. According to the structure, the fiber is not springs, but balls. This and the degree of thermal insulation of holfitx is similar to artificial down. It is successfully used for stuffing pillows and blankets.

Holfetex is a hypoallergenic, non-absorbent odor material. Moderately elastic, breathable, comfortable for long sleep. Long preserves consumer qualities. Insects do not start in it and microorganisms do not develop (mold, rot). The best choice for allergies.

Microfiber - A new "word" in the production of bedding. Innovative material relevant to allergies due to absolute hypoallergenic and non-toxic. BesidesSuch pillows have several advantages:

  • resistance to deformation and fading;
  • pleasant to the touch on the texture;
  • microfiber absorbs moisture well;
  • perfectly cleaned from dirt;
  • practical, harmless, breathable material;
  • extensive selection of pillow colors;
  • softness and comfort during sleep.

Silicone filler. The nicest silicone has a ball-like structure. Due to its rounded shape, the fibers do not roll, but the product restores the volume and is used for a long time. The maximum size of the pillows produced is 60x40 cm. Large pillows with silicone fibers are not made.

Silicone pillows do not have a removable cover, like feather analogs. All seams on the product are hidden. In low-quality samples, the seams are facial, which indicates that, possibly, used raw materials were used in the pillow. Therefore, buying bedding is recommended only in specialized stores.

Silicone is a material with orthopedic properties, “memorizing” the shape of the body. People with osteochondrosis and often experiencing headaches, a pillow with such a filler is best suited. A good product not only adapts to a sleeping person, but also instantly takes on its original form after the load is removed.

It is necessary to approach the choice of a silicone pillow scrupulously. It is necessary to make sure that the pillow does not smell.Shake the product to check the quality of the seams and ensure that there is nothing inside but the silicone beads. Wash such a pillow should be separated from other things in a gentle manner with a neutral detergent. Unfortunately, silicone is a short-lived material. It is destroyed from washing, and from high temperatures, and just in the process of active operation. Be prepared to replace the pillow 2-3 years after purchase.

A more expensive version of the orthopedic pillow is latex. Rubber foam with a variety of ventilation holes is a natural material made from Brazilian hevea jelly. This tree grows in South America and Africa. But there is a synthetic analogue of latex.

Many manufacturers to reduce the cost of latex pillows mix natural and artificial fibers. If the filler consists of 85% of natural and 15% of synthetic raw materials - according to GOST, it is considered 100% natural. Now products without the addition of synthetics is considered a rarity. The price of a latex pillow also depends on the technology of its production. Danlop is a more rigid in density latex and inexpensive in cost.Talalay - softer and more uniform, but also more expensive.

The advantages of latex is durability and noiselessness. But in rare cases, an allergic reaction may occur.

In addition, the first time during operation, it may emit a harsh specific sweet smell. In the process of using the product, it evaporates.

Which is better?

With this choice, it is difficult to determine for yourself the best gasket. But, definitely, you need to consider only high-quality fillers and proven manufacturers. To help determine the help and feedback from consumers who are already exploiting a pillow for sleeping of one kind or another.

Each of the considered fillers has its own specific advantages over the others. But there are also some shortcomings. Mostly modern bedding distinguishes hypoallergenic, good breathability, hygroscopicity and environmental friendliness. These qualities are very important for healthy sleep and overall health.

To sleep, choose a pillow according to several criteria:

  • lie down on the pillow, appreciating its comfort and elasticity;
  • for sleep, square or rectangular forms are preferable;
  • The ideal adult comfort pillow with dimensions of 50x70 cm, and children’s size - 40x60 cm;
  • the height of the pillow for those who like to sleep on their sides is chosen according to the width of the shoulders. Most pillows produce from 10-14 cm, but are different;
  • focus on the rigidity of the mattress. With a hard mattress relies lower pillow, and with a soft - high;
  • it is also important what kind of pillow case - the fabric should be of such density that the filler does not pass through, and thin matter will quickly wear out;
  • the presence of elastic seams - they can be tested for strength by slightly pulling the fabric in different directions;
  • it is better to choose hypoallergenic fillers;
  • check the availability of labels indicating the manufacturer, the composition of the product and recommendations for caring for it (it is useful to ask the seller about the availability of a quality certificate);
  • pillows for which washable by hands or in a washing machine is acceptable - an economical, profitable and durable purchase;
  • To prevent pain and discomfort in the neck and thoracic region, make a choice in favor of a more rigid version of the pillow;
  • fillers in pillows used by pregnant women and children should not just be hypoallergenic,while breathing and well-fixing the position of the head, shoulders and neck, moreover, it is preferable to have rigid materials that quickly restore their shape and do not require regular beating, which are not subject to deformation;
  • with increased perspiration, hygroscopic fillers should be chosen, for example, bamboo fiber or latex.


Consumers who fully appreciate these or other fillers in the process of sleep and rest, share their impressions. It is interesting and useful to get acquainted with them before choosing a certain type of pillow.

If the product was purchased at a proven online store or outlet, which is responsible for the quality of the goods and gives guarantees, customers respond only positively to pillows. But it happens that at some consumers the purchased pillow is suspicious in the process of operation.

It happens that having opened a pillow, it turns out to be a completely different filler, and not the one indicated on the label. It is recommended to check the tags, check with the sellers the presence of a certificate of quality and compliance. Do not buy bedding from hawkers and spontaneous markets.In this case, the savings will result in even greater spending in the future. Since a poor-quality purchase will not serve properly for a long time.

Some manufacturers save on fabrics for sewing covers on the pillows. As a result, consumers complain of rustling and even creaking sounds while using a pillow. For a quality product, this is not the norm. Normally, no sounds or smells should distract from sleep. They complain in the reviews mostly about fakes, when for a round sum they expected to get a product with high-quality stuffing, and got a cheap sintepon.

Shopping in places that have earned a good reputation are always successful.

In this case, consumers praise the convenience of pillows, the fact that they keep their original shape for 2-3 years of regular use. It is easy and simple to check the quality of the filler and its compliance with the declared composition on the label in those models where there is a zipper. And in this way, covers are made only by manufacturers who vouch for their product and do not hide anything from customers.

Those who once had the opportunity to try in a pillow filled with silk, no longer wish to sleep on anything else. Let it be one of the expensive options, but it serves for a long time and provides a healthy sleep and proper rest. High-quality fillers in the pillow are the absence in the mornings of painful sensations in the neck and thoracic and brachial regions and a good mood for the whole day.

Synthetic padded cushions attract shoppers with softness and easy care. They can often be washed in a typewriter and they do not lose their pomp and elasticity after pressing. High quality fayber and its convenience are especially noted in the context of the fact that you can adjust the height of the pillow yourself. On the case, responsible manufacturers attach Velcro or zipper to access the packing. Many temporarily take out part of it, while the new product is still very lush and rather high.

Feather pillows in reviews are described extremely rarely and most often not from the best side.. Mainly because of the stiffness, lumpiness of the stuffing and the quality of the covers, allowing feathers and down to pass through.

The general conclusion, judging by the reviews, is the following: consumers prefer to spend a large amount of money and get more comfort, time to use the product, hours of healthy sleep.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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