Bamboo towels: properties, pros and cons

Bamboo towels are in incredible demand and respect among buyers. Such popularity is due to the extraordinary quality, attractive look and pleasant sensations from touching them. They have many advantages and are rightly considered the leader among similar products.

Appearance history

The raw material for the manufacture of bamboo towels is, oddly enough, bamboo. Initially, he was considered a inhabitant of the tropics and subtropics, but now the plant can be found in almost every corner of the planet: in America, Africa, Asia, Europe and Australia. This is an unpretentious culture, in the cultivation of which no chemical additives are used. Therefore, products made of it are environmentally friendly and safe.

For the first time, towels were made from this raw material in China in 2000. Entrepreneurial people have developed technology for processing bamboo pulp into fiber, reminiscent of viscose. It is noteworthy that for this process, it is not the stems of the plant that have a rather rigid structure, but its core. It is softer and supple.

Today, these products can be found everywhere. They differ in their composition, quality and price.

Composition and main properties

Bamboo towels are divided into 2 main types. The first is attributed canvases that are 100% bamboo and are called bamboo flax. They are labeled "bamboo linen". Such matter is made by enzymatic mechanical action, at the exit receiving a fabric with a small thick pile. Products have a high cost, but also the corresponding quality.

The second option is a mixture of bamboo and cotton fibers. Their percentage ratio can be in several variations: 70/30, 60/40, 50/50, 40/60. On the label of such products you will find the label in the form of “bamboo viscose” or “bamboo rayon”, that is, bamboo viscose or bamboo silk.The second type of matter is mixed, its cost is lower than the previous version. But it has some advantage, since the mixed fabric becomes not as heavy as only bamboo when absorbed.

Both types of products are represented in the textile market. From their main qualities can be distinguished antibacterial properties. Bamboo contains the substance bamboo, which is capable of causing the death of pathogenic bacteria. The canvas is not treated with additional chemicals to ensure a similar effect. This is its natural property.

Up to 70% of bacteria perish on the surface of the product per day. Due to this quality bamboo towel is often used in the care of young children. Moreover, this property is not lost even after a large number of washes. Bamboo canvas is very pleasant, delicate, soft to the touch. It does not cause irritation, which is also very important if applied to kids. After all, their skin is very sensitive to external influences. Find it will be for adults who have sensitive skin.But It is worth noting that the softness of the accessories is lost as the cotton content increases.

On the surface of bamboo towels, you may notice a slight "silk" shine. Uninitiated people wonder whether it is synthetic or not. Light natural shine is the natural state of bamboo fiber, so such concerns are groundless. Bamboo fabric has hypoallergenic properties. This effect gives it a 100% natural and no need to process the material with chemical compounds. Because of this, such products are shown to children, allergies and asthma.

As for the density of the fabric, it is about 400g / m², which fully meets the requirements for home textiles.

The bamboo kitchen towel absorbs water well, which is very important, as washing hands in the kitchen while cooking is a standard procedure. It does not absorb food odors. Combining these qualities, a towel does not require a change for a long time.

Advantages and disadvantages

Bamboo towels are favorably distinguished by positive qualities compared to other similar products.

  • Hygroscopicity - One of the most important properties of towels.Some fabrics, mostly synthetic, poorly absorb water, leaving an unpleasant feeling of moist skin. Bamboo towels are highly hygroscopic. They are the best of the presented types of these accessories absorb moisture, surpassing even cotton specimens, and three times more.
  • Strength. The bamboo cloth is very strong and durable, unlike the cotton one. With proper care, it does not deform, does not fade and does not lose color, is able to endure several hundred washes without changing its original state.
  • Environmental friendliness. This is a safe fabric that does not cause allergies, irritations and other negative reactions.
  • Wide selection. Bamboo towels are presented by the wide range which surpasses any other terry sets. They are presented in a variety of colors. There are both monophonic and combined options. In addition, the products may be embroidery or pattern. There are jacquard patterns, that is, with a relief. It is applied to the machine by cutting out the villi.
  • Bamboo leaf passes air well and dries very quickly after getting wet. Does not absorb odors.
  • Ease of care. Pollution of any intensity freely and quickly removed from the surface of matter.

The disadvantages of such a product include the probability of shrinkage (by about 10%) in case of improper care, the possibility of the appearance of a fungus, as well as a higher cost compared to other types of this textile.

Appointment and size

Bamboo towel differs not only in color variety, but also in size. The product can be found in different proportions: both very small - in the form of napkins, and medium, and large. Main settings:

  • 100x150 - the largest size of the towel, which is considered the beach;
  • 70x140 - bath option;
  • 50x100 - this size is suitable to dry the skin after a shower;
  • 50x90 - "facial" form;
  • 50x70 - this size is used in the kitchen;
  • 30x50 - napkins that can be operated as you like, but most often they are used for kids.

Given that bamboo matter is best suited for children, there are special products targeted specifically at this group. These include towels, bathrobes with hoods, ears and other fun attributes. They are decorated in bright colors, with children's drawings and prints.Bamboo towel can be purchased separately or as a set, which will be a great idea for a gift.

Popular manufacturers

The leaders in the production of bamboo towels are China and Turkey. Naturally, Turkish products are characterized by higher quality, wear resistance and durability. The average price for a Chinese towel is $ 5, while goods from Turkey cost you $ 10 on average. The following are among the most popular manufacturers of this textile.

  • Bonita - The company is famous for reasonable prices for its products. And its feature is the golden threads in the finish. The cost of facial towels is 550-600 rubles.
  • Tac - Turkish products of various colors and patterns, sizes are also represented in the range. There are only bamboo options. Bath form can be purchased for 1200 rubles.
  • Panda - canvases of warm colors with the panda logo. Suitable as a child option.
  • Sveta - high-quality products of pastel and muted tones, decorated in gift sets. On average, the cost of bath towels is 2500 rubles.
  • Casual Avenue - elite brand, the cost of 1 bath towel which is about 4,000 rubles. Products are of high quality.
  • Luxberry - is a Portuguese brand. The texture of the fabric is made in an unusual form, but in classic colors. Products are designed in European style.

There is a huge variety of other manufacturers, each of which is aimed at its specific audience. Their products have a certain manner of execution, differ in quality and, accordingly, in cost.

Peculiarities of care

With proper operation and care, a bamboo towel will serve faithfully for many years. The product is not afraid of washing in the machine, but requires compliance with certain conditions.

  • Water temperature should not exceed 30-40 °. If you wash the towel in too hot water, it will surely “sit down”.
  • Need to use delicate washing and spinning.
  • Do not use potent components, bleach. There is no need to use a conditioner or a balm, as the towel does not become hard after washing.

After drying, this matter does not require ironing.In the process of using linen from bamboo, you can notice that yarn is knocked out of it. It's quite normal. Carefully cut sticking threads with scissors.


Those who have ever experienced the effects of a bamboo towel on themselves say that no one else recognizes. Among the main positive characteristics note good moisture absorption, softness and silkiness, no unpleasant odors after several wipes without washing. Many emphasize the pleasant sensations of the towel, describing them as "a touch of tenderness."

Some users first encounter a product on holiday in Turkey and when they visit the resort again, they are trying to buy a couple of pieces. It would seem that in the country of origin of these accessories there should be no problems in their purchase. But still there are pitfalls. It is recommended not to buy paintings in the markets or bazaars, where there is a chance to fall for a fake. The best option would be goods from factory stores or in stores at the hotel. Here you get a 100% quality product.

Bamboo cloth, bought in Turkey, will cost you 2 times cheaper than in Russia. Bamboo towel is a great option for both everyday use and as a gift. High quality, ease of use and undemanding care make it an indispensable bath accessory that will pamper you for many years.

How to choose bamboo towels, see the next video.

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