How to fold a towel compactly?

Rational use of the useful area of ​​cabinets, dressers and travel bags is not an easy task for every hostess. Most families live in standard apartments, where it is often not possible to equip dressing rooms or install built-in wardrobes with a large number of shelves. Experienced housewives have learned to solve this problem by compactly folding not only the wardrobe items, but also bed linen and towels. Neatly folded things and order on the shelves are not only able to improve the mood of all family members, but also significantly increase the capacity of the closet, as they take up less space.

This procedure does not take much time and can be an exciting experience for all family members.

Towel Types

On the shelves of specialized stores you can find a large number of textile products. For the manufacture of towels manufacturers use different materials, the choice of which depends on the purpose of the product:

  • waffle - for the kitchen, feet, face and hands;
  • linen - for the kitchen and hands;
  • cotton - a universal type of product;
  • Velor - for the bath and shower;
  • bamboo - a modern type of home textile, which has antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties, such products have a long shelf life and are suitable for children;
  • Microfibre - an artificial type of towels that are lightweight and do not require ironing.

Classic ways of folding products

In books on home economics and in sections of women's magazines on housekeeping You can find some of the most common ways of compact folding towels:

  • classic - fold the product along the length three times, and then each edge to the middle and combine the edges;
  • French - fold the fourth part of the product to the middle, and the opposite side to the center, roll the towel in half, and then three more times;
  • Spa method - turn the corner of one side of the product and then in half. Roll the product into a roll, and place the corner into the formed pocket.
Spa method

To fold a large bath towel, you need to take two corners on the short side and put together two pieces of a three-piece product. The size of the folded textile will be equal to the last part. The rest of the need to roll in the center and connect its edges. Fold the product so that the smaller fold remains on two thirds of the towel. Products for hands should be taken by the corners on the long side and folded in half. Taking a towel by the folded edge, you need to fold it into three parts. Next, it must be laid on the cabinet shelf with folded edges in the center.

The product for the face folded in half on a clean and flat surface, and then the procedure should be repeated. The method of triple folding allows you to use the edge edge as a decorative element. This method can be the basis for folding the product in the form of a triangle.

Rolling things into a roll is the most popular method of placing large things not only on the shelves of wardrobes, but also in drawers of drawers, in suitcases and travel bags.Rational housekeeping experts recommend using vertical storage, which saves space as much as possible and allows you to accurately place a large number of things.

The method of folding textiles in the American roll is suitable for towels of different sizes. The unique method requires a small amount of time and does not allow products to be creased. To make a special kind of roll, it can be tied with a decorative tape or braid.

Decorative figures

A new trend in the field of decorative folding home textiles is the creation of various shapes. Unusual products decorate not only the shelves in the bathroom, but also cabinets in children's and adult bedrooms. On the pages of special journals you can find a huge number of examples of creating figures and a detailed description of the performance of work. The most popular figures of towels are:

  • swan;
  • peacock;
  • a monkey;
  • elephant;
  • snake.

Swans from large towels on the bedroom bed will not only surprise your loved one, but also create an atmosphere of romance. To create them you need to take two large white towels and lay them on the surface of the bed.Direct the bottom corners to the center of the product and carefully roll them up with a roll. The common base will become the nose of the bird, and the middle part will be the neck of the swan. The body will be the rest of the product. To create the wings will need additional textile product of small size. Scented candles and rose petals harmoniously complement this composition.

Caring mothers will be able to please their children with interesting figures of funny animals. The naughty monkey will surely amuse the child and make him smile. To create it you need to take two towels of different sizes and a coat hanger. An elephant, a crab, a mouse and a snake will also delight the baby. To create them, you need to carefully study the special schemes that are presented in the magazines of young housewives.

    The color range of textiles plays a leading role in the creation of decorative animals.

    On the men's shelf will look harmoniously home textiles, folded in the form of a shirt or tie. Working with home towels is a creative process, and it is not at all necessary to strictly follow standard patterns. Fantasy and extraordinary thinking - the main assistants of any hostess.


    Before it is beautiful to turn the washed products, it is necessary to dry them completely. Storing wet towels can cause unpleasant odors and mildew. Mold spores not only begin to spread throughout the product, but can also move to other shelves. So that favorite things not only have a long period of operation, but also do not harm health, experienced housewives recommend following a few simple rules:

    • bath products wash after six times of use;
    • it is recommended to change facial and kitchen textiles three times a week;
    • foot towel to use no more than four days;
    • To prevent the formation of an unpleasant odor, experts recommend airing the rooms and monitoring the level of air humidity;
    • the constant use of the conditioner when rinsing reduces the absorbent properties of the fabric;
    • the use of plastic balls will give the product softness and airiness;
    • rinsing in salt water will smooth the villi and make the surface pleasant and tender;
    • sorting products according to colors is a mandatory procedure before washing;
    • liquid powder is the most suitable detergent for washing home textiles;
    • care for things to carry out according to the recommendations of the manufacturer, located on the product tag;
    • for rational use of an apartment’s area, you can store towels not only in cabinets, but also use hooks, organizers mounted on the wall, baskets made of wood or plastic and shelves under the sink.

    Daily housekeeping is a difficult job that falls on the shoulders of women. Make the house clean, cozy and comfortable - the main task of all hostesses. Rational housekeeping is passed on from mother to daughter, but current trends dictate new rules. Young housewives can not only properly fold things in cabinets, but also give them a variety of decorative forms using all kinds of life hacking.

    This undoubtedly decorates the interior and makes the house cozy and unique. The aesthetic appearance of decorative products depends not only on the technical skills of the hostess, but also on the way to care for home towels and the quality of washing. The figures made of well-groomed textiles, having a bright color palette, will decorate the bathroom and bedroom.

    How to fold towels, see the next video.

    Information provided for reference purposes.For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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