Characteristics and features of flannel bedding

Flannel fabric is the perfect choice to sew warm bedding and diapers. Such textiles are soft and soft to the touch. Perfectly warm in frosty winter evenings and in chilly off-season.

Characteristics and types

Flannel (bike or paper) is a dense fabric with a soft and delicate nap, evenly distributed on the material on one or both sides. Thick threads of fabric are interlaced according to the principle of linen.

Homeland Flannel - England. Here it appeared already in the XVIII century. It was imported into Russian territory a century later. The fabric was very expensive, so only rich and noble people could afford it. The very first flannel was painted only in light colors, which made the material luxurious and chic for that time.

The basis may be woolen, wool blend or cotton yarn. The average density is 175 g / m², but there are other variations. Wool fibers are used to make fabrics very rarely. The most common cotton flannel fabric with a small number of synthetic threads. This combination makes the flannel material:

  • very durable;
  • soft;
  • resistant to wear;
  • well conductive and heat retaining.

Width is from 80 to 220 cm. Despite the fact that the fabric is very dense, it is perfectly breathable.

According to the type of coloring of the flannel material, several types of it are distinguished.

  1. Printed. On the fabric is printed pattern. From such flannel sew baby diapers and clothes. Drawing the picture on one side is necessary so that the skin of the child does not interact with the paint. This minimizes the occurrence of allergies.
  2. Plain Dyed The fabric is dyed on both sides in one color.
  3. Bleached At the initial stage, the fabric is obtained in different colors. For a uniform white color it is bleached. Pure flannel material without staining and patterns used for sewing bedding and baby clothes.

There is a white-earth and soil type of flannel, which are the result of a mixture of several types of basic staining. They differ in that in the first case a drawing is applied on the bleached fabric. In the second - to smooth-colored.


The density of the fabric is determined by the weight of the material. Flannel emit light, medium and heavy density.

The main advantages of flannel bed linen are the following:

  • flannel linen with each wash becomes softer;
  • very simple principles of care that do not require certain funds and a lot of time;
  • long service life;
  • warms quickly and permanently, it is warm to the touch by itself.

Bed linen from flannel, in which the patterns are through and visible on both sides of the material, will retain its print and color for a long time. This is explained by the method by which the fabric was woven. In this case, the drawing is not applied to the finished textiles, but is woven from an already dyed thread.

Choosing flannel bedding, you should follow some recommendations.

  • you need to buy bedding from proven vendors offering quality textiles;
  • you should carefully study the information on the label;
  • preference should be given to the flannel, which is woven from dyed yarns, since such material will retain its color qualities longer than the fabric with printed print.

Flannel for newborns

In cold seasonal periods, parents prefer to buy flannel sliders, undershirts, caps, diapers for their child. Flannel diapers do not lose their relevance in the warm season.

The most common diapers are 100x120 cm. Sometimes you can find square or small diapers. For a more budget option, diapers from the flannel can be sewn independently.

Flannel diaper fabric can be used in several qualities.

  1. Baby sheets. The use of flannel diapers for the bed of a newborn solves the problem of frequent change of linen, since such sheets are soft and easy to clean.
  2. Towels. Most towels, even baby ones, are coarse for children's sensitive skin. A diaper from the flannel can wet the baby’s delicate skin, because the diaper flannel absorbs water well and does not injure the baby’s skin.
  3. Bedding on the tablewhere a child is given a massage, gymnastics, morning procedures or where he is examined by a doctor.
  4. Light blanket. Warm summer evenings, the child can be covered with a flannel diaper. Under such a blanket he will neither be hot nor cold.

Colorful flannel diapers in a cage or with large bright patterns can be used as a developing mat for kids. At about the age of four months, babies love to look at interesting patterns and pictures.

When the child grows up, the old flannel can be sent for business needs. Flannel rags will be a great helper in cleaning.

Flannel textile care

Flannel textiles are very easy to clean. It can be washed mechanically and manually. Manufacturers do not recommend washing the flannel at high temperatures, since the material then gives a big shrinkage. It is better to wash it in warm water.

Before the first use of textiles from the flannel must be soaked in cold water, and then wash.

With great care you need to use bleach and stain removers. They can damage the fabric structure and ruin the pattern. Do not rub the soiled area too much, otherwise small pellets may appear.

Flannel diaper care is slightly different. They are allowed to wash at high temperatures and even boil. And the use of bleach and stain removers is strictly prohibited.

After the flannel products are very dry, they should be ironed on both sides using a steamer.


Users respond to flannel bedding as something extraordinarily soft, warm and cozy. It is noted that the heat of flannel linen is incomparable with synthetic heat. But some flannel linen owners complain that after washing such a bed is very wrinkled. And after drying it is very difficult to iron. And also a minus is the fact that when folded, flannel linen takes up more space than a simple bed made of cotton or coarse calico.

Special attention is required Turkmen bed linen. It is recommended as high-quality underwear at an affordable price, having a huge color and model range.

Flannel diapers collect only positive reviews. People like a large selection of modern diapers and their size range. You can buy a diaper for every taste: in the cage, flower, monophonic and so on. But people who know diapers from the flannel of the Soviet type writethat the current flannel fabric is not the same.

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Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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