Features and tips for choosing mako-satin bed linen

There are so many types of fabrics that it is easy to get confused in this variety. The most popular and high quality are those that are made from natural fibers. Of course, the presence of cotton in the composition is highly valued due to the practicality and environmental friendliness of such raw materials. It is used to produce many types of fabrics that vary in density, quality, and cost. One of the best cotton derivatives is considered to be mako-sateen. Bed linen is often sewn from this fabric, although the material can also be used to create other items (underwear, light scarves). This article discusses the features of the choice of bedding sets of mako-satin.

History of creation

There is a legend enveloping the origin of mako-sateen.The name of the fabric is due to the owner of the garden, the governor of Cairo, Mako Bey el Orfali, where this type of cotton was once discovered by a French citizen Louis Jumel. Thanks to the French in his homeland, the material became known as Jumel. The enterprising Frenchman noticed how well cotton grows in an Egyptian garden and made an offer to the vice-king of the state, Mohammed Ali, to grow the plant on an industrial scale.

For long staple cotton, the local climate turned out to be the most beneficial.therefore, in the XIX century, he was already famous in the textile market. In addition to marking Jumel or "mako-satin", the fabric may be called giza.

Therefore, if you see such a designation on the product label, you need to understand that this is one and the same matter.

Special features

Choosing a kit for sleeping, consider not only the design. They also place high demands on the quality of fabric and tailoring. Of course, natural materials are a priority. Mako-satin is a novelty on the domestic market of fabrics, while not everyone is familiar with it quite well. However, existing reviews claim that this cotton fabric, 100% natural in composition, is very pleasant to the touch.

Indeed, when you first touch the mako-satin, you feel the softness of contact with a silky surface. Bright colors of fabric and light matte sheen delight the eye.

Such noble matter is very similar to traditional cotton or satin, and even surpasses them in a number of properties and characteristics.

Main advantages

Judging by the eloquent reviews of users of bed linen from this fabric, it can be judged that it can be unusually light, smooth, durable and silky. External data and the quality of this material is almost as good as natural silk, and its cost is much lower. It can be noted a number of advantages of fabric:

  • air permeability;
  • durability;
  • hypoallergenic;
  • color fastness after hundreds of wash cycles.

Also material:

  • does not need special care;
  • practically not wrinkled;
  • not subject to moult;
  • perfectly keeps its shape;
  • has a visual similarity with natural silk;
  • dries quickly;
  • not electrified;
  • absorbs moisture well;
  • does not accumulate dust in the fibers and does not emit it.

How is it made?

Mako-satin is created by interweaving very fine fibers of cotton yarn with a ratio of 4: 1 yarn, which makes matter acquire a particularly smooth and noble shine. In the process of creating this high-class fabric adhere to certain parameters:

  • absolute purity of the raw materials used;
  • minimum fiber thickness;
  • technology special satin weave.

For the manufacture of this material used Egyptian cotton, in particular, a variety known as Mako. It is characterized by especially finely processed fibers from 40 to 55 mm in length, twisting which receive the finest matter with increased density and enhanced strength. Raw materials for creating matter are grown in the Nile Valley without the use of chemical impurities and the use of pesticides.

The quality of the dressing affects the purity of the material. At the stages of production the fabric goes through different stages. To achieve shine from the front side, cotton fibers are twisted. The density of the material is increased by treating it with a special solution of an alkaline composition.

Staining of paintings occurs by the reactive method, in which the dye permeates each fiber to the very depth. So the fabrics acquire a saturated color, resistant to fading and washing.

Application area

Most often, bed linen is made from Egyptian cotton.Every well-known manufacturer must have a line of exquisite mako-satin linen. It belongs to the elite products because of the quality and beauty. Figures 3d and 5d on these canvases look particularly realistic and elegant. Therefore, it is these sets that are chosen by the most demanding customers to decorate their bedrooms and the most comfortable sleep.

Fabric care

After buying a new bedding must be washed, turning the pillowcases and duvet cover inside out. If you have buttons or zippers, you need to fasten them. The first wash is carried out in a delicate mode, at a temperature not exceeding 40 degrees. Subsequently it is possible to wash products at 60 degrees. If there are any stains on mako-sateen linen, you must remove them before loading it into the washing machine.

The material dries quickly and usually does not need ironing, but if such a need arose, it should be done by setting the “cotton” mode on the iron. In this case, bed linen should remain slightly damp. If these simple conditions are observed, the kit will not lose its remarkable qualities for many years.

It is better to carry out the laundry with sparing means that do not contain bleaching components. Then the matter, even after a couple of hundred washes, will retain its bright appearance and unique silkiness. Simultaneous washing of delicate mako-satin with polyester fabrics is not allowed. Otherwise, cotton matter will lose its aesthetic appearance and tactile qualities. For the same reason, the simultaneous washing of colored and white linen is not recommended.

If you hang out the washed laundry in time for drying, it will remain even and retain its shape. The ironing of the dried bed set is not required.

How to choose?

Since bed linen made from expensive fabrics often tend to be faked, choose a kit must be carefully, taking into account certain recommendations.

  1. Carefully study the structure of the fabric. Real mako-sateen does not stretch under tension and is not translucent in the light, it is dense and smooth.
  2. There should be no unpleasant smell from items on the bed set (this is the first sign of using a cheap dye).
  3. Be sure to have smooth neat seams and treated cuts.

Purchase sleep kits only in specialized stores.Market traders will probably slip you a cheaper counterpart under the guise of a natural material. Sleeping on real linen made of mako-sateen is sheer pleasure. A variety of colors presented allows you to choose a set for every taste.

Different sizes make it possible to choose bed linen for any bed. Single, 1.5 bedroom, euro, family suites are always in the range of well-known companies. If you once buy clothes from valuable and high-quality Egyptian cotton, then you will not exchange it for anything else, because according to the characteristics of such products there is no equal.

For tips on which fabric to choose bedding from, see the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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