Children's slides: types, tips on choosing and making

Arrangement of the garden plot or local area necessarily implies the presence of slides for children. But despite the apparent similarity, these designs may be different in execution, so it is necessary to understand all the subtleties and nuances in advance, otherwise the consequences of a wrong choice may turn out to be sad.

Safety requirements

To make the slide safe for children, it is necessary, first of all, to pay attention to its height. Kids of 1.5-2 years old should not ride down slides above 1.5 m. If the child is 2-7 years old, the structure must be 2.5 m high. Adolescents will need a structure reaching 3-3 in height. , 5 m.

It is better to rebuild a slide or make several play structures at once, than to risk children's health and even life.

But to confine ourselves only to this consideration will not work - it is necessary to surround the sports facility with non-slip coating. It is very important in wet weather, when any careless movement can cause damage to health. Certainly required to do wide steps. Experts recommend to put the crossbar closer to each other.

Another important point: you need to equip the stairs with handrails, as the child who has risen to the top must hold on to something. It is also worth considering another such nuance: the slide should be designed for a lot of children skating. If initially there is only one baby in the house, it is still recommended to fasten the structure in such a way that it can withstand 2 or 3 people.

For the descent prepare a smooth chute preferably with side edges. When the construction is completed, it is necessary to check that there are no slips or sharp corners, as well as protruding bolts.

Wood must be polished, like metal. It is advisable to pull out a soft area on the roll out of the chute. For him often use lawn grass. But this is more of a seasonal option.and for year-round use it is much more correct to put a soft coating. You can make a sand mound, but the decision must be made very thoughtfully.

A very important point: no matter how the slide is arranged, it should be clearly visible from all sides and from the nearest windows, because then you can safely go about your business and periodically monitor children's games. It is desirable to place the sports equipment in the penumbra. There, even on a hot summer day, playing children will not overheat. But in addition it is worth thinking about protection from piercing wind and accidental drafts.

But protection from dangerous weather phenomena is insufficient - be sure to put a slide where there are no electrical appliances and power lines, as well as sharp objects. It is unacceptable to orient the descent in the direction of walls, steep cliffs (ravines), roads and railroad tracks. Also, you should not allow children to roll in the direction of trees, pits, fences. It is recommended to choose a site where there are no poisonous plants.

To ensure that this danger is eliminated, it is necessary to clear the area of ​​weeds.The fertile layer of the earth completely removes and lays a safer soil. The presence of even small pins is unacceptable.

As a fence, it is recommended to choose a construction from a chain-link mesh - it will reliably protect children and at the same time will not provoke a desire to explore the unknown space.

Types and sizes of structures

Children's slides can be installed even in the bedroom. In this case, you can use almost any material, since the harmful effects of the environment are excluded. The difference between a room structure and a street building is a smaller value, but at the same time its structure does not differ from a usual slide for children, which is installed in a country house. Thinking through the future arrangement of the site or children's room, it is necessary to draw up three-dimensional diagrams and drawings or use ready-made documentation.

It is logical when equipping the playground to combine the slide and swing. Supporting elements will certainly concrete, deepening them by 0.4-0.5 m into the ground. A typical height of a spiral slide, designed for children from 3 years and more, should be 1.52 m, and if the construction is in the form of a spiral, then the turn of the exit section relative to the upper platform should be 270 degrees.

When arranging outdoor game and sports grounds with children's slides, it is necessary to take into account the optimal ratio between the areas of slip and braking. If the height of the structure does not exceed 1.5 m, then both slopes should be approximately 0.3 m.

The recommended height of the sides is 0.15 m and more. A medium size hill, unlike a small one, requires slopes of at least 0.5 m, and the side already grows to 0.25 m.

A large slide, mounted on the street for the entertainment of teenagers, should only be made of metal. The fact is that this design is very reliable.

If you do not concentrate on stationary products, then you can choose and inflatable slides. Assemble and disassemble such structures is easy. They are small in size, but the life is relatively small.

Manufacturing materials

Metal and wood slides are the most popular variations. It is justified to make a construction from a log or planks, considering that this material does not heat up so much in the summer as an iron or stainless steel surface. Sun-warmed metal can cause burns.If you want to choose a movable slide, then you should give preference to plastic structures. However, the disadvantage of this solution is low strength.

    If you plan to make a structure with your own hands, but do not have the skills to perform welding, it is worth staying on a wooden slide. There are a number of typical layouts in which the sizes differ, but there are standard elements:

    • ladder to climb;
    • ramp;
    • lower part (support);
    • the platform located above;
    • protective elements.

    How to choose?

    There is not always a desire to make a hill with their own hands - someone does not know how, and some do not have the necessary funds, time or tools. In such cases, you can choose a finished design. Small children should ride on light slides, but you should not buy such a product, which would be overturned. If the structure will be used by older children, then it is advisable to choose a folding slide, with the additional function of the pool.

      Choosing a slide from plastic, it is imperative to examine the certificate proving the safety of the material. It is also necessary to take into account such considerations as:

      • ease of care;
      • possibility to wash the structure;
      • color harmony;
      • compliance of the appearance of the construction with the site.

      See the video for tips on making metal and wood structures.

      Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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