Features and types of stretch ceilings in the nursery for girls

Repair in the nursery is not an easy task, because everything must be beautiful and practical. Particular attention should be paid to the design of the ceiling. For example, using a stretch ceiling, you can emphasize the individuality of the child and create a special atmosphere in the room.

Advantages and disadvantages

Before choosing a stretch ceiling for a children's room, it is worth learning more about all the pros and cons of such a design solution.

It should start with positive qualities.

  • Many people prefer such a finishing material because it is always modern and beautiful. The wide choice and various design of stretch ceilings pleasantly pleases and allows you to choose something special and unique for a child's room.
  • High-quality stretch ceiling, which is made of PVC - this is an excellent protection against moisture and leakage. Even if the neighbors on top inadvertently flood you, the water will not flow through the walls, the stretch ceiling will keep the liquid. Then you can remove it and make a new ceiling.
  • In addition, this type of ceiling helps to create additional heat and sound insulation. This is especially true in high-rise buildings, when neighbors with small children live on top.
  • This design has a high impact resistance. In the nursery, this is very important, as babies often play with a ball or other games.
  • In addition, this material is considered durable. Sometimes such structures can easily serve for more than ten years.
  • This design is easy to install and there is no need to pre-prepare the ceiling. Moreover, it is not just a stylish and modern design solution, but also practical. After all, with the help of such a finishing material, you can easily hide the flaws and defects of the ceiling. In addition, this ceiling does not require any special care.

Now we should talk a little about the disadvantages of such ceilings.

  • This design is completely unstable to mechanical damage. That is, in contact with a sharp object, a puncture or incision may be formed. Repairing such damage is almost impossible, only replacement will save.
  • In that case, if a stretch ceiling is installed in the room, then you should be especially careful in choosing the lighting. It is dangerous to use classic incandescent bulbs, the power of which is more than 60 watts. Halogen lighting should also not exceed the power of more than 30 watts. Of course, this is a significant drawback, since you will have to pick up special chandeliers or install special protective panels.
  • Poor quality material can release harmful substances and cause allergies. For this reason, you need to purchase products only from trusted manufacturers who have a certificate of quality and other necessary documents.


To date, you can find two types of suspended ceilings, each of which has its own characteristics.

  • The most common option is PVC. Such ceilings are more economical, pleased with a variety of design.

Moreover, you can order individual photo printing on this type of stretch ceiling. The material is waterproof, easy to care for.

  • If we talk about the tissue version, it is a knitted weaving of special threads. The material is environmentally safe and great for rooms with a large area, as it is much wider than the PVC fabric. Such a ceiling can be easily washed and even vacuumed.

Stretch ceilings differ in their texture.

  • Many opt for a glossy version. Such material will add a certain gloss and charm to the room. The glossy surface helps to visually “lift” the ceiling, which is a significant advantage.
  • Matte surface is not inferior in quality. Thanks to this surface, it is very easy to hide the joining seams of the stretch ceiling.
  • Another option is satin. This is a cross between the above two options. This canvas has a soft sheen and resembles a bit of silk fabric.

And also tension structures are single-level and two-level. The first option is ideal for any room. This, as they say, is a universal option.But the second type will allow to realize interesting design solutions.

This makes it easy to zone the space. In this case, both levels may well be completely different subjects.


Design stretch ceilings can be anything. Of course, the traditional gloss of white shades will be boring to look in the room for the girl. Therefore it is worth paying attention to brighter, but quiet shades. As for the design, the choice is simply limitless, because with the help of photo printing you can make something individual and original.

You can pick up and excellent ready-made options.

  • A classic option for any child's room are ceilings with a heavenly theme. These are gentle clouds on a blue background. Thanks to this ceiling, the child will calmly fall asleep, the eyes will not get tired of bright colors and this will never go out of fashion.

In addition, butterflies or delicate flowers may well be placed against a background of clouds.

  • Another classic option for a child's room is considered a starry sky. Imitation of the mysterious night sky will appeal to girls too. And also it can be not just a star, but a cosmic sky.On it can be various planets, stars and the moon.

This option helps the child to feel comfortable and safe in the room.

  • For the room girls fit various options with flowers. When choosing shades for the room of your little princess, remember that the colors should be dim so that it does not cause irritation. Perfect shades of pink and lilac flowers. And also pay attention to beige, coral shades.
  • For a preschool girl or a girl of primary school age, an option with a pattern of her favorite cartoon characters is perfect. It is only important to remember that the ceiling should not be overloaded with an abundance of patterns and colors. For teenagers, it is better to choose an option with an individual photo printing, while the girl herself will be able to choose the pattern and colors.

How to choose?

Choosing a stretch ceiling in a nursery for a younger girl or teenager, It is worth considering some important points.

  • The first thing to consider is the age of the girl. If you choose the ceiling option with characters from cartoons for a girl of 7–8 years, then within a year or two such an interesting design decision will lose its relevance.Therefore, be sure to consider the age and opinion of the child.
  • It is important to pay attention to the hobbies of the girl. For example, many parents try to make repairs in the style of Disney princesses, using an abundance of pink and cute drawings, but not every girl may like this option. If the girl is interested in history or astronomy, then look for options with a similar theme.

Such an individual approach and attention to interests will be appreciated by every girl, especially a teenager.

  • The selected ceiling design should be in harmony and fit into the overall design of the room. If the walls are already with drawings, then you should pay attention to the monochromatic canvases of gentle tones. Remember that beige, white, green and lilac colors have a positive effect on the psyche of the child. And brighter shades can cause irritation. In addition, when choosing an option for a nursery, keep in mind the quality and safety of the material.

Successful design examples

If you plan to arrange the ceiling so as to create the effect of heaven with clouds or stars, then pay attention to the two-level options. Such a “sky” in the frame of a classic white color will look great.

If the girl is not indifferent to the pink color, then pay attention to the pink-peach shades. It is better to choose a matte surface, as it adds tenderness. Perfectly combines pink color with peach and purple. It is possible to choose an option where the colors are intertwined with each other, creating an unusual and delicate pattern. In this case, the walls should be made in bright colors.

For a romantic girl, the perfect option is a pale blue sky and pink or white clouds. This option will be perfectly in harmony with the classic furniture of beige shades.

An overview of the two-level stretch ceiling in the girl’s bedroom is in the next video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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