How can I plan a small hallway?

 How can I plan a small hallway?

The first thing people see when they enter the house is the entrance hall. It is she who creates the first impression about the situation in the apartment, and also tells about the nature of the owners. It can be safely called a calling card at home. In addition to the aesthetic responsibilities, it performs and functional. In the hallway it is important to place everything you need for a comfortable stay, albeit a short one.

Project Ideas

Properly place stylish roomy hallways in a small square, you can use the advice of experts.

  • Choose suitable furniture for small spaces, rather narrow models whose depth is 40-45 cm.Despite the small depth, the hanger should be placed frontally, and all outerwear will easily fit. You can compensate for the width by increasing the height. As a rule, in such halls cabinets reach the ceiling.
  • Cabinets can be just like with hinged doors (when closed, they take up less space due to the lack of roller guides), but in the open, the doors can take up considerable space. So, the wardrobes save space in the opened form due to the opening mechanism (in the same plane with the wall), but in the “calm” state they occupy a little more space than the swing ones. If you use a cabinet without a back wall, then there will be a little more free space. Which option to choose is a matter of taste and peculiarities of the hall space.
  • Do not use open shelves. In the presence of a huge number of different kinds of shelves and all small things that are in sight, the room seems cluttered and unkempt. For these things it is better to determine the place in the closed locker.
  • A bold decision is to use a closet instead of an adjacent wall with a room, and its door will be at the same time a door to the room.This saves even more space.
  • Do not forget about the effective use of the corners in the hallway. Corner cabinets are a great example.
  • Use modular samples of hallways, this offer is especially important for a square hallway near the toilet. For a rectangular room of a closed layout, it is also desirable to use "mobile" furniture. Modules can be changed, which is very convenient.
  • For a small narrow corridor with a bench, it is better to use open hangers. It is possible in combination to use a closed obuvnitsa with a box for small things, which does not take up much space, but at the same time, it saves usable space.

The material can be almost any raw material.

  • Tree. Environmentally friendly material, durable and heavy, and therefore sustainable. However, this material differs in its price, which is often quite high. The wood of the following species is popular.
    1. Wenge. It has a dark and dense texture.
    2. Ebony. Differs in black or black striped wood.
    3. Oak. You can immediately determine the clear core rays.
    4. Alder. Soft breed without a pronounced texture.
    5. Ash. Furniture made of ash is characterized by a light tone and inconspicuous core rays.
    6. Pine. Has a beige or white cut with light pinkish divorces.
  • MDF, chipboard, laminated chipboard, fiberboard. Slabs - the most popular material, economical and allows you to simulate almost any texture of wood. It is necessary to pay attention to the fact that this raw material had all the necessary documents confirming the quality standards.
  • Plastic. Thanks to him, it is possible to form absolutely any pattern, color or texture, for which it is preferred as an economical option to too expensive materials.
  • Metal. Reliable and durable. Open hangers are often made from it. They may be a minimalist version or an ideological model. It should be noted that sometimes there are true artistic masterpieces.
  • Glass. Glass cabinets look amazing, such models are not common. The features are proper care and careful handling.
  • The cloth. As a rule, it is the skin or its substitute. Such an entrance hall looks expensive and, undoubtedly, guests will remember for a long time.
  • Combined material. The most common models are those that include two or more types of materials. These are either solid elements or a model lined with clapboard with or without mirrors.

The dimensions of the hallways are quite diverse. You can make a model by individual order, taking into account every inch of the room, and you can choose a ready-made one that will fit perfectly into the interior. Manufacturers usually analyze the small-sized market segment and take into account the standard parameters of small-sized hallways. There are also unconventionally small areas, in such mini-dimensions it is more difficult to pick up furniture, but it is still possible.

What colors to choose?

For small spaces, colors that expand the surrounding space are recommended. As you know, dark colors "eat up" the area, exactly the same way as in the design in light colors, air and space are added. The main “expanding” colors are white and beige in all shades. You can use bright accents in green, orange, blue, yellow, pink and turquoise, thanks to them the hallway will not seem faceless and empty.


Even a small corridor can be decorated in a stylish and modern way; it is not worth refusing from interesting design. Despite the small parameters, various style directions are applicable to the hallways.

  • Classic style. It is characterized by conciseness and a certain rigor. The predominance of shades of natural wood (brown, beige, black), as well as the presence of straight lines and regular shapes are features in a classic style.
  • Provence. Simple and at the same time atmospheric furniture of light tones with embossed legs, balusters and necessarily wooden texture will correspond to French design. The color scheme is used in blue, lavender, white, cream, herbal shades.
  • Scandinavian style. The lightness of the morning breeze can be recreated with the help of any palette of blue and white, thematic accessories will help to complete the idea.
  • Minimalism. Clarity and freedom from unnecessary details. Minimum elements and maximum space.
  • Loft. The industrial rhythm of the industrial era is immediately identified by a brick of various shades, specialized accessories in the form of couches, chairs, lighting items.
  • Art Deco. The nobility of this style enchants with its originality and impeccable taste. Classicism notes with baroque elements can be combined absolutely in any color range.
  • Eclecticism. Style that includes incompatible at first glance things and accessories. But you need to be careful not to overdo it, otherwise there will be no trace of the idea of ​​style, and chaos will reign.
  • Ethnic. Whether it is a hot safari or eastern exoticism, a few accents will be enough for a small hallway.
  • Eco. Wood texture in combination with living plants will make space a heavenly spot.

How to make the original decor?

Creating an atmosphere with your own hands is very simple, you can use accessories, for example, hang up a current picture that will complement the design of the decor. The canvas can be repeated several times or be a modular system, and the most courageous can hang a photo collage with portraits of loved ones.

In order to achieve elegant decoration, designers recommend using an artificial stone in the decoration, as it has an attractive appearance and its use and care do not cause trouble.

Decorate the hallway in the following ways.

  • If the style suggests lightness and ease, it can be supplemented with decorative pillows, rugs, baskets or chests for small items.
  • Often use decorative vases with plants or crafts from natural materials, especially valuable if these elements will be made with your own hands.
  • Do not forget about lighting, lamps also act as decorations.
  • Unusual hangers will surely make a pleasant impression.
  • Hang in the hallway board for notes and notes. The original combination of design and practicality.
  • Decorated mirror can be a highlight of the entire interior.
  • Stands and poufs are also part of the decor. Mostly they are bright colors and catchy pattern.
  • Cute inscriptions and signs will not leave indifferent your guests.

Additional design

Lighting requires special attention. Few can boast a window in the hallway, often such rooms in the apartment are quite dark.

To avoid unpardonable darkness, it is necessary to choose the right lamp and precisely position it in the corridor, because with the help of lighting devices you can create a completely different atmosphere in the same room.It is desirable that the light spreads evenly throughout the space and does not dim or emit the wrong light (yellow, pink).

It is ideal to install a fluorescent lamp in the hallway, since it is almost equal to sunlight. Before you leave, you will know exactly how you look, and you can see the extra hairs on your clothes or other unpleasant trifles that are not visible in dim light. Agree that to consider yourself, being on the street, at least, strange.

Additionally, you can pay attention to the finishing of the stretch ceiling. These can be decorative elements corresponding to the overall decor, or a variety of colors in addition to the setting.

Floors are also an important part of the interior. To discount them is not desirable.

There are several floor clearance techniques.

  • In the tone of the furniture.
  • In tone of a ceiling.
  • Different from the interior as a whole, in this case, attention should focus only on it, otherwise the interior will seem overloaded.

How to equip functional furniture?

Putting a closet in the hallway is sometimes not enough.

You can dilute the interior with such useful elements.

  • Armchair or pouf. Stylishly the hall in which there is a chair looks. Useful piece of furniture, where you can sit down, wearing shoes, razuvayas or just after a hard day for a few minutes. You can choose a chair in the interior color or choose a bright contrasting color, but in this case, the surrounding space should be neutral, otherwise you will get a color pun and a huge space overload.
  • Shelves. Useful interior decoration. One or two is enough to store different things. Hanging a larger number is not recommended, you can create the impression of a cluttered hallway.
  • Stairs. You can also use it with benefit. At the end of the stairs, you can equip a mini-wardrobe for outerwear or turn on the imagination and paint it with different colors (colors or just lay a walkway), and it will undoubtedly become a bright accent in the hallway
  • Bench. Minimalistic option, not devoid of taste. The bench can be an additional place to store things.
  • Hangers. Open hangers will create an atmosphere of lightness and lightness, and if they are made in an unusual style, then the modern stylish design of your hallway is guaranteed.

Types of design

Ideas in the arrangement of small hallways a huge amount. Standard design involves a wardrobe or coat rack with the addition of accessories. For example, calm, warm tones make you relax and have a relaxed atmosphere, and a vase of flowers adds vitality and saves the interior from emptiness and boredom. Corner roomy cabinet hides everything you need, on the corner shelves are placed keys and notepad.

Special design can make a chandelier. It is the main and at the same time uncomfortable accent.

Corner wardrobe in white with niches for shoes at the bottom and accessories at the top looks simple and stylish at the same time with a tone-like sofa and bright textiles. A small table framed in gold gives warmth and comfort.

The small space of the narrow corridor is compensated by open hangers and a functional bench and built-in boxes of various sizes. The zoning is done correctly: the ceiling, floor, door and part of the mirror, made under the tree, make the setting warm, on a neutral white wall with the texture under the tree of delicate pistachio hue a “locker room” area is highlighted. The shallow white cabinet fits well with the wall,not attracting attention.

You should also consider interesting new items in the arrangement of the entrance space in an apartment or house. Minimalistic style is made in cool colors. The wall is decorated with artificial stone tile panels, the light floor creates contrast and expands the space, and the hanger is the main element of the decor. Its color scheme is like a continuation of the flooring, and the metal bar is skillfully combined with the wall.

A vivid example of airiness and ease in the arrangement of the hallway. Metal supports connecting lower parts form an additional useful place for shoes, the idea completes the box for umbrellas.

Strict and stylish entrance hall in black and white. Glossy facades make the color deep and rich. Accessories in tone (vase, shelves, books) complement the image of modern austere design. White walls and furniture with a hanger become imperceptible, and therefore do not occupy space. All attention is riveted to the long carpet and the cabinet.

A place for storing outer clothing is thoughtfully located in the pantry, and open hangers serve as a “temporary” holder.Interestingly decorated wall with colored wallpaper and the very hanger in the form of a tree, which complements the natural floral print wall.

There are also more unusual design ideas, for example, a completely white hallway with a non-standard metal hanger, which is attached to the ceiling. A long, stiff corner bench adds rigor and functionality. Dilutes the white atmosphere with black and white photos in frames. The floor of carelessly painted wood ensures the dynamics of the idea.

The complex and multi-layered design of the furniture set will not let you get bored in such an interior. Photo printing and well-chosen bright objects make the image of the hallway unforgettable. The seemingly small size of the furniture is more than justified by its functionality. The presence of drawers and a hidden niche for clothes, shelves and even stands for shoes fully justifies an unusual design idea for small hallways.

Useful stuff

A lot of useful things can be attributed, ranging from small useful items such as key hooks and hanging notebooks to large items that help save space, such as shoe storage systems.Consider the examples of those little things that lie between them.

  • Chandelier. This piece of lighting plays a big role in the design of the hallway design. However, it is better to refuse bulky models, as in small rooms it will be out of place. It is better to give preference to light and not massive samples.
  • Rugs. The purpose of its use is clear - to collect the maximum street dirt and dust. The best samples for this are made of rubber, fleecy, foam and latex materials. Colors and sizes are selected according to personal preferences.
  • Shelves or cabinets for shoes. Can be open or look like a narrow dresser. Of course, the material, color and idea are determined by the interior preferences.
  • Organizers. They may be different in shape, size and method of application. These can be textile hanging systems or durable lockers. Their goal is to be as roomy as possible with minimum parameters.
  • Tables. Small or very tiny models will also be able to refresh the interior. If you arrange the flowers on it, then the stay in the hallway will be even more pleasant.
  • Hangers on legs. They are also called mobile wardrobes, and all because such a hanger can be rearranged absolutely any place, and it takes up very little space. The main thing - to choose the right style.

Real beautiful photo gallery options

You can create an attractive and modern hallway absolutely in any apartment.

  • In the one-room apartment. It is important to note here that there is not so much space left in the apartment itself, and you need to maximize furnish a place in the hallway. This means that you need to install a large closet with a height to the ceiling itself to fit as much as possible.
  • In a small room in the "Khrushchev". Such apartments do not indulge in large dimensions, including in the hallways. It is possible to use a storage room as an additional room, and even better to combine it with a corridor, if possible.
  • In the premises of modest parameters. In the interior of the hallway of small size there are several tricks - hang a large mirror that will reflect the light, and the brighter it will be, the hallway will seem more spacious. It is necessary to abandon the dark or black colors and give preference to light colors in glossy material.
  • In the studio apartment. It is important that the interior of the hallway corresponds to the concept of the whole apartment. Agree, it is not reasonable to make the hallway yellow if the apartment is decorated in blue, for example. But the presence of tones and ideas in the hallway, which correspond to the style direction of the whole apartment is very correct.

Tips from the designer about what nuances to take into account when making a hallway, see the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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