How can I arrange the hallway?

 How can I arrange the hallway?

Hall - the card of every house or apartment. This part of the apartment makes a first impression on the guests, it also speaks about the taste and personality of the apartment owners. To make the hallway truly impressive and remain comfortable, you need to intelligently design its design. It is important that the room combines the basic elements and decor.

Modern salons and design centers offer a variety of front design options, but in order not to get lost in their diversity, you should familiarize yourself in advance with the features of equipping the corridor.


There are a huge number of attributes with which the hallway can be made out in different styles.Some of them are universal, others are inherent only in certain areas of the interior. To make the corridor look presentable, you need to take into account certain nuances when it is being arranged.

The shape and size of the room

A large entrance hall implies a richer furnishing and furniture. You can add additional functions to the room, equip part of the room under the dressing room, or make a small seating area. Often in such corridors you can see couches and sofas, the length of which does not exceed 150 cm, padded stools and even coffee tables. Indoors are also installed cabinets up to 1600 mm long and 800-900 mm wide or whole headsets consisting of 6-8 modular sections.

Sometimes take into account the layout for the living room, combined with the front with arches and other zonal attributes. Such an interior is usually not piled up with overall furniture, but give preference to more elegant details.

In a small rectangular front sets small cabinet, which occupies only the space near one wall. Shelves for shoes or accessories can be located on the remaining areas. In the hallway area from 3 to 4-5 square.Sometimes the wardrobe is not installed at all; hooks and hangers for clothes and a shoe stand become an alternative to it.

In an area of ​​6-7 square. meters is sometimes placed a miniature corner cabinet, which is used to store items that are used regularly. The width of the product does not exceed 60 cm. In addition to it can be a shallow cabinet with a mirror, which can be equipped with additional lighting.

For a square hallway rooms of 9-10 square meters. m choose the placement of furniture along the two walls, between which there is a door. There can put dressers about 120 cm long or entire sets, occupying the entire wall. Often, these rooms are equipped with mirror cabinets or even built-in structures.

In a square-shaped room it is possible to arrange pictures on the walls organically, without fear that they will hide part of the space.

For registration of a long narrow front, the area of ​​which sometimes reaches 11-12 square meters. m. use the following techniques:

  • The wardrobe is built into the end wall of the corridor, without at all concealing its width. Usually it is a small double wardrobe with an average depth of 70 cm.
  • In order to visually expand such a corridor using a special arrangement of lighting. Built-in lights have on the edges of the ceiling in the form of a primary or secondary lighting.
  • So that the space in the corridor does not look empty, sometimes shallow dressers are installed along the walls. Their depth is only 30-40 cm, and the length is 100-110 cm. They are used to store small items of clothing, household items and accessories.

Ceiling height

The entrance hall can have both high and low ceiling. From this factor depends on the possibility of acquiring a built-in cabinet and features of the choice of lighting devices. Suspended chandelier can be installed only in the front with high ceilings, so in an ordinary apartment with standard parameters it would be preferable to place the ceiling structures.

Presence of a staircase

Hallways with a staircase to the second floor can only be in private houses or bunk apartments. The ladder design conceals a part of the space; it must also be in harmony with the colors of the walls and the floor and at the same time “dilute” the color scheme in the interior. Almost always the staircase plays an accent role in the room and with its details you can create a spectacular view of the hallway.

An important role is played by the interior concept.Some styles imply the presence of only elite cabinets and beautiful open facades with a barbell. The furniture is sometimes included hinged shelves for accessories and necessary items or sofas with soft leather upholstery.


One of the main components when choosing a hallway is the material from which the furniture will be created. The most popular types of raw materials are the following:

  • Solid wood - expensive material that looks very solid and presentable. It is often used for the manufacture of headsets, exclusive furniture and even accessories. Popular types of the massif are oak, pine, maple, beech. The advantage of the array is its durability and beautiful appearance, but the tree may eventually be affected by insect pests and require additional expenses for care products.
  • MDF and chipboard panels - very popular and more budgetary alternative to furniture from the natural array. The appearance of such panels is sometimes in no way inferior to wood, besides wood fiber is included in the composition of the plates, which explains their strength and durability.Some thin details of the shelves and walls are made of drywall. Such materials do not require a large investment of time and effort to maintain and are able to serve under normal conditions for quite a long time.
  • Very often the furniture is supplied with details. from metal. Such elements often imitate gold or bronze, which is a very appropriate technique in certain stylistic directions.

In large hallways, furniture made of various materials can perform a double function. Such models are called transformers. Most often, the transformer is a headset, which includes an additional work area. It is formed by lowering the plate horizontally, which becomes the working surface of a small table.


The entrance hall can be decorated in various colors. Monochrome gamma is preferably chosen for the walls, but often it is diluted with additional textures in the form of artificial brick or masonry. The shade of the ceiling is always lighter than the color of the walls, but often it echoes it with the help of special geometric shapes. In most cases, the ceiling is white.

The floor can imitate wood, masonry or tile. It is made in beige, brown or gray tones. Sometimes such bright accents on the floor as a colorful carpet or rug are allowed.

To add rich accents to the corridor, use pictures or additional lighting. Turquoise lights on the edges of the ceiling look very unusual, especially organically it looks in the front, where there are other accent details of the same color range or similar colors - green, blue, mint.


The color of the furniture depends on the material from which it is made. Wooden products are rarely bright colors. The most common shades are cappuccino, milk oak, walnut, cherry, wenge, maple. The exquisite appearance has mahogany. A similar color ensemble is inherent in products from chipboard and MDF.

Plastic headsets have a wider range of shades. Among them, there are even acid colors and panels with unusual patterns. You can arrange the furniture for the hallway in red, yellow, orange tones or even using photo printing technology to create an exclusive furniture design.

Famous manufacturers and reviews

In order for the furniture in the corridor to be not only beautiful, but also of high-quality, one should turn to those brands that have already gained trust among buyers. These companies include the following:

  • Company "Lerom" specializes in the manufacture of modular headsets. Among the range you can find kits of all sizes, both for small and for a large corridor.
  • To choose a hall with a symmetrical design, you should contact Hettichwhich creates cabinets with a different arrangement of shelves and compartments.
  • Mebelef - a popular Russian brand that produces cabinets of various geometric shapes for the hallway. In addition to the original form, you can choose furniture of a wide range of colors, including acid shades.

How to furnish?

An important step is the placement of furniture in the hallway. Sometimes, because you decide to furnish a room, its whole appearance depends. In the hallway, the predominance of arches instead of doors can create more space for furniture. Along the wall usually put a cupboard or headset. On the sides of the arches you can see accessories and houseplants.If several arched vaults pass through a narrow corridor, then hinged shelves of small thickness are often located between them, on which accessories are also placed.

In a square hallway the closet can occupy a whole corner. Usually in such halls do not put additional shelves and bedside tables. If in the arrangement of the hallway wardrobe does not play a leading role, then the couch is located as an additional piece of furniture against the wall.

Small tables or ottomans can also be placed along the stairs or enter the groove that forms between the stairs and the wall. If space permits, a chair or even a small chair can stand in one of the corners of the front.

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The mirror is usually placed on one of the walls, if it is not built into the cabinet door or is not part of the headset.


When furnishing the corridors it is very important to remember some design techniques that will make the room even more beautiful and personable.

Very important is the design of the walls. The classic version is to paste over the surface of the walls with wallpaper, which can be fitted with a print or even be divided into two color zones.To give the atmosphere of luxury, use a design with a decorative carriage coupler, which looks especially harmoniously in combination with the same texture of upholstered furniture.

For zoning large hallway often use arches and carved partitions. Since there is usually no window in the corridors, zoning is done using lighting on the ceiling and walls. Sometimes the cabinet is arranged in such a way that the front is divided into two zones.

To competently arrange the space in the elongated hallway, which usually happens in three-room apartments, use a special print on the walls. Most often, their surface is painted in light colors and supplied with a pattern to create a visual effect of expansion. These prints include a horizontal strip, small abstraction, vertical details, painted on the bottom of the walls and geometric shapes.

Sometimes for the decoration of cabinets and walls in the narrow hallways are used bright glossy panels that reflect the light and help the visual expansion of the space.

Useful stuff

Often, narrow corridors are decorated with a carpet. With the help of an ornament on it you can visually expand the space and emphasize the originality of the chosen style.The path may not always have a rectangular shape, some products are made in the form of a zigzag, sometimes the track is equipped with an unusual pattern that creates an optical effect.

In the cottage as an accessory can be placed sculptures. In some hallways there is an electrical panel, which can be hidden by visually disguising the box. It is trimmed with a surface similar to the color and texture of furniture. You can hang a picture on the shield, which will completely coincide with its size and shape.

How to make?

When you make a corridor do not forget about accessories. They play a very important role and emphasize the particular style of the room.

Among the most popular decorative items are paintings. At least one canvas should be located in the hallway, but the placement of paintings of different sizes, which are made in the same concept, looks most successful. If there is a large free section of the wall in the hallway, it is advisable to decorate the panel, which can be an exquisite and unusual composition that plays an accent role.

If you can not hang pictures,then you can simply and tastefully decorate the entrance hall with the help of plants and figurines in the appropriate style. All of these techniques will help make the appearance of the corridor complete.


Very important in the design of the hall is the choice of interior style. Since the corridor is a walk-through room, it should have its own individuality, but it shouldn’t contrast much with the design concepts in the rest of the rooms.

Some styles have a number of characteristics that distinguish them from the rest:

  • Hallways baroque make out using an abundance of light colors. On the furniture is often present carving and gold patina. Usually, the interior is equipped with an expensive carpet to make the decor look truly rich. Pictures and stucco can be found not only on the walls, but also on the refined light ceiling.
  • For high-tech style Laconic design with an abundance of plastic furniture and geometric shapes. Clear lines are present not only in the furniture, but also in the accessories, abstract compositions are made using unusual patterns. Among the colors are popular gray, black, red, white and other monochromatic shades.
  • Bright detail loft style is an imitation of brick texture on the walls, as well as specific hanging lamps with no ceiling lamps. The colors of the textures are usually subtle and soft, dominated by beige, gray and brown shades.
  • For the hallway Provence style white furniture is used, while walls are often made in pastel shades. On the furniture you can observe small drawings in the form of flowers and other patterns. On the floor you can often see a floral abstraction or a single drawing in the center of the room.
  • Ecological style very unusual. An obligatory element of such a project is the green color, which is sometimes used in carpet, imitating a grassy lawn. It is important to place at least a few potted plants in the corridor, but due to the lack of natural light this can be problematic. In this case, focus on paintings depicting green landscapes.

Real interesting examples

Designers offer a number of unusual options that can be used in the design of both the hallway of the standard type and non-typical rooms.

In a standard one-room apartment one corner in the hall is often free.An excellent design solution in this case would be the installation of an elegant ottoman, suitable for the concept of the interior.

The corridor space of two-room apartments can be filled with three-level shelves embedded in the wall. Shelves are often made of frosted or clear glass. They add zest to your front.

In the hallways of country houses there are windows that can be decorated with unusual textiles. It is best to choose curtains, not trim, creating a warm and cozy atmosphere. In the country, especially if there are few rooms in the house, you can put a refrigerator in the hallway. Often the hallway connects directly to the kitchen, so when using this device will not inconvenience.

In some panel houses there were apartments with a narrow corridor planned according to the Soviet type. In a similar “brezhnevka”, the wall opposite the doors to other rooms can be decorated with a large mirror or a designer fresco that will visually help to increase the space.

The hallways in the studio apartment are often separated from the remaining areas of the room only visually or by means of arches. Often in such a front is a washing machine, which is built into a modular set of furniture and looks very neat.

Hallway - the card of your home.That is why it should be issued with all the stylistic features, fashion trends and maximum ease of operation of the room. Considering all the recommendations of designers, you can make an ordinary corridor a very interesting and unusual part of your house, and it will delight you every day with its appearance.

In this video you will find even more ideas for decorating your hallway.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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