What could be the design of the corridor?

In order to be comfortable in the room from the first minutes, it is important to carefully consider its design. The entrance hall is exactly the place where guests get when they enter the house from the street. If it is cozy and functional, it creates a favorable impression about the apartment as a whole and about its owners.

A design project is a set of documents (sketches, drawings, calculations, diagrams, images) in accordance with which repair and finishing works are carried out. It discusses options for filling the interior with furniture and appliances, decorative elements.

A competent project should be made taking into account the functional features of the room. The architectural plan is made taking into account the wishes of the owner of the premises, based on his imagination and ideas. A professional designer helps to realize your ideas so that they look competent and functional.

In addition, workers who directly perform repair work, it is easier to follow the exact project plan, rather than relying only on the abstract words of the customer.


There are corridors in any room, they are designed to combine rooms. Depending on the specific features of their design can vary greatly in their external characteristics and functions performed.

Doors from the rest of the apartment or house usually go out into the corridor, so making it beautiful, comfortable and optional is not such an easy task. A small room has its own specifics that must be considered when developing a design project.

Holders of a square corridor can successfully place in it a closet or even a sofa to unload the main rooms. It is most convenient to place the furniture in the corners or along the wall so that it does not interfere with the free movement from room to room.

Housing of small size requires fresh ideas, therefore, guided by an ergonomic approach to interior design, you can resort to combining the corridor and living room.

Combining the room, try to use similar in tone shades,creating a smooth transition from the corridor to the room. Textured plaster, a similar pattern of wallpaper or a slight difference of semitones will help you. The use of contrasting colors and various materials for the floor will help to clearly distinguish between the entrance and the living area.

Visually separating the combined rooms will help competent choice of lighting: spotlights in the hallway will create the necessary contrast to the central lighting of the living room.

The design of a corridor in a medical facility is completely different. Sad, if not gloomy, chilling, joyless and officious - these are most often hospital corridors.

Fortunately, modern construction trends are aimed at maximizing the distraction of visitors from depressing thoughts, designers tend to achieve comfort and friendliness, especially for children's hospitals.

The Melbourne Royal Children's Hospital can be considered the standard of design art aimed at caring for a small visitor. This is where the truly healthy atmosphere: bright colors, the walls are decorated with colorful drawings, architectural installations, a living area, a huge aquarium, etc.Children will come to such hospital with pleasure, and any treatment will not seem boring and so painful. There is something to learn from foreign colleagues and take note of our domestic architects, designers of medical institutions.

The size

The decoration of the corridor, regardless of size, must meet certain requirements:

  • expansion of space;
  • convenient organization of free space;
  • creativity.

In a large room, it is easier to embody any design ideas, but unnecessarily cluttering the corridor with furniture should not be, otherwise the sloppy appearance can ruin the whole impression of the apartment or house as a whole.

It is problematic to correctly organize a small corridor in a one-room apartment.

Some tips to make the most of a small area:

  • if you install the lamps along the bottom edge of the cabinet, then the height of the ceiling will visually increase;
  • store bright and intricate furniture for the main rooms, otherwise in the small corridor it will “eat” precious centimeters;
  • open wardrobes should not be used, because the clothes sticking out of them look untidy and visually take up a lot of space;
  • an excellent option would be a wardrobe or a corner wardrobe with mirrored doors - an increase in space, plus proper use of the entire available area.

Color solution

The color scheme of the corridor follows the same rules as other rooms. A rational approach to the choice of color will allow you to adjust the space and depth of the room, which is especially important for small areas.

Also do not forget that the color has a direct impact on the mood and determines the impression of being in the apartment.

In the decoration of any room it is desirable to combine no more than three colors. Excessive variegation looks ridiculous and overloads the interior. It is important to provide a combination with the existing furniture before painting the corridor: stick to the same style.

The white color of the corridor, undeservedly swept aside by many because of its supposedly impracticality, could perfectly solve the problem of cramped rooms. The modern market of building products allows you to choose undemanding in the care, wear-resistant, durable materials, including white.

Pastel shades mask the flaws (walls or furniture look more even) and hide any damage.In addition, the white color is truly universal: any combination of shades will look advantageous against its background. Your interior will always look fresh and relevant, because white does not go out of fashion.

If you are thinking about what two colors can be used to create a stylish interior hallway, think about the combination of black and white. In this case, it is recommended to choose a leading color, the second will serve only as its complement. Otherwise the space will be annoying.

In a black and white ensemble, it is logical to choose white as the main color, the merits of which are mentioned above. Black can make plots located closer to the front door. Dark overlaps or an intricate pattern on light-colored furniture or a black edging for a classic white ceiling look elegant.

In a classical interior light brown and beige shades for a corridor will look good. In addition to universality and practicality, in combination with furniture of a darker shade, such an interior will emphasize the owner’s aristocracy and his desire for comfort.

Fans of expressive color combinations can try to create a masterpiece of design art in the corridor using the color turquoise.Catchy, but not vulgar, it harmonizes well with other shades: white, beige, blue, brown. Furniture of black or dark brown color will allow you to shade the unusual beauty of the main turquoise color.

Eco-style suggests natural shades. For registration of the hallway in this style is perfect pistachio color. With the help of the chosen tone it will be possible to create an atmosphere of nobility and luxury. Unpretentious in combination shades of pistachio can give a spring mood to any room.

Restrained and nobly looks hallway in lilac tones. With skillful combination with interior items in black, brown or dark blue, you can create an exquisite design combination. The lilac shade is considered difficult, and in order not to impart excessive sweetness to the room, it is necessary to properly think over all the details of the interior design.

In a small room, light shades look harmoniously: milky, light brown, blue, ivory, silver, ash-smoky, beige, gray. They are successfully combined with cold colors: purple, blue, green.

If you are a happy owner of a spacious hallway, then when choosing a color you can allow yourself a lot more freedom and use a warm palette - orange, red, yellow, cream, apricot, coffee, pink-yellow.

When combining warm and bright colors, care should be taken: red or gray accents are suitable for a white background in the hallway, bringing a touch of brightness to the interior.

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The most popular styles for decorating the corridor are:

  • Classical;
  • Provence;
  • High tech;
  • Pop Art.

For classic style characterized by the use of dark shades of furniture. The interior of the hall will successfully complement the dresser, mirror, chairs or paintings on the walls. The classic style reflects the functionality and beauty, expressed in strict design. The walls are covered with wallpaper or plaster, the floor is covered with laminate or parquet.

Traditional light colors, typical of French romantic style provence ideal for a small area of ​​the corridor. Bright palette, cute floral print, texture of burlap - you should pay attention to them when choosing this style.Natural materials (wood or stone) used for decoration do not contradict Provence. Their imitation is permissible.

If in the end it will be possible to create a weightless, airy interior - the goal is achieved.

Connoisseurs of minimalism choosing style high tech it should be remembered that in this embodiment, the decor is almost never used. Maximum free space is achieved through the use of a small amount of compact, but functional furniture and other interior items.

The color limitation (gray, white, black tone) is diluted with highlights of light that are reflected from the glossy surfaces of metal or glass, abound in this style.

For a small studio apartment or a combined room, pop art style is suitable - bright and dynamic, able to surprise and set the mood. The decor contains unusual, complex abstract forms, but is not oversaturated with them, only emphasizes the originality of the style.

There is no limit to fantasy: it is allowed to shift different styles within the framework of pop art, using different materials and textures: plastic, paper, colorful glass.

In such an environment, creative, active natures will feel comfortable seeking to get the most out of life.


The arrangement of the hall is usually the testament of the repair of the premises. After all, the corridor is the most passable part of an apartment or house, through which various tools, building and finishing materials are brought in and carried out, the workers walk. However, this does not mean that the design of the hallway can be neglected.

The interior of the hall can repeat the styles of adjacent rooms or have a neutral character. It is permissible to combine several specific areas of decoration.

The creative decoration of the room between the rooms can be incredibly useful for all tenants.

In addition to emphasizing the beauty and unusualness, a competent designer will help create a functional room that can become the center of comfort in your home.

Interesting decor and accessories

The decor plays an important role in the unified perception of space. A spectacular zone at the entrance to the apartment will help create the use of stone. It is important to use a large mirror as a decor, allowing you to look at yourself in full growth before going out.It can be inserted into the original frame in the Victorian style or use a mirror to finish the closet.

Unusual floor hanger can be a highlight of the interior, surprising guests with its shape and functionality. Traditional decoration of the walls of narrow rooms with paintings or photographs can be turned into an exhibition of your own artistic masterpieces or create an exhibition on the theme “Family Tree”.

You can realize your creative potential in a windowless hallway by using a stream of light. Bright lighting will emphasize the decorative elements, visually align the irregularities, correct the irregular shape of the room and expand its area.

How to make an additional design?

When choosing the optimal design for the corridor, it is important to remember that the width for the passage of 90 cm is the most convenient and functional.

A small narrow console table located along one of the walls can become a cute element of the decor. On it you can put a vase with flowers, figurines or other decorative elements that emphasize the taste of the owner of the dwelling.

If there is a window in the corridor, this is a huge plus, because the niche near it can be turned into a cozy “nest” for reading or just relaxing.

Although with sufficient illumination, for example, when using pendant lamps or a spotlight built into the furniture elements, such a place can also be built into an ordinary, windowless space.

Logically complement the idea with a place to read the installation in the hallway shelves or shelves for books and magazines. Shelves can be suspended, built-in, floating. And of course, they are suitable not only for literature, but also for any elements of decor: jewelry boxes, vases, frames - to your taste.

The walls of the corridor can be turned into a kind of whiteboard, using a special coating that allows you to write with chalk and erase entries. Adding comfort and charm to the use of carpet: bright colors are suitable for country style, more discreet shades can be entered in a classic style or vintage.

How to equip the furniture?

The most necessary piece of furniture for the hallway is a hanger. This may be a stand-alone stylish design or part of a combined furniture stand. In any case, the hanger must conform to the general style of the room, be comfortable to use and not take up too much space.

Many owners neglect the use of shoe racks for shoes, thus making a gross mistake: shoes chaotically placed on the floor will not add neatness to the room.

Closed wall organizers, shelves with a hinged door in the lower compartment of the cabinet, benches with shelves, vertical shelves and other options are suitable for storing everyday shoes.

We all appreciate comfort, especially before leaving the house and returning to our home. An excellent option for arranging the corridor is the installation of a seat: a pouf, bench, stool. This is especially true for families with children.

To store things should choose a convenient wall. You can save space by positioning the headset along one wall, using mirrored compartment doors, and adding side shelves to the side of the structure.

If dimensions allow, a good option would be a built-in corner cabinet.

What paint to choose?

Having decided on the design of the hall and choosing a harmonious color for the walls, you should think about what exactly to paint the walls.

The following types of coatings are available:

  • Alkyd enamel;
  • Water emulsion paint;
  • Acrylic paint.

All types of paints and varnishes have a wide palette of shades, may have a matte or glossy tone.

However, work with alkyd enamel requires airing, as its acrid smell persists up to 3-5 days. There are options when polyurethane is present in the paint, they do not have such a drawback, but their prices are not at all low.

The water emulsion has several advantages: it dries quickly, does not smell, is not toxic. Painting it is quite simple. Different shades of saturation can be achieved by adding a certain dye to white paint. To achieve a glossy effect, the painted wall can be varnished. However, it does not differ in moisture resistance, it is easy to scratch it and it will not be able to disguise small cracks on the walls.

Acrylic compositions of water-dispersion paints are not afraid of moisture, do not fade. They are ideal for walls and ceilings.

Their price is somewhat higher than that of water-based paint, but it can hide imperfections of surfaces and is resistant to mechanical damage.


Above we talked in detail about how to properly arrange an important part of the home - the corridor.Let us now consider how to add a highlight to the interior, decorating it with your own hands.

A simple way to decorate surfaces is to use vinyl stickers. Selecting them to your liking, it is easy to bring a touch of freshness to the boring or too discreet interior.

Artists (not necessarily by education, perhaps only by their spiritual vocation) will give pleasure to paint sections of the walls manually. Following your imagination, you can portray a plot that fits your overall design: landscape, portrait, flower ornament or geometric shapes.

Not too confident in their own abilities, ready-made stencils will help to cope with the task: they need to be attached and cut around, then painted.

Another option: graffiti. A bright youthful accent will amaze the guests and delight the home owners.

Perhaps the implementation of a technically complex and intricate pattern should be entrusted to professionals.

Real examples and beautiful options

  • The interior in bright colors in a three-room apartment: the classic is not obsolete.
  • A cozy niche in the corridor without windows: an original and convenient solution.
  • Stylish black and white design: nothing extra.
  • For bright personalities: pop art in the hallway sets the mood.
  • Books and paintings: good neighborhood for the corridor.
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You will learn more about the corridor design in the following video.

Information provided for reference purposes. For construction issues, always consult a specialist.

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